Mahakaali 5th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Vinayak comes back as Ganesh

Mahakaali 5th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kali comes in all her nine faces. Everyone is dazed to see her. Her devi roop comes too. Vishnu says Parvati has ended Kamikhya roop. This is just the start, she has started killing all her good parts. Kali burns everything. Indra says what is this noise. Vishnu says I promised her that I will protect Vinayak. We have to return her Vinayak. Shiv says there is only way. Vishnu says please do that to calm Kali dow.
Kali is burning everything. Shiv comes there and says clam down Kali. Kali stops. She turns into Parvati. Nandi says I think mata has calmed down. Parvati says I have a condition.
Shiv comes to back to Kalesh. Indra says you saved us. How will you bring vinayak back? Shiv says there is one way that we have to put some animal on Vinayak and that it is visible. Indra

says let me find that animal. Vishnu says Kali has only given time of one night. Indra and nandi go to look for such animal. They look everywhere.

Indra and Nandi see an elephant. Indra says stop Nandi. Nandi says ask him please he won’t say no to you. The elephant says I haave been waiting for you. I am Mahadev’s follower. I am Rajasur. Mahdev gave me a blessing. He said that I can learn from you. He says tell me what should I do. Indra says would you give us your trunk? Rajasur says what can be a better blessing for me? He gives his trunk. Vishnu takes his trunk.
Suryadev says to Shiv you know its meaning. Kali says its about time. My son is still not back.
Indra and Nandi come with the trunk.
Surya says Mahadev and Mahakali’s son will have a trunk? Shiv says yes. Shiv picks the trunk and puts it on Vinayak. Vinayak comes back to life. He has a trunk.

Parvati says time is over. She is about to pick her swords. Vinayak says ma.. Parvati says Vinayak my son.. Parvati see him with the trunk, She is dazed. Vinayak says you didn’t like this face of me? Parvati is in tears. Vinaayak says why are you in tears. Don’t you like me this way? Parvati says for a mom a child is beautiful in any way. I love you this way as well. Would you eat modak? He hugs her. Parvati is in tears. Shiv comes forward. Vinayak says it was not dad’s mistake. He was right that I was too much in my power. I deserved this punishment. Now I will never be concieted. thank you for keeping me away from proud.
Shiv says it was not your mistake. Vishnu says yes there was some sand in the clay you made him from.
Parvati says to Shiv I am sorry. You purified him. Shiv says Vinayak has gajasur’s trunk. He will be called Ganesh. Indra says we all want to give Vinayak blessings. All the dev’s give Vinayak blessings.
Vishnu saays with this powers vinayak will be an epitome of peace. Everyone bows down to him. Parvati says he will be called ganpati. Shiv says he will remove darkness from the world.

Scene 2
Vishnu says to Shiv i know you are between Ganesh and Andhak. Vishnu says Parvati is forgetting Andhak. Parvati comes and says a mother can never forget her child. i am away from him because of Shiv’s promise. Every time I see ganesh I miss Andhak. I didn’t say a word because of Shiv. I will go to my child when he calls for me and I know shiv will also help me.

Andhak tries to break the detention. He says I ate ma did you? Parvati hears it.

Precap-Shiv says to Parvati you have to stay on border on Kelash? Parvati says are you stopping me to enter in my house? Shiv says no you have brought someone who has no right to enter Kelash. She has andhak with him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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