Mahakaali 24th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishnu takes pheras with Vinda to end Jhalandar’s protection

Mahakaali 24th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jhalandar says to Shiv and Parvati that I will take Parvati with me. Krtika says how dare you insult my mother, he is about to attack him but Parvati stops him. Kartika says mata why you stopped me? Parvati says this is Kelash I can’t let this happen here. Jhalandar says I will come to Kelash with my forces and win you. I will see who can stop me. Ganesh says go ahead you will lose only. Kartika stands in front of Shiv. Parvati says when you came here I told Shiv if you misuse your powers we will battle you and this time you will die. Jhalandar says there is nothing more painful than staying away from you. If winning you requires a battle I accept it. Truth is that you can’t kill me. Parvati says I pity your stupidity. You didn’t understand Mahashivratri. I and Shiv gave

you another chance but you chose your ego. You will be paying for your sins. In this battle your end is a must. Shiv says Mahakal and Mahakali together can’t kill me either. I am ready for the battle. He leaves.
Parvati says to Shiv what will be the consequences of this battle?

Scene 2
Vinda comes to a cliff and recalls Parvati promising her that no one can kill her husband. She is in tears. She wakes up. It was a dream. Vinda says devi Parvati can’t kill my husband. Jhalandar is alive. Jhalandar comes in. She says you.. She hugs him and says you came. Thank God you are here in front of my eyes. I saw a bad dream. She hugs him. She says thank God you are safe and fine. There is nothing more important than you.

Shiv says there is a horrible consequence but Jhalandar must pay for his sins now.
Vinda says Mahadev and parvati forgave you. All devs must have forgiven you too. I am grateful to them. She says this candle was the one I lit for your long life. In your absence I was so scared when I looked at it. Now you are here in front of me and I am peaceful. I can just serve you always. I want our relationship to be like mahadev and mahakali. She takes his hand and makes him sit on the bed. She says I want to start new life with you and forget the past. I will serve you. She goes somewhere.

Parvati is worried. She says Jhalandar took Mahadev’s face and did all these sins but why am I worried? Lakshmi syas I am worried too. She says Vishnu asked me to come to Kelash. He said you will help me. I have never felt this agitated before. Vishnu’s words are still in my mind. He said I want my sister Parvati to win. If I have to die to end Jhalandar I will do that. Parvati says what does that mean? I have to talk to Mahadev.

Achariya says to Jhalandr I know what you did on Kelash. He says I didn’t come here to listen to your lecture. He says think before fighting with Parvati and Shiv. He says I want the same powers. When I see Shiv and Parvati together, their love and unity makes me aggressive. Achariya says you don’t know their power yet. VInda has the power you are looking for. She is your wife and because of her you are safe. You have to give her rights of a wife. That is not right. He says to get Parvati I forgot I will have to give vinda right of a wife.

Vinda serves jhaalandar and says when i saw you first i got angry. That day I don’t know why my heart made a relationship with your heart. I knew you are mine. After marriage when a woman becomes wife she is there to serve her husband. She expects only love and respect in return. These moments are so pretty.
Vishnu is there disguised as Jhalandar. He says you know Mahadev I am doing this for right reason. But this feels so agitating. Shiv says one day this will be a lesson for humans.
Vinda says I feel something is different in you. I have never felt this way before. You are not a dev but you feel like one. Vishnu says sometimes we can’t see from our eyes only. We have to see from our heart. She says can you fulfill a wish? I want to do all the marriage rituals again with you. I want to take all those promises again. Will you do that? Vishnu is dazed.

Parvati comes to shiv and says you said Jhalandar’s sins will affect three women, me Lakshmi and Vinda. Why should VInda pay for his sins? Shiv says there is a reason behind everything that happens. Vinda was awarded with that promise and then she married him. Jhalandar will die and that new chapter has started.

Vinda says I will take rounds around fire with you once again. She takes Vishnu’s hand and takes the rounds around fire and repeats her promises.
Jhalandar is on his way. He says why do I feel this way?
Vinda says I promise that from this moment i am your wife and i will always be yours. Shiv says with every round she takes Jhalandar’s safety cover is removing. Jhalandar is walking towards Vinda’s house.
Vinda says your support is my everything. I give you right over my life. Jhalandar is coming there. Vinda says after this phera, our new life will start, we will forget everything and I will become yours for life. She starts taking last phera with him.

Parvati says to Shiv that this is difficult situation, I feel something bad is going to happen. Shiv says its related to your power, you can feel when something bad is going to happen to her. Parvati says Vinda?

Vinda takes last phera with Vishnu. Vishnu touches her faces, she blushes.

Parvati says to Shiv that Vishnu?

Vinda smiles at Vishnu thinking he is Jhalandar but Vishnu takes his real avatar, she is stunned and says no.. this is not truth, it cant be. Vishnu folds his hands in forgiveness and looks down.

Parvati says to Shiv that nothing is more important than woman’s respect, even if my Narayan did it, I wont forgive him, Mahakali will take revenge from him, I will finish Vishnu. Parvati takes mahakali’s avatar in anger and screams with fire coming out of her mouth. Shiv looks on.

Vinda is stunned. Vishnu says I know my deed cant be forgiven, I have no words to tell how sorry I am but.. Vinda says you knew its against woman’s honor but you still did, I always prayed to Parvati, I always followed her and kept her pedestal but see irony that Parvati’s brother dishonored me, why did you do it to me? I always prayed to Gods, I always respected them and I got this in return, why? she cries. She looks at diya and says look at its flame, I started it for safety of my husband, it was a promise of my purity, my husband promise is finished but I cant blow off this diya, how to blow it Narayan? how to come out of this pain which is killing me inside? answer me! she shouts at him.

Jhalandar is coming to Vinda and thinks that I know Vinda you trust Gods but I know them, they are selfish and they do everything for themselves, you will get to know this soon too Vinda.

Vinda turns to leave, Vishnu stops her. Vinda says you have snatched my right to be with my husband but I wont let you end him, he came into being from fire so I will end myself in that fire today and nobody can stop me.

Vinda goes and sits on woods pyre. Vishnu says I know your pain, woman’s husband promise is too much for her but I promise you that you will know reason of my deed soon. Vinda says no you are a Dev so you cant know my pain thats why I want you feel my pain, I wont let my death go waste, I curse you as Jhalandar’s wife that if Parvati’s promise was right for my husband, then the way I feel this pain for my husband, the way you cheated me, someone will cheat you and pain, the way you dishonored me, one day people will question your wife’s character, I curse you that you will feel pain that my husband will feel after my death. She says that you didnt even think about my honor once? how cruelly you ended my promise and honor, I curse you that one day you will feel this pain, the way you ended my husband and I’s relation, you will feel same pain with your wife, you will get this curse. Vishnu says nobody is saved from curse of pained woman, I accept your curse. Vinda says today my husband promise ended, so before dying, I take Maa Parvati’s name. She cries and opens her eyes to see Mahakali coming there. She smiles seeing her, Mahakali smiles at her. She folds her hands to Mahakali and cries. Her pyre starts burning and she starts getting surrounded by fire, she burns herself infront of Vishnu and Mahali who are in pain.

Jhalandar comes to his den to see diya blowing off, he is stunned and says Vinda?

Vinda burns herself. Vishnu says there is only this way to stop Jhalandar. Mahakali says to Vishnu that you might have defeated Jhanlandar by marrying Vinda but no one is allowed to dishonor women and even you cant be saved from that wrath, I came here to stop you from dishonoring a woman, if I let you go today then I wont be able to forgive myself as a woman. She says you will have to fight with me. Vishnu says I cant attack you. Mahakali says I gave you chance to fight but now I have to attack you. Vishnu says I am prepared. Mahakali raises her sword and is about to behead him but Shiv comes there and says stop Gauri. Mahakali says no if you take this side then I will fight you too. Shiv says I didnt come to take sides, I have come to say something, think about it, I told you that Narayan’s deeds are joined with Jhalandar, Narayan will take human’s form in future so Vinda’s curse will provide path to his journey. Mahakali says but this punishment will not bring Vinda back, if I dont punish him today then it will be cruelty to women and I wont let it happen. She raises sword to hit him.

PRECAP- Jhalandar is angry and makes his army against Shiv and Parvati. Parvati thinks that I have to think which power can finish Jhalandar. She close her eyes and sees Jhalandar with his army, she tells it to Shiv. Shiv says to Parvati that if you saw destruction in your dream then its going to happen. Parvati is stunned. Jhalandar starts approaching Shiv and Parvati with his army, he says I will have a war with Mahadev and Parvati today

Update Credit to: Atiba

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