Mahakaali 1st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kali fights Maheshasur

Mahakaali 1st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parvati comes back to Kelash. Shiv says welcome back to Kelash. Nandi goes to meet her. Kartika says I think we should give them some along time. Parvati sees her throne. She says I can’t believe I am back. He says my home is back.
They both sit on the throne.
Parvati says you had to bring me back. He says I had to find you. When you came to look for me you found me. She says I forgot everything but you had to find me. he says end of one story is beginning of other.

Bhramdev says to Maheshasur what else do you want? Shumbh Nishumbh come there. Mahesha says to Bhramdev I want you to live here as my detainee forever. Because you would help that Mahakali again. Bhramdev says let me go or you will be killed. he says o want to kill that Mahakali.
Shiv tells Parvati

everything. She says I will kill him. Shiv says he wants tridev powers. Parvati says then give me those powers. Shiv says that’s not possible because he has detained Bhramdev. Parvati is dazed.

Vishnu comes there. Maheshasur says welcome. I am sure you would come to save yourself. Vishnu says leave Bhram dev, this is your greatest mistake. Mahesha says I want the powers of tridev. Now its your turn. Vishnu enlarges. Shuhmbh Nishumbh and Maheshasur are dazed. Vishnu tries to attack Maheshsur.. He says no man can kill me.
Parvati says I think Mahadev should go himself. Kartika is dazed. Shiv leaves.
Maheshasur says no one cal kill me. Shiv comes there and attacks him. Maheshasur says Mahadev. Shumbh says we wanted Mahakali here. Shiv says this your last warning. Shumbh says attack him and become king of Kelash. Shiv and Vishnu fight him.
Kartika says what will we now? Parvati says sometimes we don’t have clear answers. She does meditation.
He recalls Shiv said only a woman with tridev powers can kill him.

Parvati turns into Mahakali She says to Kartika come with me.
Nandi come there. Maheshasur says you were missing. He locks them as well. Maheshasur says game is over. Kartika says stop. He says you can’t harm my senapatis. Shiv says to Vishnu she is coming. Parvati is on her way. Maheshasur says you are a child you can’t do anything. Go and live a few more days. He says I kill Kalkasur. Maheshasur says you have to die as well. Kaartika fights with Maheshasur. Kali comes there. Kartika says a mother always comes where her child needs her. Be ready Maheshasur your end is coming. Maheshasur says this is what I wanted. I will kill her.

Mahesharsur stands in front of Kali. Maheshasur says you came here to die from my hands. You don’t have powers of tridev. Kali says you don’t know power of a woman. Maheshasur says you are so proud, that pride would die with you as well. He fights Kali.
Kali says what happened? get up and fight with me. he puts knife on Kartika’s neck. Maheshasur says your son will die in front of me. Shiv tell her she can’t kill me so back out. Kali move towards him. She looks at Shiv, he nods. Kali closes her eyes. She turns into parvati. Maheshasur says if you want to save your life, leave Shiv and become Shumbh’s. Kartika says how dare you say that about my mom. He says death or Shumbh? She says I choose death. Kartika says what are you saying mata. Maheshasur says she can’t harm me at all. He shoves Kartika and moves towards Parvati. Parvati says stop. He says why? She says my last wish is that I want to kill myself with hands of Shiv, Vishnu and Bhramdev. Maheshasur says okay last wish granted. He says come kill your sister Vishnu.
Parvati says to Shiv please do it. Shvi says your decision is my command. They move their weapons towards Parvati. The weapons touch her and she becomes more more powerful. Parvati gets powers of tridevs. She turns into a devi. Maheshasur is dazed. He says this is not possible. Kali says this is true. I am here to kill you.

Precap-Parvati says whoever insults a woman has to die. She moves towards Maheshasur to kill him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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