Mahakaali 28th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahalsa’s battle with Mal

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Scene 1
Scene 1
Shiv and Kali come in front of each other. Mal says you died. Parvati says shiv is Parvati and Parvati is shiv. Parvati says now I am not liable to save you either.
Mani says maata please forgive my brother. Mal says humans and devs are equal. This is what we tried doing. Parvati says i was born as a human as well. now I am Mahakali. This all is due to what you are. You took the wrong path. If us killing gives an impression that dev’s killed a human then I will kill you as Mahalsa in my human face. Get your people and your powers ready for the battle. I will be ready to kill yyou as Mahalsa. Mal laughs. Mani says why are you laughing? Mal says Mahalsa is just a human and a woman. I will kill her for sure.

Parvati says to Shiv I know we could kill him like

this but.. He says I know the reason behind you doing this. If Mahakal and Mahakali killed him, his thought would have lived on. Before tomorrow’s son Mal’s end is sure. Are you ready? She says I lost my husband, this won’t let me stop from killing the person behind this. Shiv says I have faith in you. Parvati says for a woman going away from her husband is the worst pain.
As Mahalsa you told me struggle is the road to success. Before sun rise tomorrow, he will have to die. Kartika says by now Mata would have killed Mal. Lakshmi says they will come back any moment. Ganesh says everything would be good in Kelash now.

Mahalsa and Matang come to Kelash. Everyone is dazed to see them like this. Ganehs says have you not killed Mal yet Mata? Kartika says is he preparing for a new attack? Parvati says yes. This is why we are in this face. You all need to be ready for what is coming.

Scene 2
Mal is preparing for the battle. Mani saays brother you can’t fight mata in even human face. Mal says see the weapon I have. Ganesh says your promise wasn’t there either then why didn’t you kill him? Parvati says we could kill him easily but there is a lesson behind hhis death. Mal will be killed by Mahalsa. Ganesh says but that’s so difficult. Mal doesn’t deserve to live after all that he has done. He leaves. Vishnu says Ganesh is really upset. Matang says Ganesh needs to calm himself down and think about it. Kartika and Ganesh are sitting.. Ganesh says I can’t tell you what I am going through. I have never felt this bad before. Kartika says what do you feel? Shiv says you are feeling the hate. He swipes Ganesh’s tears. Ganesh says yes.. I am angry. I can’t see mata in trouble. I don’t wanna lose her again. Shiv says we all must learn to overcome hate and fear. your mom will give you this lesson. Come with me.

Scene 2
Humans are worried. They say how will we save ourselves from these Nagoris. Mahalsa comes and says no one will go anywhere. Her mom is dazed to see her. Mahalsa says I know they are coming here. i know they are big in numbers and powerful. We can’t give up like this. We can kill anyone with power. THere is mahakali in every powerful woman and Mahakal in every powerful man. No one can destroy us. I will battle with mal and his people. Who else is with me? Everyone comes forward. They say we will fight them. Parvati says now Mal will know power inside a human.

Mal’s army comes in front of people. Mal says you all thought you can fight my powerful Nagoris? Where is Mahalsa? I will kill her today. Mahalsa comes on her horse. Mal says these humans can’t even stand for a second in front of my nagoris. Give up.. Who will fight me here? Mahalsa gets off her horse and storms towards Mal. She picks her sword. Parvati looks at Matand and smiles. Ganesh amd Kartika are there as well in human face. Vishnu and Lakshmi comes as well. Ganga and Saraswati come as well. They hold hands and stand firm in front of Mal. Mal says humans can never fight me no matter how strong they are. I will kill you Mahalsa. You are just a woman. Mahalsa says a woman is Mahakali as well who rules this universe. Today you will know power of a human and a woman. He says see Mani you were worried for nothing. See who came to fight your brother. They have no power at all. Mani says no one can kill you brother. Fight them till sun rise. Mal says I will kill them before sun rise. Mahalsa walks towards Mal. He says think again. i will use all my powers. You are a mere human. You can’t use your Dev’s powers. My nagoris will kill you in a minnute. Parvati says this is a new chapter. I can never give up at any cost. I am giving you one chance to surrender yourself. He laughs. Mahalsa says decision is yours. The battle starts. Matang says to Ganehs and Kartika I know you will make us proud in this battle. Parvati says go and show that you are my son. Ganesh and Kartika go to the battle. Matang says we are together. Take care of yourself. She says I am Mahalsa. He says in every face you are mine. Humans kills nagoris in the battle.

A woman is about to be killed by an agori. Lakshmi goes to help her. Parvati stops her. she says we have to let her learn her powers. A humand and woman can do anything. Parvati says get up and fight your fear. You don’t need any weapon to kill him. Powers of Mahakali are inside you. Get up and fight him. She stops his sword with her hand and pick her. She kills the agori. Mal picks his head.
The battle is going on at its peak. Kartika and Ganesh are killing agoris as well.
Mal says get mahalsa’s attention towards her mother. When Mahalsa’s mother is in trouble she will go to help her but who will help her then. Ahoris attack her mom. Mahalsa goes to save her. An agori attacks her from behind, Matand kills her. He says you are a great fighter Mahalsa. Sun is about to set. Ganesh sees a bee comb, he hits them. All agoris coming towards him are attacked and killed by the bees. Kartika says smart. He smiles. They attack more aagoris.

Mal says sunset is about to happen. Mahalsa says you will die before that. He says thats only ppossible if you are alive. He takes his sword and attacks her. Mahalsa fights him. She defends herself. mahalsa dodges all his attacks. He says Mata is me Mani.. Your son. Will you kill me? Ganga says to Shiv what will happen now? Mal will keep fooling like this till sunset. sunset is about to happen. Mal stands up. Mahalsa is about to attacck him. He says Mata is me Mani. Brother is bringing me every time to save himself. I am not part of all this. Release me Mata please. I have been free from my body but not this game, Mata if I was there I won’t have stopped, Mal says no mani. I don’t need you anymore. I let you go. He picks his sword.

Precap-Mahalsa kills Mal. Shivansh is born.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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