Mahakaali 18th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Jhalandar comes to Keslash

Mahakaali 18th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vinda is worried for Jhalandar. Achariya says Mahakali is about to kill him only you can stop her. Mahakali comes near Jhalandar. She says I will kill you. Vinda comes there and says please forgive my husband. Please don’t kill him. I wont let you do this. He is the promise you made. Kali says I will kill him right now. Vinda says please. Shiv comes and says Vinda is right. You have to stop. Parvati calms down. Vinda says thank you Mahadev. Kali says to Jhalandar the wife you used just to save your life saved you.

Jhalandar says pardon me. SHe says you are my husband. You don’t need to apologize me. Please rest.
Bharamdev says we have to do something to stop Jhalandar. Vishnu says to Lakshmi its my duty to protect you.
Jhalandar says Vanda is my wife. She

forgave me and she loves me. I don’t deserve her pardon. Achariya says what are you saying?
Parvati says I won’t let Jhalandar will come to Kelash. I wont’ let him. Shiv says anyone can come here. We can’t stop him. His wife’s wish is saving him.

Kartika comes to Jhalandar and says you can’t come here. Jhalandar syas I am here to fight Mahadev. Ganesh says go from here or you will pay for it. Jahlandar says come Mahadev. Nandi says get out of here. He is about to hit him. Shiv says stop Nandi. Jhalandar says I am here to fight you. I lost all chances for get forgiven. My only solution is my death but there is one wish. Shiv says what is it? He says I want to be part of your pojan.
Jhalandar sits in Mahadev’s pojan. Shiv says anyone who prays here with full heart gets it. This night will be known as Shivratri.

Vishnu and Lakhsmi aare worried. Vishnu says Jhalandar will do anything to get his mission accomplished. Lakhsmi says I am going to Kelash and I trust you.
Everyone enjoys food from the poojan. Shiv comes and sits as well. Jhalanadr sits opposite to him. Lakshmi comes as well. Jhalandar syas I want to eat the food too. Parvati gives him food. Everyone is celebrating. Parvati comes to take food. Jhalandar comes there in face of Shiv. Parvati says tonight is such a good night. He says yes. Parvati says this is the same pooja of Shiv and Sati pooja. This place is very special for me and Mahdadev. He is about to touch her. Mahakali says you hand can never touch me jhalandar. How could you think I won’t recognize you. He says yes its me Jhalandar. I want to make you mine. Mahadev isn’t here. Abandon him and come with me. Ganesh and Kartika come there. Parvati shoves him. She says Mahadev is part of my existence. Shiv comes as well.
Jhalandar falls down. Shiv says we gave you a chance and you could become a better person. Parvati says but you want to die here in Kelash. Jhalandar says you can’t make me give up. I will take Parvati from here in front of your eyes. Kartika and ganesh stand in front of Parvati.

Precap-Parvati kills Jhalandar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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