Mahakaali 31st December 2017 Written Episode Update: Parvati spits fire

Mahakaali 31st December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ganga comes to Shiv and says please allow me to meet Parvati. I will apologize her. I know she will understand me. Shiv says the place where Parvati is there are only troubles. You can’t say what she will decide for you. She says I understand what you mean but I want to try once.

Mann says to Mani we have to attack her motherhood to wake her anger up. Asurs start attacking people. Parvati goes towards them in anger. They have burned the whole society. The people say we are being sacrificed for you mata. Parvati comes and says enough. This will end now.
Kartika says to Shiv Mann and Mani are killing innocent people. We should help her. Ganesh says yes. Shiv says but she made me promise I wont stop her. Kartika says we didn’t make any promise. Ganesh says please

permit us to go. ganesh says please let us go. Shiv nods.
Mann and Mani are killin people. Kartika and ganehs are on their way.
Mann says mata wil come here. Parvati is coming there runnning. She is very angry.

Vishnu comes to Shiv and says stop all this. He says what has to happen will happen. Parvati will tell them the lesson of their life. This has to happen.
Asurs surround Kartika and Ganesh. They fight asurs. Ganesh and Kartika see the people dying. Mann says I sould kill you both first. SHe loves you both the most. He us about to stab Ganesh. Parvati screams and comes there. Mann is scared. Mani says mata is coming. Mann says we have to go form here. Mani says no I want to see Mata. Mann takes him from there. Kali comes on the cliff and sees that they are gone.
Kartika says I have never seen you so angry Mata. Ganesh says today she was very angry. as if she has nothing to do with us. Parvati kills all the asurs. Kartika says we have to calm Mata down. Ganesh says she will be calm when she sees us.

Mani says I wanted to see mata. Mann says soon she will be in our detention. Parvati comes towards their cave in anger. All the asurs are waiting. Mann says mata is coming soon.
Kartika says you can stop al this father. Why are you lettin them detain Mata. Shiv says we can’t stop all the time. There needs to be a balance in the house. You go to war even when you know people will be killed. Because of the mission. Your mata is doing this for better.

Scene 2
Ganga says to Kali please stop. Kali says go from here. Go and asks Shiv why he gave you my spot. Move from my spot. Ganga says you have to listen to me. Parvati burns Ganga. ganesh says to shiv please go and save Ganga. Please go. Mata will kill her own sister. Please stop this from happening. If you don’t go I will.
Vuishnu comes there and says stop this Parvati. She is our sister. Parvati says where were you when she came between me and mahadev. You didn’t come for me back then. Move from my way.
Vishnu says I wont let you kill ganga. Kali says don’t come in my way. I don’t have another way. Parvati is aboutt o stab Vishnu. Ganga’s fire goes away. Shiv comes there. He says I am not here to stop you. She says you came to save ganga as well? I don’t want any help. She leaves.

Parvati comes ot Mani’s cave. Mani says Mata is here. I knew you would come mata. Mann says stop here mani.
Ganga says I hope this all will go away. I want to see devi back here. No power can come over Parvati. Vishnu says Kali is under their power.It is maya. Ganga says please do something.
Parvati spits fire. Mann keeps doing his magic. MAnn says I wioll take her powers.
Ganga says to Shiv you have to protect her. You can’t keep sitting here. She is in trouble. Doesn’t it hurt you? Shiv says you think it isn’t troubling me? You mean she doesn’t matter to me? When someone harms her they harm me. Every time I want to kill anyone who does that but I can’t do that. Because Parvati is my pride. I wont go until she asks me to come.

Precap-Parvati kills the asurs. There is fire everywhere. Shiv comes to stop her. She attacks him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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