Mahakaali 30th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahakaali 30th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parvati comes in front of Shiv. She recalls what he said. She is in tears. Parvati walks away from him. She opens her palm and the leaf flies. She steps forward.
Shiv lits fire. He says Parvati won. She became successful. There is something else too though.

A bird comes to Shumbh and Nishumbh. It turns into a man.
Nandi comes to shiv and tells him that parvati is nowhere. He looked entire Kelash. Shiv says Parvati has left Kelash. Nandi is dazed. He says what? She left Kelash? why? did we make a mistake? Where has she gone? Shiv says where she will find her answers. Nandi says but we will lose our identity without her. Why didn’t you stop her. shiv says because she had a mission with her. Nandi says but who will rectify our mistakes. Please bring him back. Shiv says

she is your mata. Bring him. Go. Nandi says why do you I feel like something wrong is gonna happen? Shiv says you making a mistake.

Shumbh says parvati has left kelash. Mahadev knows that I want parvati then why did he let her go? There is some reason? Nishumbh says why should we care? All I know is that Parvati is alone and away from Kelasg. This is the right time to detain her.

Scene 2
Parvati comes somewhere. She says why I felt like someone called me?
Vishnu says to Shiv why did you let her go alone? was that right? I know she said that but you could stop her. she is innocent. We could talk to her.
Shiv says you are forgetting Parvati is Mahakali as well. how could I stop her? Vishnu says I know that she is powerful. But she is tied in knots. Shiv says no Paravti is a power and also a human. She is Mahakali. Vishny saays are you hiding something? Shiv says I heard the same words from her. Vishnu says why didn’t you tell her? Shiv says she has to go on this journey. Vishnu says stop all this. Shiv says this time I have faith that Parvaati will be successful.
Parvati says who is there?

Its Naandi. Parvati is dazed to see him. He says you always understood me. How can you leave me your child? She says I am on my journey. He says what journey? She says I don’t know. I need to find my answers.
Shiv says that is why I want. When she comes back she should come back with her identity. Go forward.
Shumbh and Nishumbh are coming there. Parvati looks at them in anger.
Shumbh says you should a queen not a mata. Parvati says you want to die? he says I want to die from your hands.
Vishnu says if Mahakali wakes up in her she will destroy everything. Do something please. Have your forgotten that you are her husband? I have to protect my sister. Shiv says a husband should always encourage her husband. This is her journey. I want her to find her answers and win.

Nishumb moves towards Nanid and they both fight. Nandi says go from here mata. You have to control your anger. Parvati goes from there. Her feet stop. Shumbh follows her. he says I thought you would call Mahadev for your help but you came here? In this temple? There are walls on three sides and I on fourth.
He comes close to her.
Nandi is running to save her. Shumbh controls her.
Someone comes there and hits Shumbh. Parvati is dazed to see him.

He says you are back. My prayers are answered. parvati says who are you? He says I am born to protect you. I will destroy anyone who intends to harm you.
Nishumbh sees Shumbh injured. He says what happened.
The person says you will give me blessings again. parvati says again? Nishumb comes to attack her. The person says I will protect you every time. No one can come to you. He hits Nishumbh.
Nishumbh’s men catch the person. He says no one can stop us but you parvati. The person shouts Mata.. Suddenly a light appears and a mataji appears from it. Vishnu says Ambika devi. Ambi says I will destroy or go back. Nishumbh says no one can stop us from taking Parvati. Shumbh stops him and says we can’t fight a devi. We better leave from here. They leave.

Parvati says do I have any relation with this temple? Please give me answers mahadev. Shiv appears there. Parvati says you came finally.. He says you called me I had to. He swipes her tears. Parvati hugs him. Shiv says what happened here was a part of your journey. You have to go further. Parvati says what is next? What is all this?
i have some relation with this temple. What is it? Who am I Mahadev? He says find your answers. Find what you see in episodes. It all started with an end. He shows her her past.
Parvati saays why didn’t you tell me? i want tob know who is satek? Shiv says thats such a small question. There is an answer to it. Satek is my mirror and future. When this kaal was born he will be with me. There is only person who is for this mahakaal. And thats you.

Precap-Parvati is running towards somewhere.
She sees her past.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Priya15

    Thanks for the update atiba diiii ….and the name of the girl is sati, love of shivji!!!

  2. Priya15

    Wow!!! once again what a beautiful episode!!!

    Starting was Soo emotional.. And the lyrics of the song was also very nice.. Dialogues as always outstanding!!

    Shakti ke bina shiv shav hai!! (they joined this dialogue at a very important moment)

    And I love the way they portray shivji ‘S character as a very supportive husband who wants his wife to win by herself… It’s really a very needed advice for the society…. And vishnuji is a very cute brother who wants to save his sister…

    SRJ as BAIRAV was beyond brilliant!!!! It took me sometime to recognize him…. Wow…. He rocks!!! And Pooja as ambika was stunning!!!

    And the last dialogue

    Meri ek hi sangini hai, aur voh tumho parvati.. Sati hi parvati hai ,aur parvati hi sati thi!!!!

  3. Priya15

    I am really excited for shivsati track!!! But I don’t understand that how sati is connected to mahakali?????

    P. S Pooja looked soooo cute and pretty as sati… Cant wait for next Saturday.. Y can’t this be a daily series…

    1. Aquappz

      Yup even I wish this was a daily series. It’s much better than the usual soaps. The combo of shiv Shakti is perfect. Actually both Parvati and Sati are shakti. Parvati being born as a human is unaware of her aim. It’s also said that this a secret between shiv and Parvati and for the rest of the world Parvati is just another wife of Shiv.

      1. Priya15

        Ya.. It’s better than all saas bahu drama.. Yes people say like that but I think even Sati is not a goddess.. Is she??? And ya parvati is a human who become goddess Kali… And when she is parvati I think her emotions will be like a normal women I mean like us.. Bcoz we could figure out that from the 4episodes….but when she becomes kali she is fiery and she is more powerful than all goddess!!!! Ya u r right parvati is an incarnation of sati ,but she is not aware of this that’s the PAST which Vishnu and shiv was speaking in yesterday epi.. Btw hiii aqua!!!


    I don’t know why, but jitna maza dekhne me aata hai uttna maza padhen me nhi aata, may be it lack feelings but dekhne me graphics acche nhi lagte..

  5. awesome epi , eagerly waiting for sati track , must say pooja sharma looks beautiful as sati , shiv’s dialogues like always are really beautiful . when parvati will connect her past and present she will get answers for all her questions i guess . we have always seen shiv as devon ke dev mahadev , i mean very powerful , protecting people , but here he is portrayed as just a supportive husband which is actually very beautiful . i love shiv-parvati scenes very much because of their convo , every convo of them is beautiful and meaningful

    1. Vanshika

      Yes di she looked so cute as sati I was jus staring the screen she was sooo lovely!!! Srj n pooja didi rock very much!! They’ve portrayed very well shiv shakti…

      1. Priya15

        Happy to see our skr family here!!!!

    2. Priya15

      Shiv parvati love is sooo eternal..

  6. Hi…new to the platform..i just wanted to say Sati is Parvati…sati gave up her life after her father insulted shiv..she was reborn again as Parvati….hope that helps

    1. Priya15

      Hiii jaya diii…will love to have you here with us.. Yes u r right…i n priya.. In 12th Std right now..

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