Mahakaali 25th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati battles to bring Shiv back

Mahakaali 25th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nandi says to Mahadev please forgive me. Shiv says you are already forgiven. He says to Kartika don’t worry. He says I am proud that you are my son. He touches Shiv’s foot. Ganesh hugs him. He says you have to be strong and support your mom.
Parvati says I don’t know what will I do. I can’t even stop you. Shiv holds his hand.
He leaves. Parvati and shiv look at each other. Shiv leaves.

Parvati sets a cave on ablaze. Ganehs says we have to stop her. How can she burn her own home. Vishnu says don’t stop her. Without shiv she is incomplete. He says this makes her feel that Shiv is around. Kartika says someone is forcing Sanatkumaras. Who could it be? Vishu says Durgamasur.

Durgamasur says see father Mahakali who killed you will pay now.

Shiv comes there. He says welcome Mahadev. Shiv says you are not doing any good to your father. He says you have to stay here until I ask. Shiv says you are fooled. Shiv says you are in the wrong. He says your wife killed my father and she has to pay for it.
Parvati is silent. Vishnu says we have to stop her. All flowers in Kelash are dried. Ganesh says why can’t you stop this. He says Shiv and Shakti belong together. I can’t control what goes between them.
Durgamasur says see this ashes of my father. Whole world will end with this. Fire attcks different parts of earth. people calls Parvati for help. Duragamsur says this time your wife is alone.. Like my father was. when she is alone I will avenge the death of my fahter.

Ganesh says we have to find a solution that ma faces this. Ganesh and KArtika dress like shiv and do tandav. Parvaati is still silent. Ganesh says you have to come back for us. Parvati closes eyes and recalls her moments with shiv.
An earthquake comes to Durgamasur’s cave. He says what happening. Shiv syas this is what you invited get ready for it. Parvati comes back in her attire. All flowers blossom.

Kali comes to Durgamasur and says your sins are done. If you wanna detain me or Shiv then think again. He says I can detain you too. He comes towards Parvaati. Parvati tunrs bigger. Parvati is everywhere. Vishnu says he has to die. Parvati is everywhere around Durgamasur. He is dazed. Parvati picks her sword. He says you can’t do this Mata. you just said this isn’t the battle. you can’t kill someone outside battle. i will choose my fighters. Parvati syas I wont battle you. He says what.. She says you heard right. She says Mahakali wont but Jagatmata will kill you. She turns into Jagatmata. All the asurs run away. He says Mahadev will have to protect me. He says ave me Mahadev. Shiv comes and stands in front of Parvati. He turns on her side. He says don’t do thsi. You can’t take her side. Shiv says you said i am releasing you from this. Parvati says no one can save you now. Parvati battles with him. He takes his sword and tries to save himself. He falls down. Parvati says you could choose the right path. He says if you want to kill me go ahead but I wont forgive you. I wont believe in you. All people will wake up for me and compleyte my mission. Parvati kills him. He turns into ashes.
Precap-All the asurs come to fight with Parvati.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. this question for mahira didi. Di is show me ye durgmasur ko arunasur ka beta bata rahe hain jabki katha me to durgmasur ruru ka putra tha jo hriyaksh ke vansh me janma tha . Di please clear kijiye. Aur isme sanatkumaaron ne durgmasur ke vash me aakar mahadev ko manga jabki story me to Ganesha ji ke janma ke samay aur apni bhakti ke tahat unhone mahadev ko dakshina me manga. Aur ek aur question di arunasur to apni mata ko punah prapt karane ke liye ye sab kar raha tha par isme to vo apni beti ke liye aisa kar raha tha. Please di mere confusion clear kijiye please didi.

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