Mahakaali 25th February 2018 Written Episode Update: The battle starts

Mahakaali 25th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishnu comes to Parvati. Parvati is about to kill him. Shiv says stop Parvati. Parvati says you can’t save him today. he says I am here to say something. Parvati puts her sword down. He says recall I told you with Jhalandar’s fate Vishnu’s fate is attached. Parvati says but that won’t bring VInda’s life back. That would be an in justice to every woman on earth. He says before you kill Vishnu you need to see Vinda’s life. Parvati says Vinda? Shiv shows her ashes to Parvati. Vinda comes out of it. She says I wanted to see Mata. Thank you Mahadev. She says you gave me the promise I asked for and I couldn’t see his sins, so I paid for my sins. i accept the consequences of my sins. Vishnu did right. I am not mad. Vishnu says world will know you as Pativarta

Vinda. the whole world will do pooja of tulsi. Vinda says thank you. Parvati says what about Lakshmi?

Vishnu comes to Lakshmi. He says pardon me please. She says I will never forgive you. She leaves.
Parvati recalls Vinda’s words. Shiv says Jhalandar’s anger will take him to his end and that will be a new beginning.

Scene 2
Jhalandar sees the ashes and recalls when he married Vinda. He recalls her dying. He says I couldn’t make her wife. How wrong I was. I couldn’t give her what she deserved. He screams Vinda.. He cries. He says earlier I just wanted parvati. Now I will kill devs. Just like my power was taken from I will take Shiv’s powers from him. He says Parvati says I will take you from Shiv’s place. I will avenge Vinda’s death.

Parvati says Jhalandar will be here tomorrow morning. The battle will start and we need to be prepared.
Acharuya says you think twice. Jhalandar says will you help me in this truth or not?
Shiv says it will not be easy to fight him. Ganesh says we are ready to fight him. Parvaati says to Shiv only you can kill Jhalandar. Shiv says he will get another chance to repent. That depends if he will be killed or not.
Achariya says i am with you.

Vishnu says to Lakshmi I am sorry. I know you are hurt because of what i did. But to fight Jhalandar I need your support. She says good luck.
Parvait says which power can kill Jhalandar? She sees Shiv’s anger. she says if he gets angry again everything will be over. Shiv comes and says that’s right. Parvati says how are you so calm then? He says because you are with me.

Jhalandar comes to sea and says you didn’t tell me my truth Samundar dev You never did anything as a father to me. Samundar says stop. He says I wont listen to you and leaves. Parvati says Jhaldnar still can’t accept losing Vinda. Don’t know what will happen. Shiv says its his anger that was the reason of his birth too.
Jhalandar fills Vinda’s ashes in a pot. Jhalandar says that battle will end everything. His army comes there.

Scene 2
Next morning, everyone in Kelash gets ready for battle. Devs come to battlefield. Vishnu says at the same point he was born, he will be dead. Shiv says this will be a lesson for the world. Army of kelash comes to battlefield. Jhalandar comes with his army. Jhalandar says no one can stop me from fighting Mahadev and Parvati. the battle starts and two armies fight each other.
Vinda comes to Parvati and says even if you kill Jhalandar I won’t mind.
Nandi comes to Jhalandar and says I will kill you. He attacks Jahalandar. Jhalandar laughs. Jhalandar touches him and gets a shcook. He says Mahadev and Mahakali are inside me. Nandi hits him. Jhalandar falls down. He says well done.
Jhalandar hits Nandi and he falls down. He steps on him. Jhalandar is about to stab him but Kartika stops him.

Precap-Mahadev and Mahakali kill Jhalandar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    the name name kartika is a girls name , it is kartikey not kartika and its not vindha i think , it is vrindha . kindly change it from the next post . those who dont know mythology or history dont know this . please check the names so that it is easy for us to read and understand ?

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