Mahakaali 4th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Kali says she will kill Shiv

Mahakaali 4th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shiv gets super angry. He stabs Vinayak in head. Vinayak screams ma.. Parvati leaves her pooja. Parvati says is Vinayak in trouble? She says no this can’t happen. My pooja can’t be left alone. She runs out. Nandani says to Vishnu please stop this. Vishnu says its Mahadev’s trishul. I can’t stop it. Vinayak says even if I die I didn’t let your pooja disturbed ma. Trishul hits his head. Vinayak is beheaded. Everyone is in shock. Shiv moves towards him in Shock. Parvati comes there. She sees his body burning. Shiv is standing next to it. Parvati is dazed. Vishnu says Parvati.. Parvati says don’t say anything. I don’t want any reason. Parvati comes near his body. She says you are fooling me this isn’t funny get up Vinayak. Vishnu says listen..

Parvati says you are with him in this game as well? Get up I have made modak in lunch. She looks at Shiv and says you are back Mahadev. He is back. This son and dad are playing with me. Tell him not to do this. Vinayak get up. Vishnu says Vinayak is no more. Parvati is shocked. Parvati says this is impossible. This can’t happen. He told me he would be waiting for me here. He said he won’t let anyone come in. he said he will never leave me alone. Parvati looks at his beheaded body. She recalls making food for him. Parvati screams Vinayak. My son.. You came in this world for me. Why are you not getting up now? I will never have happiness to bring up a child. I can’t tell you how happy I was with him. He used to sleep in my lap only. She cries.. Lakshmi caresses her face. Parvati says see my child.. Why this happens with me every time. Why. My child. For any greater cause why always my children are sacrificed. Parvati recalls Vinayak said he wont let anyone in. parvati says I asked him to stand here. Someone would have tried to come in and Vinayak fought with him and this happened. She shouts who did that. Who dared harming my son. Parvati asks everyone who did this? She says tell me who did this? She asks Nandi? No one tells her.

Parvati says someone please tell me who did this to my son. If I don’t get an answer I will destroy everything. My motherhoood is killed everytime. Tell me who killed my Vinayak. Shiv says I did. Parvati looks at him in shock. Parvati says you? He says yes me. I killed him with my trishul. Parvati is dazed. She says you can’t do this. You are my husband you can’t take my happiness from me. you are trying to save someone. I know you can never do this. A father can’t kill his own son. You can’t do this to me. Tell me. She asks Vishnu who is he saving? She shouts tell me. You all forgot I am a devi. i can find out who did this. She picks the ashes and closes eyes. Parvati sees Shiv killing Vinayak. She opens eyes in shock. She looks at Shiv. Parvati says to Vishnu of course for him only you could see me sad.
With my hands I brought him up. You killed him. Shiv says he was full of conciet. He crossed every limit and this was the only way to stop him. He walks away. Parvati says stop. Only water can calm fire. A wife does everything for her husband but if its about her motherhood. She can’t even forgive her husband. You told me that husband and wife trust each other. But you killed by trust. You think you are Mahakal then I am Mahaakali too. You can’t stay away from my sadness. I will end who killed my son. You will see how I avenge my son’s death. Mahakali will kill Mahadev today. Everyone is shocked. Parvati turns into Mahakali. She says I failed to protect my son. You think your power can kill anyone. Shiv says if you are his mother I am his dad. Sometimes we have to stop our kids as well. We cant let them do everything they want. You brought vinayak up but didn’t see that was crossing everything. Parvati says no one kills their children to teach them lessons. He says end is start. Look inside you. She says I don’t want these lectures. With so much strength I have gotten this power to end you. You killed my son and I will kill you. She brings her sword. Paravti says I challenge you. Pick your trishul. Fight with me. Your trishul will fight Mahakali’s sword today.

Nandi says please mata don’t do this. You are great. You can’t do this. Everything will destroy. Kali says this is from a mother whose motherhood was killed everytime. Pick your trishul and fight me. Shiv walks towards her. He says no matter how complex problem is.. Shiv can’t fight his strength. Parvati says but I have to avenge my child’s death. Vishnu says calm down. I wont let you do this. Kali saays where were you when my son was killed? You saw him being killed and didn’t do anything. You don’t love your sister as well? Vishnu says we tried to calm Vinayak down. Parvati says he was my son. You are dev you could do anything. If you want me to stop bring my son back to life. Can you give him back to me? Why didn’t you stop before killing him? Shiv says who can know a father’s pain more than me? I am tied with rules of universe. Kali says I told you that this time I wont forgive anyone this time. My son can’t go away from me. She floats in the air. Her all nine faces come with her. Everyone is shocked.

Precap-Mahakali destroys everything. Vishnu says without bringing Vinayak back to life we can’t stop Kali.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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