Mahakaali 14th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mansa insults Shiv

Mahakaali 14th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shiv says to Parvati that you are doing this celebration to make Mansa part of our family but Mansa is looking at this function with other ideas.

Mansa says to Vasuki that this function will show my power, when Mata talked to me today, it was clear that she puts me closer than Ganesh and Kartika and I want to clear that infront of all today.

Indar shows invitation to Acharaya. Acharaya says whatever happened after that I cant accept that invitation, I will apologize to her. Indar says you would say that you sent people to kill her daughter? Acharaya says dont forget you were part of that plan. Indar says I was not part of it, I was just protecting this universe but you? You sent your men to attack Mansa and they even attacked Kartika and Ganesh, you think Mata will forgive person

who tried to kill her kids? and about this invitation, dont worry, I will handle situation in Kailash, just calm dow. Acharaya angrily leaves from there. Indar smirks. Agni says first you took his help and now asked him to go. Indar says now Mahakali is involved in all this so I will change my tactics, I will make Mahakali end Mansa, I will not make Mansa away from Kailash, everything will happen here and infront of everyone, we will go to this function and our new plan will start from there.

Function starts, all are there. Indar says this function is so big even bigger than Kartika and Ganesh’s function, Mansi and Vasuki are lucky in snakes. Narayan thinks that situation is going out of control. Shiv looks at him and thinks that we have to see how much he hurts. Indar says giving someone such big position can only be done by Shiv and Parvati. Parvati says I understand your emotions, we are here to announce my daughter Mansa thats why we are all here. Indar says we are celebrating it so Ganesh should start it. Mansa gets angry. Shiv and Parvati looks on. Parvati says you are right, we start this function with Ganesh pooja. Mansa is angry. Parvati starts Ganesh’s pooja, all pray. Indar says function have started so we should go for food now. All turn to leave but Mansa says stop, all look on. Mansa says to Parvati that this function is for me so my pooja should be done too, Parvati says we are not giving some position to Ganesh by doing his pooja, we do celebrations by doing his pooja. Mansa says no I want my pooja done too. Parvati looks at Shiv. Indar says if its her choice then we should do this pooja, its for her happiness. Parvati says okay I will bring pooja plate. She leaves. Mansa smiles. Indar whispers to her that you are lucky, we have to see till where you can go. She says I will show where I can go. Parvati asks her to sit on spot for pooja. Mansa sees Ganesh’s spot and says I will not sit here, I have chosen my pooja spot. Kartika says what spot is that? Ganesh says I know that spot but I hope I am wrong. Mansa walks and sits on Mahadev’s throne. Vasuki tries to stop her but she says that I will choose my spot and remember Mata said that we can choose our spot. She says this is the spot where everyone will do my pooja. Indar thinks that this beyond my thinking, now Mahakali will not spare here. Indar says what insult is this? now someone else will sit on Mahadev’s place? Vasuki says to Mata that I am sorry, I dont understand anything. Indar says we cant let Shiv be insulted, get down from that place. Parvati says me and Shiv are here to handle this situation. Mansa says you will not do pooja here? Parvati says try to understand the situation. Mansa says why cant I sit here? this is Shiv’s place but why? Parvati says where we sit, it shows our power and also people’s loyalty to us. Mansa says you told me that I am loved in Kailash so cant I sit here? you are my parents so you cant give me this spot? Parvati says we make our place by showing our efforts, our welfare to world, you have to earn this place. Mansa says if Shiv doesnt like it then he can ask me to get down. Shiv looks on. Indar says how dare you Mansa to say that Mahadev is at your level? Mahadev is people’s hope. Mansa says if he has problem then he can say. Shiv says I dont have a problem with you sitting there but why you are sitting there? because you want to show your high place in this universe? or you want to get this position for some other reason? Mansa says question is that you dont have a problem with me sitting here so let it be. Parvati says but I have a problem, you have to earn this spot for being here. Mansa says all people here are deserving of this position? this Nandi is a fool but he has this place but Shiv have a soft corner for him. Nandi says enough, you can say anything about me but dont allege Mahadev. Mansa attacks him. Ganesh says enough, you have to stop this. Mansa says I knew this situation will come and I am ready, she tries to attack him but with his power, she falls down from throne. Parvati says I thought you have a child’s mind but you have crossed limit now. Mansa says you finally showed that your sons are above me, you have shown me your place, you have told me that I dont have a place in this Kailash but remember if I dont deserve these spots than Ganesh and Kartika doesnt deserve it too, Ganesh was born from your filth. Parvati says you have to earn the spot with your efforts, they have earned their places with their efforts. Mansa says okay so I will make my place and for that I will leave Kailash forever. She sadly looks at Parvati and says I know you love me a lot, I will stay if you ask me to. Parvati tries to go to her but Shiv stops her and says if you stop her today than she will never learn her lesson of world. Mansa says wow this is your justice? I will make my place and I will finish you all soon, I break my relations with kailash and promise to take my revenge when I comeback. She leaves from there. All are stunned. Parvati is hurt.

Scene 2
Parvati comes to Mansa’s room and recalls how she used to spend time with her there. Shiv comes there and sees her sad. Parvati says being parents mean to be sad about situation? Shiv says we can take control of this situation but then our kids will never learn. Parvati says what to do now? Shiv says you cant change Mansa’s thoughts by your words, you cant stop universe’s bad influence from reaching your kids.

Indar comes to Mansa, Mansa grabs him and says I will kill you. Indar says what if I help you to make your place? She leaves him. Indar says I know you dont trust me but you are Mahadev’s daughter, to tell you the truth, you are very powerful, people are behind you, you know who sent you to kill you? Acharaya because he is insecure of your power.

Parvati says to Shiv that Mansa can never go against us. Shiv says you lose the right path when you are surrounded by negative energy.

Indar says to Mansa that you can take the power by taking Mahakali’s power but I have another option, he shows Mahadev’s spot and says you have powers like Shiv, you can use them to gain your spot, first remove that Acharaya from your path.

Shiv says her negative thoughts will affect others too. Parvati looks on.

Mansa says to her force that we have to fight this alone, we have to be united, I am very powerful and nobody can stop me.

Vasuki says to Shiv that I have seen end of people who go against Mahakali, I will make her listen. Parvati says if she doesnt stop then I have to take action. Vasuki says give me a chance to bring her to right path. Parvati says if you want to stop her then try but remember that if she crosses her line again then she will meet Mahakali, not her mother. All look on.

PRECAP- Mahakali and Mansa comes face to face. They start battle, Mahakali attacks her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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