Mahakaali 3rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati sees jhalandar

Mahakaali 3rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kali says I am Mahakali and all you have to learn that humans are capable of doing everything. Ganga says I am sorry. Kali says its not your mistake.
Ganesh says can we go? Mahalsa’s mom says how will I live without you? Shiv says Mahalsa will live with you forever. A castle and temple appears. Kali turns into Parvati. She goes to Kelash with Shiv. He closes his eyes and sees a fire affecting waters. Parvati says what was that? He says nothing. We should go back to Kelash.
Parvati and Shiv come to Kelash. Parvati says we should sit back on our spot. They enter Kelash. Everyone celebrates. Nandi and Indra do their arti. Mahalsa’s mom also comes to the arti. Parvati hugs her. Shiv says this is your daughter’s home. Indra says how can she interrupt arti of devtas.

She is a human. Parvati says you have no right to insult a mother. Indra says how can she sit on the throne. She has to accept that Mata will live here. Mata was born to you to kill Mal. Parvati says enough. This is kelash everyone is equal here. If she sees me as her daughter there’s nothing wrong. she is my mother even as Parvati. Indra says you are not her daughter you are our mata. She has to accept yoou as devi not daughter. Shiv says you can’t tell Parvati who needs to be treated as who. Indra says but.. Shivv says enough. Not a single more word. Your ego has taken over you again. You can leave Kelash. Indra leaves. Mahalsa’s says mo says I didn’t want all this. Parvati says don’t worry I will handle everything. Vishnu says Mahadev’s anger is pilling up.

Indra leaves Kelash. Parvati stops him. She says where are you going? He says I have to go right now. She says you can come back. Shiv didn’t want to be mad at you but we can’t insult people like that. Humans are equally respectable. Indra says I will apologize Mahadev.
Parvati apologize after his anger is clamed. Vishnu says Indra must understand his mistake.

Indra leaves in anger. He says should I go to Mahadev or not? He sees a man sleeping on the border. He says who are you?? Move from here. The man says I don’t listen to you. Indra says do you even know who I am? THe man says go from here I am sleeping. Indra says move from my way or.. He picks his weapon. Its shiv. Shiv says you thought you can kill me? Your ego makes you do all the wrong things. Indra didn’t recognize him. Indra says move from my way. WHo are you to stop me? I will punish you. He attacks him. The man turns into Shiv. Indra is dazed. Shiv says you have to pay for your sins. I asked you so many times to give up on this anger. Parvati is looking for Shiv. Indra says I am sorry Mahadev. I couldn’t recognize you. Shiv burns him. The fire follows indra. He says Mata please save me. Parvati says please stop dev. Please forgive him. Shiv says he was ignored so many times but he never gave up on his ego. Parvati says please forgive him. We can teach him. Please calm down. Shiv calms down. Indra sits down screaming. His hand is burned. Parvati says what happened was wrong.. Shiv gives his hand back to him. Shov says whole world will pay for your sins. He says no Dev. Please world can’t pay for my mistake.
Shiv says a new trouble is reaching the universe because of this.

Scene 2
On earth samundar dev sees a baby. The baby is crying. Bharam dev comes and holds the baby but he doesn’t feel good. Vishnu says something is yet to come. Bharam dev gives a wardan to the child. Vishnu says this child is ajay. Bharamdev says even Mahedev wont be able to end him. Vishnu says this is a special child. He will be known as Jhalandar. Vishnu says he will be super powerful. His powers will be seen once he grows up.

Parvati says you have been silent. Whats wrong. He says there was an anger in me. Samunder dev sees a new face of Mahadev. Its dark. He says Mahadev.. He says no I am Jhalandar. Samundaar dev is dazed. He hugs him.
Parvaati says I don’t feel good. Something is going to happen. Vishnu talks to Shiv about Jahaladar. He says we have to be careful.
Parvati sees jhalandar.

Precap-Jhalandar is burning everything.
Parvati and Jhalandar are in front of each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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