Mahakaali 22nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shiv gives Andhak to Maheshasur’s father

Mahakaali 22nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone prepares for Lakshmi poojan. Parvati says this is the most beautiful day of Kelash. I have never seen a decoration like this. Kartika says to Shiv did you know this was happening? He says if I am Mahakal your mom is Mahakali. Parvati says don’t even try to understand what he tries to say. I get confused too. His words show their meaning on right time. Shiv looks at her. She says don’t look at me like and smiles.

Everyone gathers for Lakshmi poojan. Lakshmi comes there. Parvati does her arti. She says welcome back Lakshmi. Today will be known as Lakshmi poojan. Who ever does your pooja this day wont ever fail in life. Everyone does her pooja one by one. Lakshmi says in this dark night you all have lit a light. In this dark night Mahakali showed us light. I promise

on this night I will fulfill everyone’s life with lights. Parvati says this night will be know as Depvali. Whoever does her pooja this night will have their dreams come true.

Nandani says I am so hungry. Parvati gives them fruits. Shiv hears a voice saying where are you Mahadev come here or I will kill myself. Its Maheshasur’s father. Shiv says leave the sword. He says the father who has to take corpse of his son on his shoulders what do you expect from him? Look at his dead body he was alive, he was your follower. He prayed to you. He was killed by Devs and was punished for his sins. But what was my fault? Shiv says he got punished because he was wrong. He got punished because of his sins. Whoever walks on wrong path had to face punishment. His father says I don’t have any other son. Promise me that you would give me another son.

Scene 2
Kartika says to Parvati with your bravery you made this night so bring. She says if you are happy I am happy. Parvati says where is Mahadev? Kartika says I don’t know. She asks Nandani. He says I don’t know either. Parvati looks for him in his place. He is there. Parvati comes and sits next to him. She places hands on his eyes. She says I told you I would close your eyes if you look at me like this. He says move your hands. The day turns dark. Everyone is dazed.
Indra says why darkness in the day? Parvati is shocked. She says what is this? I am sorry. Shiv opens his eyes and the day becomes bright again. A fire circle is made near them and its turns into a baby in Parvati’s hands.
Indra says what is happening?
Parvati says you do everything for my better. Thank you for making me a mother again. I couldn’t see Kartika’s childhood but I will bring him up. Parvati is very happy. Shiv recalls his promise to Maheshasur’s father. Parvati says this child.. Shiv says he is blind. Parvati says its okay. He will see from my eyes. He will understand everything from hearing sense. I will cook for him and play with him. I might not spend time with you much. Shiv says Parvati you can’t keep him. She is shocked.

Maheshasur’s father says Mahadev come and complete your promise. Parvati says not this time. Last time I gave my child to Kritika. Shiv says we have to do this time. She says this is my child as well. Did you ask for my permission before promising him? He says we have to do this.

Kartika asks what are you here for? Maheshasur’s father says Shiv promised me he will give me his child. Nandan is about to attack him. Maheshasur’s father says ask Shiv once. Kartika says is it true?
Lakshmi says to vishnu will Paravti be away from her child again? Vishnu says he always has reasons.
A wrong time is coming and Parvati will have to face it as well.
Shiv says I promised Maheshasur and then he had to die and now this child. This is all connected. He comes towards her. Parvati is in tears. She says no I wont give my child to anyone. Shiv says I understand but do you want my promise to break again? She says what about a mother?
Shiv says he will have to choose right or wrong. If he chooses wrong.. Parvati says but he is our child. Shiv says I will accept whatever your decision is. She says you are playing with words now. He says you have decide. Parvati says I have a condition.

Maheshaur’s father says you know Kartika that I am not lying. Let me go there and meet him. Parvati comes and says you won’t have you. She hands over her child to him. She says he will understand everything from here. I want to name him as his mother. His name would be Andhak. I don’t want him to go away from me but can’t let my husband’s word go in vain. For a mother going away from her child is a great pain. I am giving you my life. Please take care of him. she gives the baby to him. Maheshaur’s father says you are great. Shiv says before you go remember that he always will have his own choice. He leaves. Parvati is in tears. Shiv puts his hand on her should but she moves ahead. Parvati says I learned from you that our pain is ours. You have take a child from the mother twice you would hear my pain too.

Scene 3
Shiv comes to Parvati.. She says I want to listen if you are a dev or a husband. He says I just came here to tell you why it was important. A mother’s most important aspect is her child. You know why he was born.

Maheshaur’s father comes back to his palace. Everyone welcomes him. he says today i have a new prince now. His name is Andhkasur. All the women dance and welcome him. There is fire in the palace. Everyone tries to run out. There is a human rush. Maheshaur’s father says there is something wrong with this child.

Parvati says thank you for this lecture. Thank you for trying to tell me that there was something wrong with my child. Thanks for making stay away from my children. Thanks for burning Kamdev because of which I could never be a mother. Shiv says parvati.. She says I dont’ want you to feel this way but if I were in your place I would have taken your viewss into account before taking a decision like this. You can’t take a mother’s decision. Shiv says enough. I know I am the reason of all your pains. So as to repent I will have to go away from Kelash. Unless the mother inside you forgives me I can’t come back here. until your wounds heal I can’t come back. She says stop Dev. First I lost Kartika then Andhak. If again this happens with my motherhood I won’t forgive you.

Laksmi says please stop Shiv. He says I can’t. Shiv walks away from Parvati. They look at each other as Shiv walks out.

Precap-Andhak becomes Andhkasur. How will Parvati fight her own child?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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