Mahakaali 23rd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Battle between Krishna and Shiva

Mahakaali 23rd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Wanasur says Mahadev you promised me you will come to protect me when I am in trouble. Shiv comes.
Kartika and Ganesh are on their way. Kartika says there are 1600 women here. This story is of Nakasur he abducted Lakshmi devi and 1600 more women. Mata came and saved them. Ganesh says wow. Kartika says this is devi Pramaksha’s place. Ganesh says I hope this will bring ma back.

Krishna says to Mahadev you don’t have to protect wanasur after what he did. Shiv says I gave him my word. I can’t change that based on what he did. He says you know how wrong is he. You can’t protect him. Shiv saays I am not protecting him I am protecting my word.

Nandi says we can’t wait anymore. Please tell us where are Kartika and ganesh in their journey to bring

Parvati back. Shiv says from 72 powers they could only wake up too. The next step would be the most difficult for them . Its called Ambhayma. Krishna says if you don’t move from my way I will have to attack you as well. Shiv says you do your work I will do mine. Krishan takes his weapon. Shiv takes his. They both fight. The planet shivers. Ganehs says to kartika something wrong is gonna happen. He says Mahdev and Shiv are doing a battle.
Ganesh says he has used the promise Mahadev made to him. This isnt’ right. Kartika says we have to do something or everything will be over. Ganesh says ma has to be back only she can kill him. We have to focus on our yatra. We can’t go and stop them. Bhramdev will go there and stop them. Kartika says you are right.

Krishan says one of us has to back out from this battle. Please for this universe don’t protect him. Shiv says I can’t back out. Because we can’t back out from our word. He takes his blade. Nandi says please don’t do this. please calm down. This universe will end. Bhramdev says its impossible to stop Wanasur till Parvato comes back. He stops everyone.
He says to Krishn and Shiv I can’t see this world ending. Krishan says we are fighting for the right. This will end with one of us dying. Shiv says then you can kill me. Shiv says I can’t back out but I can take a break from this. This way you will be able to stop him and wont have to kill either.

Krishna stops his blade. He says I will have to do this Mahadev. He attacks Mahadev with a tirshul. Shiv turns into ice. Wanasur is dazed. He says how is this possible? Mahadev has to come back for my protection. Krishna says you will paay for your sins.

Scene 2
A man stops Kartika and Ganesh. He goes in the temple. Ganesh and Kartika go after him.
Parvati comes out in devi Anhoboti face. Ganehs says Karrtika told me about this face of yours. I am glad I saw you like this. We will wake up all 72 stones of power.

Wanasur says come Krishna I will see how you break Mahakali’s promise. Krishan battles with Wanasur. Wanasur falls down. He brings a large wrong and says all of you will die. He becomes very big. Wanasur says you can’t kill me. Krishan turns into vishnu and becomes larger. VIshnu says you were given a promise but you misused it. Its about time that all the powers are taken back from you. They make him small. He says no.. Waanasur says you can’t kill me. Mahadev please come and save me. Please protect me. He can’t end me. Mahakali promised me. Krishan says no one can stop me from you.

Parvati guides her sons for next shakti peers. SHe says you will face a great trouble on next one. Be careful. She leaves. Kartika say where do we have to go? Ganesh says next one should be related to mata Jagbanda.
Wanasur tries running. Mahadev breaks the ice. Wanasur says I knew you would come back. Now try it Krishan. SHiv says I am here for Krishna to stop him from break the promise his sister made and not to protect you. Krishan says I will kill him today. Shvi says let wanasur go because kaniya kumari will kill him.
Wannasur says I am sorry God. Please Krishna. I always prayed to you. Shiv says your prayers were full lure. krishna says don’t stop me today. shiv says you are an epitome of justice. If you kill him today you will do an injustice to Mahakali’s yatra, She wont be able to come back if you don’t stop. Krishan stops. Krishan leaves.

Kartika says to Ganesh this is the place we had to be at. Ganesh says a mother brings a child to world. Today a child is bestowed to bring a their mother back. Kartika says Mata must have gone through the same troubles to bring us back. We are grateful that we are given this chance. Ganesh says ma will be with us.
Shiv says to Krishna why are you worried? He says to kill Wanasur I didn’t know his death is related to Parvati’s new life. You stopped me from doing a mistake. Shiv says your anger had a meaning too. We just have to wait when Parvati comes to this world in Kumari face. There is trouble but there is ease too. Your powers will also increase when parvati comes back. I know it wont be easy for you. But when Parvati kills Wanasur in a human face, she will write a new story.

Precap-Parvati takes brith as Kaniya Kumari. She has to kill Wanasur. Ganesh, Kartuka and Shri Haresh come between union of Kaniya Kumari and Shiv.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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