Mahakaali 29th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahakaali 29th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kaali is ready for the battle. She cuts head of enemies, all look on. Kaali drinks blood on her enemy. All chant Jai Maa Kaali. Kaali screams and brings storm on ground.
Narayan comes to Shiva and says what now? Shiva says there is no solution for this, this is test of Kaali if she is able to fight evil or not. They see Kaali killing everyone, Narayan says she is not in control of anyone and it will end everything. Shiva says end has started, if anger is composed then it finishes enemy but if its not composed then it finishes off everything. Kaali beats everyone on battle, ground is shaking. Shiva says Kaali keeping your anger in check is your biggest test, she calmly looks at Kaali, Kaali calms down looking in his eyes. Shiva says you found what you were searching for but you have

to compose your anger, calm down Kaali. Kaali looks in his eyes and relaxes herself. Kaali sees enemies coming to attack her, she gets angry and cuts everyone. Narayan says this is worst than we expected, why she is not calming down? Shiva says Parvati’s soul is shaken, she doesnt even know what she is doing, end has started. They see Kaali killing everyone without second glance. Kaali spits fire and burns whole place down. Dev Raj pleads her to stop but she doesnt. Dev Raj says to Lakshmi that nothing will be saved now, no tears or this place. Kaali sees Nishumbh leaving with is his fighters, she blows fire on them. Narayan says to Shiva that our place cant be destroyed like this with all us looking silently at this destruction.
Ashum is in his palace, his place start shaking, he says who is this strength that is shaking it?
Narayan says to Shiva that Parvati is my sister and she will listen to me, I have to stop her. Shiva says she is not your Parvait but Kaali right now, Narayan says I cant let her destroy everything, I have to stop her.
Narayan comes to Kaali and asks her to stop it. Dev Raj says he will calm her down. Narayan says to Kaali that Parvati your aim is to protect not to destroy everything, calm down and take your primary outlook. Kaali approaches him. Lakshmi says Narayan is in danger, she asks Narayan to move away from Kaali, she is not able to recognize you. Kaali passesby Narayan and doesnt listen to him, Dev Raj says what will happen now? Narayan looks at Shiva and says only he has the answer now.

A man comes to Shiva and says we cant see our Mata like this, will you not do anything to calm her down? Shiva says I will do what a husband should do, to calm her down, Kaal has to go there.

Shiva comes to place where Kaali is destroying everything. All look on as Shiva approaches enraged Kaali. Shiva lies down on ground as Kaali approaches him, all are tensed. Lakshmi says what is Mahadev doing? Shiva sees Kaali coming to him, he closes his eyes. Kaali is coming there by destroying ground as her feet are burning, she puts her foot on Shiva and stops moving. She looks down and sees Shiva under her feet, he opens eyes and smiles at her. Kaali gets hyper, she screams and moves away from him. She shouts in anger and pain. She cries. Shiva says calm down Parvati, it was only way to calm you, if husband or wife gets enraged then other should bow down and compromise so I did it. Parvati runs away from him and cries.

Parvati take her primary avatar. She comes to her palace and is in tears, she recalls killing everyone in her rage. She recalls screaming for blood, she recalls stepping on Shiva. Shiva comes there, she cant look in his eyes. She hides from him but he says Gauri.. look at me, she reluctantly glances at him but moves away, she says I have lost right to look at you because I have lost my house, even if you step on pooja thali then you do sin and me? I have stepped on my life, my partner and you say it was necessary? why did you let it happen? Shiva says it was necessary so that people know that without strength Shiv is nothing. Parvati cries and says what kind of strength is that where I had to step on my husband? my life partner? I never had anger in me but today I beat everyone, a woman is a mother then how can she be killer? she gives birth then how can she kill lives? I have crossed line of being woman. Shiv says you crossed limits to bring everyone in limit, you have shown woman a new limit and confidence, I am proud of you and I am very happy of that your avatar. Parvati says you knew that I would become like that but you didnt stop me? you know something about my identity, you know some secret about my power so tell me, you cant remain silent. Shiva says you want to know who you are? what is your identity? she nods. He says okay, come with me, he holds her hand and brings her on roof. He shows her people of their reign and says you are protector of all these people, all bow down to Parvati. Shiva says you are blessing for people who follow you and you are threat for the ones who are evil, If I am kaal then you are Maha Kaali. All chant for Maha Kaali. Shiva says this is not the time to be tensed, its time to celebrate power of women, he says to his people that there will be celebration tonight to celebrate power of women, Parvati looks on.

Shumbh shouts Maha Kaali.. this is the first time that my heart is not calm, what power does she have? he says to Nishumbh that she did that with you? Nishumbh says you wont understand without seeing her power, her walk was like destruction, her scream is like volcano, she is way more threatening than Maha Kaal. Shumbh says we have to handle her Kaal. Nishumbh says how? we cant control her, we dont know from where did she come. Nishumbh says we dont know from where she came but she came to protect Parvati, once we get to control Parvati then she will be brought to our knees.

Celebrations start for Maha Kaali. Everyone greets Parvati, Parvati smiles. Shiv smiles seeing her happy. People chant and dances in her honor. Shiv says see Parvati all are so happy for you. Parvati is still tensed and says still my heart is not at peace but there is question in my heart that who I am? you havent answered me that. Parvati says why that power had to come inside me only? what is my identity? what is the truth about my new avatar? Shiv says this is your journey Gauri, I am sure there is nothing that you cant find on this journey but I cant be your partner in this journey, he leaves. Narayan comes there. Parvati comes to him. Narayan says thank you for blessing me Maa Kaali. Parvati says you knew everything but you didnt tell me? tell me how this all happened with me? Narayan says how can a flame tell direction to sun? you have plenty of power, you have to find out secret of your strength and the one who has question has to do her journey alone.

PRECAP- Parvati thinks that I have to find out answers about my identity even if I have to search whole Kailash. She starts leaving her palace, she says I want to meet Shiv before leaving but I wont be able to leave if I stop to see him, she turns to leave but Shiv comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Priya15

    thanks for the update atiba diii

    But this was not the happened in the episode itself.. It was the last scene… In precap parvati left shivji and nishumbh came to attack her..and there was a Convo between shivji and narayan ji.. And when nishumb came to parvati shivji got angry…


      Thanks for correct precap

      1. Priya15

        welcome diiii….

    2. Thank u fr the precap priya di

      1. Priya15

        hare yr varshu… No tqs na… Forgot kya??

  2. Priya15

    What an episode!!!!! It’s brilliant!!!

    Started with rage and anger of maha kaali.. But ended up with an emotional note making me cry hard…

    When the convo between both shivji and narayan ji started from that the whole episode was emotional..i was just crying.. And that hidden tears of shivji to see his wife In that uncontrollable anger…..even narayan got teary eyed.. And the way kaali ‘S anger turned into guilt after realising that she stepped on shivji was ??..pooja just nailed it!!!! And ofc the convo between them.. Oh man!!! They r just goals!!! I love how shivji justified her acts so that she can come out of the guilt and the way he supported her to prove that girl’s are not less… And what was the last five mins of the episode…. Parvati is leaving Kailash and shivji …..and the convo between them.. I couldn’t stop my tears…. The tears in shivji ‘S eyes!!!!!! The way he said “safar bahut lamba hoga, gauri”…he is in pain that she is going away but still he can’t say her the answer she needed.. Bcoz he wanted her to show a new way for women….. Both were in tears!!!!!

    Precap toh bahut emotional tha.. These thing were unexpected …their separation!!! The way he closed his eyes when she left.. And her tears.. Her anger is justified bcoz both her husband and brother denied to say her the answer!!!!!

    Overall an epi which shows that shivparvati are the epitome of LOVE!!!!!

    Pooja and saurabh just nailed it… They make it look so real….
    Whether it’s parvati or draupadi pooja ‘S acting make that kind of emotions in us which could react with the situation..

  3. Priya15

    In today episode when kaali realised that she stepped on shivji and the anger in her changed into guilt and pain… She started to cry hard… I Felt a glimpse of draupadi’s breakdown after the cheerharan..

    How many of you felt like me???

    1. Me , pooja sharma has portrayed the emotion very very beautifully

  4. Fenil

    Thanks for update.

    Excellent Episode.

    What an anger in Kali that can destroy everything.Shivji and Narayan’s conversation so emotional teard in their eyes by seeing innocent parvatiji in uncontrollable angry mahakali form.whole sequence was just fabulous.When Kali turned to Parvati and Anger turned into guilt Crying moment.The way Shivji explained for his act just great.Sumbh and Nishumbh convo they are so interested to know about kali.last moment so emotional.

  5. will they show the story of mahakali and dashmahavidyas in this journey becz mahadev was saying safar bahat lamba hai gouri what does he mean by that i think they will show the story of das mahavidyas also becz they are also ten roops of mahakali

  6. This show is awesome . This show has become one of my favourite . The emotions shown in the show is awesome and my god saurabh and pooja nail it as shiv and parvati ! The way parvati felt guilty was so well portrayed . She does not know her strength . The way they gave a lil lil message are too good . I liked it when shiv told that when one is angry the other should bow down . Parvati was hiding from shiv , it shows how much she felt guilty . It was a perfect epi packed with emotions . Now only the journey of paravati as mahakali has started and I am already loving the show . Looking forward for more. Eagerly waiting for next episode

  7. When I first got to know that saurabh raj Jain is gonna play shiv I was just wondering how this would work out . I have loved him as Vishnu and Krishna and he is so beautifully portraying the role of shiv too

  8. Actress who plays MAA kaali only played draupadi ji in starplus who plays shivji only played Krishna ji in the same Mahabharata

  9. Just love this show…?n Saurabh n pooja both r too much awesome ?

  10. Priya15

    The best part of swastik productions is the dialogues!!!! Today’s episode dialogue was at perfect notch.. But the best part is when mahadev said…

    “Duniya ke liye tumne mujhpar paav rakha hai, kintu mere liye tumne mere hriday ko chuna hai, gauri ”

    This line is sooo emotional..and the bg was Soo painful…

    1. totally agree , the dialogues are too good and the line , how beautiful and emotional


    Though show graphics are tooo bad or may be its due to they are showing mahakali fight and journey but graphics are badddd and dialogues are just awsome..

    And yes this precap is wrong.

  12. Kamalanayani

    Pooja and SRJ rock… I wondered how SRJ would take up as Lord Shiva.. He nails it… But a little more number of Rudraksha on his attire will look great…

    But Pooja is flawless as Mahakaali or mata Parvati… He perfectly fits… I feel better than Sonarika, Puja Bose or Suhasi Dhami in Devon ke Dev Mahadev…

    Keep going.. But I wish that the makers should not make it a fictional series with their creativity like they are moving in Shani serial nowadays… But literally, it is a magnum opus…

  13. Priya15

    where is today’s episode????

  14. yesterday’s epi was so emotional that the moment when kali felt guilty and started crying i too also felt like crying …the scene was so beautiful i have never seen before in any serial in this way …the scene was potrayed very beautifully… u agree friends?….firstly my fav serial was mahadev and now mahakali

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