Mahakaali 21st January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahalsa marries Matang

    Mahakaali 21st January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

    Scene 1
    Everyone dances and celebrates in Matang and Mahalsa’s wedding. She makes him wear warmala. Ganesh gives a dance performance first.
    Mani says I was seeing Mata. I can’t see her anymore. Maan says something is coming between you two. The wedding continues.
    Matang fills Mahalsa’s hairline with sindur. Man says why can’t you see mata. Mani says I don’t know what to do.

    Man says I saw Mata. MAtang says to Mahalsa its about time you see a lot of things. Be sure that I will be with you and I will protect you. She smiles. Mann and Mani are running towards them. Shiv puts his hand on Mahalsa’s head. She sees everything. She sees she told shiv that he can only win her back if he marries her as a human. She sees Man and Mani. Mahalsa opens

    her eyes and is dazed. Man and MAni are on their way. Mani says Mata is there. That’s mata. Mahalsa looks at them angrily. Mann says what will happen now Mani? Mahalsa runs towards them. Shiv says you are everything. Man and Mani are scared. Mahalsa turns into Mahakali. She goes towards them. Mani says Mata after so long I saww you. Why you left us Mata and why. My mata is back to me. Shiv comes too. Mann says don’t worry he can’t harm us like he couldn’t before. Everything is same. Mani still has Mata’s promise. You are standing with her but you can’t kill us because Mahakali will go away again.
    Mann says Mani will call you and you will have to come.

    Mani says release me from all this Mata. Mann is dazed. Mann says Mani stop. He can’t come to him. Mani says I want to put my head on your head. Parvati says I will fulfill your wish. Mann says stop Mani. He puts his head in Kali’s feet. Parvati beheads him. Mann shouts.. Mannn runs from there.

    Scene 2
    Mann comes to his cave and cries. He breaks things in anger. He says you can’t leave me Mani. We had to take Mata with us. You can’t leave me. Please comeback. He sees a blue water. He says Mani are you alive? Brother please come. Mani’s voice says brother I am always with you. But brother this face is yours.. Where is my face. Mann says your face is same its hidden somewhere. Don’t worry I will find you. Soon you will see you own face. He screams Mani..
    Vishnu says Mani dies from Mata’s hand. Mahakali says we should take him to Maan. He might change his decision. We have to stop Mann. Shiv says is this your final decision? She says yes. Shiv says then we will take his deadbody to man..

    Mahakali and Shiv comes to Mann with dead body. Mann says see Mani who is here. Parvati says we brought your brother’s dead body. Do his funeral. He says he is alive. you are in an illusion. This body is of him but he is alive. He says Mata.. Brother Mata is here. He says this is just a body. My brother is within me. He says Mata I am Mani.. your follower. Mann says now I will take the powers my brother had to take. Shiv says you can ruin things more for yourself. Mahakali brought him here to do his funeral. Accept his death and realize his mistake. He says I wont give up on my brother. but he is alive forever. Mahakali has to protect me from you. Mahakali says I gave that promise to Mani not you. Mann says he is alive in me. He says Mata its me Mani. Mann says he is in me.
    He says Mata you will have to protect me.

    Indra says to Vishu please do something. This time Mahakali and Mahadev shouldn’t go against each other. Vishnu says Mann has played a clever game. I can’t do anything at the moment. Kartika says will Mata keep her promise? Parvati says I gave this promise to Mani. I came for his help. But you are not Mani. Know that you can only use this promise once that you did. After this you can never call me agian. He says to protect me once from Mahadev you will have to kill Mahadev and you will die along as well. He laughs. He says I am rright? You both won’t be here. I will become ruler of this universe. Your end is near. Shiv says end is a new beginning.

    Mann says protect me Mahakali. He laughs. Vishnu and Bharmdev are worried. Vishnu says this fight will now be between Mahakali and Mahakaal. I hope this doesn’t take the world to an end.
    Shiv says to Mahakali you have to do this gauri. If you don’t everyone will be in trouble. Mahakali says how can I kill you.. Shiv says don’t worry. Shiv and Shakti are one. Attack me. You became mine as Sati and then you died. You made me Mahadev from Shiv. Then I met you as Parvati. If you didn’t die as Sati you won’t been Parvati. If you didn’t become Mahakali I won’t have been Mahakaal. We are connected. This time to time is with another challenge in front of you. You have to do it. Kali is in tears.
    Kali says when you are not there how will world run. Shiv says you will be there.
    You gave Mani a promise and it has these consequences. Mahakali says you are the reason to my existence. You are my God. I don’t have a reason to be here without you. Shiv says you have to do it and as husband I will do everything to protect you. He picks his trishul and goes towards Mann. Mann is scared. He says Mata protect me, I am Mani. Protect me from Mahadev Mata. Shiv is about to stab him.. Parvati screams everything is one fire. shiv stops.

    Mahakali walks towards Mann. He says you can’t forget your promise Mata. He says protect your son Mata. I am you follower Mani. Protect me Mata. Parvati recalls her moments with Shiv. She is in tears. Parvati takes Shiv’s life. Everyone is Kelash is upset.

    Precap- Parvati becomes a widow.

    Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Actually maahakali is missing one of the character .its naradh muni without him how can they move a mythology

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