Mahakaali 14th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shiv gives Narkasur what power he wants

Mahakaali 14th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shiv and Parvati introduce the woman to her women power. She tries to save her husband. Parvati says show that your tears are your power. She makes clay and uses her tears as water.
The woman says to Parvati you came as Parvati in my life. They help her more. She thinks they are just some people. She does everything they ask.
She does everything. SHe says my love for my husband is true and so are my prayers. She places the leaf on his head. He moves his hand and opens his eyes, She gets very happy. SHe says thank God you are back. He asys this is because of my love. Parvati says thats the power of a woman.
Shiv Parvati and Vishnu come in their real face. The woman is dazed. Parvati says people think only man takes care of woman. Karwa proved that a woman’s love

can even bring Gods on earth. indra says I am sorry. My thoughts are clear now. Shiv says in front of a woman’s love even Keslah can bow down.

Scene 2
Kartika says mom has not brought water. Shiv says maybe this is for power. Kartika says this will make her weak. Shiv says sometimes giving up on something increases your powers.
Your mom has done this fast because she showed Indra power of woman. He says your task is done now. He makes her drink water. She makes him drink as well.
Shiv says whats next story? Shiv says after nine comes 10. 10th devi is Kali. kartika says but you told me about her. Shiv says Kali herself has many identities.
Kali’s new story has started.

Narkasur is doing his mantras. Parvati says something will happen that will require Shiv’s help.
Vishnu comes to Narkasur and says what do you want? He says nothing from you. I want Mahadev to come here. Bhramdev had been coming here as well. He says we are all one. We are tied with each other. What is your wish? He says but I had been praying for Mahadev and only want him to do it for me. Vishnu says I respect it but you would have to respect your limits when he comes.

Scene 2
Mahadev comes to Narkasur. He bows down to him. Everyone back in Kelash is worried.
Parvati says to Vishnu why are you worried? He says I have to go. I was thinking about what Mahadev saying. Lakshmi syas I know are worried. Mahadev is your friend. You know he melts his heart over prayers of people. Don’t worry nothing bad will happen and I am with you in any case. He says in heart if you knew what will we have to pay for the reward given to Narkasur.

Narkasur stands on a mountain. A man comes to him. He says can’t believe you are standing in front of me. Bhindak can’t believe his son is back. Lets go. Why have you stopped here? Your house is waiting for you. He says I have not done all this for just this. I have a great gift with me. I was given 5 things. His fathre says don’t do anything that you will repent later. He says I will decide what to do. I have to get the one with whom entire universe will be mine. Lakshmi I have to make her mine. He laughs.

kartika says to Shiv why don’t we kill the bad ones before they do anything. Shiv says then whats the difference between Devs and people. We have to keep a balance and justice between people. Unless someone has not done anything bad e can’t punishe them. We have to give blessings. We give power, we see if someone misuses that power only after that we can do anything.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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