Mahakaali 27th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati takes attire of a widow

Mahakaali 27th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parvati takes Shiv’s life. Vishnu says everything is over. This is the end and a new beginning will come. There will two problems in the world now, food and trust. Vinayak says what will happen now? He says I can’t see my sister widow. Parvati screams Mahadev. Mann runs from there.
Parvati comes to Kelash and realizes what has happened. She sees Shiv’s trishul. She says how will I live without you? Am I a widow now. She cries. Parvati says what will happen now? How can you leave me alone. Why did you turn me into Mahakali. I took your life. She sits dowb crying.

Scene 2
Parvati takes attire of a widow. SHe says I am nothing without him. Vishnu says I can’t see Parvati like this. Parvati looks at Shiv’s trishul. She recalls their moments

together and cries. Everyone is tears. Lakshmi and Saraswati says please do something Vishnu. Indra says what will happen now? Vishnu says she has to accept this reality. THis is the beginning of the end. We have to do somethign.
Parvati is crying. She says how could you leave me. When I left you as sati, you brought me back. What will I do now. Everything burns around her. Vishnu says this is not right.

Parvati says how can you leave me alone dev. You have to come back. I am your widow and I disown this whole universe. Parvati touches his trishul. It disappears. Bharam dev and Vishnu feel the pain. Mann says everything will be mine. Mahakali will leave this universe too. I will rule this univer.
Bharam dev is on file. Lakshmi says is there no solution? Vinayak says I do. Mata gave me her powers. I can save Vishnu and Bahramn dev. Vishnu says no Ganesh. your powers can save this universe. Don’t use them on us.

There is destruction everywhere. Nandi says Mata, Mahadev please come back.
Parvati says wihtout you my existance is useless. I am giving up on everything. Ganesh is feeling pain as well. He says mata is disowning everything. Kartika holds her. Parvati walks away. There is darkness everywhere. Mann sees Parvati’s shadow, He says what is it. Vinayak says there can be something. Vinayak faints. he says ma.. Parvati hears his voice. There is fire everywhere. Parvati sees Shiv’s trishul.
Saraswati says we have to call Maha dev. They all say Maha dev please come back. We all need you. Parvati says there is no reason for me to live. Please come back Mahadev..

Shiv comes in front of Parvati.
Shiv says to Parvati he says I am there inside you. This life and death is all an illusion that we see. There is one thing true, you and me. My end is an illusion I am inside you always. She says didn’t I take your life? He says yes you did but I am you and you are me. You can bring me back.
Parvati brings Shiv back. Paravati says thank God you are back. He says not everything is fine. There is a lot of fight. He touches her. Parvati’s leave her widow attire. She turns into Parvati. Paravrti says mann has to pay for his sins.

Precap-Mahakali fights Mann with all her people.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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