Mahakaali 1st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kumari finishes Vanasur

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Scene 1
Kumari looks at moon and says time has passed, I have sweared Mahadev, he has to come and show his presence here. She sheds tears. Suddenly storm starts forming in sky, Katika asks Ganesh why this storm? Ganesh says this storm shows pain of our mother. Kartika says we have to do something, only one person can make mother listen and its Narayan.
Ganesh prays for Narayan to come, we need your help. Narayan comes there. Kartika greets him. Ganesh says we cant see our mother in this much pain, her life’s mission is to end Vanasur, we tried to stop her but she has decided her mission and wants to talk to Shiv, only you can make her listen. Narayan says its not that easy, Mahadev have left to come and meet her, Kumari have given her swear to Mahadev so he has to come, if Mahadev and Kumari

marry then Kumari will not remain Kumari and Vanasur wont be finished. Ganesh says it means this storm is not only about Maa. Narayan says Kumari doesnt know that she is a face of earth but if she is in pain then universe will feel pain and as she starts to feel more problems, universe will have more problems too.

Kumari is waiting for Mahadev but he doesnt come. She gets dejected, she holds mud in her hand and says till you dont show your presence, I will use this mud that you will be forced to come here. She starts making molds with mud. Mahadev is coming there. Kumari says what kind of pain is this, I never entered a mandir to pray to Shivling but I got stuck and today I am making a Shivling with my hands, I never understood it was always with me, I realized that I was born to fulfill connection which has been going on for centuries, I feel you but I have to see you to realize all this, to understand all this, I have to meet you so please some. Shiv is coming there and thinks nobody can stop me from meeting Gauri today. Narayan says what a difficult situation is this, today I will have to stop Shiv from meeting her but this is important for universe. Ganesh says we are sorry but this is happening because of us. Kartika says if had listened to Vimla Devi then this wouldnt have happened. Ganesh says we didnt know this would happen but only you can stop Shiv from coming here. Kartika says I will try to stop Vanasur from coming here.

Scene 2
Indra says to Vanasur that I cant end you but I can hurt you, he fights with Vanasur. Vanasur starts beating him, he throws him to ground and is about to stab him but Kartika comes there and beats Vanasur. Vanasur says so now head is here, nobody can stop me from finishing Kumari. Kartika and Indra attacks him.

Kumari is making Shivling. Narayan says now universe will lovers waiting for each other, getting pain of being away, its Kumari’s story. Kumari’s friend says to kumari that leave from here, its raining, Kumari sys Mahadev have to come, he has to meet me. Friend says I dont doubt your love, he will come later. Kumari says now my only mission is to meet him.

Ganesh says to Narayan that Kumari has powers but she doesnt know how to use them against Vanasur. Narayan says she is Mahakali, I am worried about pain, it can hurt our universe till she doesnt take on Vanasur.

Its shown that attacks are happening on people and world.

Kuamri makes Shivling, she says Mahadev will come now. Shiv sees her from far and says your call brought me here Kumari. Kumari is looking around for Shiv. Ganesh sees him. Kumari tries to see him but cant.

Shiv says to Narayan that you are trying to save the world but I have to go and meet Kumari.

Kumari is waiting for Shiv. She says why cant i see Mahedev? I cant lose like this.

Narayan stops Shiv from going to Kumari. Kumari shouts that Mahadev has to come to meet her even if anything come inbetween. Shiv says to Narayan that let me go to her. Narayan says i cant allow you to destroy world, I will go against you to stop the destruction, I am doing my work, if you go to talk to her then our mission will not complete, if you marry kumari then she wont be able to kill Vanasur, I am keeping my promise with my sister, I suggest you to go to back to Kailash. Shiv looks at Kumari from skies and starts to go to her. Narayan says stop otherwise I will have to do something else. Shiv says you do your job but i will go to meet Kumari. Narayan says I wont let anything happen to world, I have to stop destruction of our universe.

kartika and Indra are still fighting with Vanasur.

Narayan shows his moving wheel to Shiv. Shiv says you attacked me once before too and I will not stop you this time too, you are doing your job, I will not use my powers. Narayan throws his wheel towards Shiv but then moves it towards him. Shiv says no. NArayan says I cant attack you but I have to finish myself before leaving my duties, I am requesting you to leave, wheel is about to hit Narayan but Shiv throws it away and says I cant let you hurt yourself. Narayan says so it means you wont meet Kumari?

Kumari is waiting for Mahadev. Shiv comes there in Jagatnat’s form. Narayan says Shiv went to meet her as a promise and also made sure she doesnt get distracted from her mission that is to finish Vanasur. Ganesh says its difficult, they are together but cant be with each other, Kumari doesnt know that Jagatnat is her Shiv. Narayan says their pain will make world see a new pain.

Kumari says Jagatnat you here? He says I heard that you are waiting for someone. She says I am waiting for Mahadev, he says he wont come. Kumari says I will wait. He says he wont come. She asks how can you say? Jagatnat says he doesnt need to come here. Kumari says he doesnt care about my love? I know he wants to meet me, if my love is true then he will come for sure. Jagatnat says love and commitment goes hand in hand, you cant wait here like this. Kumari says I will keep waiting for him. Jagatnat says he is here with you, she says what? Jagatnat says Shiv is everywhere. Jagatnat says to Kumari that you dont need to meet Shiv, he is always with you. Kumari says I have promised to become his wife and I will wait here till he doesnt come and I will wait till tomorrow and then I will end my life. Jagatnat says end is a new start.

Kartika says to Indra that if Kumari and Shiv doesnt talk even then we cant solve this Mata doesnt understand her powers. Indra says you go, I will handle Vanasur, Kartika leaves. Vanasur says Mahakali’s son left battlefield, you go too, I will finish Kumari. Indra says this night will end your sins.

Jagatnat asks Kumari whats her decision? Kumari says my decision is final, dont try to distract me, move away from me, I want to see Mahadev coming. Jagatnat says if I move away then you wont be able to see Mahadev. Kumari says move away, he must be coming. Jagatnat says I pray that you get what you want Devi. He turns to leave. Kumari says I am not a Devi, just a woman, I feel that woman doesnt become devi till she doesnt meet her partner. Jagatnat says sometimes a woman has to become a Devi to meet her partner, she says how is it possible? I am a commoner. Jagatnat says its possible if you leave all worldly thoughts, focus on your goal, understand your destination. She says how will I know my destination? He says just focus on your goals, understand your power a women, mahadev is inside you. Kumari thanks him for showing her the right path. Jagatnat thinks that my and Kumari’s path has reached her end, she will have to find her way now. He leaves. Kumari sees sun rising, she says sun came up bit Mahadev didnt come, he didnt listen to my requests. Mahadev looks at her from far.

Indra says Vanasur that I needed some time to make you stay here and I did it, now go, Kumari is waiting for you.

Kumari is sadly sitting and looking at shivling, she recalls her talks with Jagatnat, she thinks whats my life’s mission?
Kartika says to Shiv that even if she understands her destination, she doesnt have power to fight with Vanasur. Shiv says Mahekali can show that you have a will then they can reach their destination using their inner power.

Kumari says who am I? whats my mission? Vanasur comes there and says you are Kumari? your end is clear now. Kumari says dont come near shivling. Vanasur says I have come to end you, she says but I am just a woman. He says yes, I have powers and you dont so you cant stop me from destruction. kartika says to Shiv that I have to protect her, Shiv says no its Kumari’s fight so let her. Kumari says to Vanasur that this is Sivling and I wont let you put a foot here. Vanasur says I have a solution, lets end this. He starts moving towards Shivling, Kumari says I am warning you to not move towards it. He doesnt listen to her. Kumari says stop, she points at him and blasts happen at him, he falls down. Kartika says how this happened? Shiv says as soon as she understands her inner power, she will understand the powers she have Kumari sees her hand blue. Vanasur runs from there. kumari runs behind him and thinks that I am start, i am end and I am mahakali. She screams at him and takes mahakali’s avatar. Kartika smiles. Shiv says kaali of universe. Vanasur says to Kaali that you are not a woman. Mahakali says fool, it was to end you, I am Mahakali, can take any avatar, you did sins, you did destruction but now I will take revenge, I am Kaali and I will finish you now. She grabs his head and beheads him, she glares at his head. Shiv says this story will be called Kanya Kumari.



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