Mahakaali 14th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mansa battles with Mahakali

Mahakaali 15th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parvati says to Vasuki that you can try to stop Mansa but if she tries to cross her line again then she will face Mahakali.

Mansa says to force that I lost my brother Vasuki, I didnt get love and respect from my parents and now I will fight for that respect, will you fight for your rights and respect? Fighter says we are with you, where to attack first? She says Patal-log..

Mansa and her force comes to patal log. They start attacking the place. Acaharaya comes there and tries to fight her force. Mansa smirks at him and says now I know why you were not there in my function, Acharaya says I had my reasons. Mansa says I am here to make my rule here. Acharaya says I cant attack you because you are Shiv’s daughter but till I am alive, nobody can take place at patal log. Mansa

says its good as I am here to kill you too. Vasuki comes there and asks Mansa to stop, he says I am here to take you back to Kailash. Mansa says no, Parvati and Shiv doesnt give me respect and spot that I deserve, Vasuki says no they want to give you your place, Mansa says what did you get? Parvati didnt give you place too. Vasuki says no, you have to fight me first before attackig here. Mansa attacks him. Vasuki falls down and is stunned. Suddenly ground shakes and winds blow.. they all see Mahakali coming there. Mansa gets tensed. Mansa says wow, you took this avatar to save me from Asur and now you are against me. Mahakali says its about taking the right path, Mansa says today your daughter is not infront of you, its a girl who is making her place and whoever come inbetween my path, that person has to be finished. Acharaya thinks that if Mansa and Mahakali have a battle then this world will be destroyed, only Shiv can stop this, he leaves from there. Mansa says see now I own this Patal log, if anyone has a problem then fight with me. Mahakali says enough, you cant make your place with injust power. Mansa says no one has a problem here and Acharaya ranaway from here, world is seeing how I make my place here. Mansa makes her throne there, she sits there and says I have my throne. Mahakali says if you have chosen this path then I have to fight you. Mansa says I was born using your and Shiv’s powers so lets who will win today. Mahakali says I give you all last choice to leave this place, Mansa’s whole force runaway from there. Mansa’s throne breaks too. Mansa says I didnt know that this situation will come so soon but now its here so bless me. Mahakali says I bless you to choose the right path.

Scene 2
Acharaya comes to Shiv and says stop that fight. Shiv says when kids go stray, they dont see anything, Mansa have to learn her lesson.

Indar says to Agni that its good for world that Mansa dies from Mahakali’s hands.

Shiv says to Acharaya that we have choices, Mansa have to choose her path now.

Mansa starts attacking Mahakali but Mahakali stops her. Mansa says I knew you would come here to stop but didnt know you would attack me. Mahakali says when kids dont listen then parents have to stop them and if I dont stop you today then it would a big mistake.

Acharay asks Shiv to do something. Shiv says you are not the reason for whats happening today, you were just a source for fate to take its place.

Mansa fights with Mahakali and says I told you I wont let anyone stop me from making my place. Mahakali says your path will finish you, this is not the way to earn respect. She grabs Mansa and fights her.
Indar and Agni sees Mansa and Mahakali’s fight. Indar says now Mansa will be finished.
Vasuki says I dont want to lose my sister, Shiv please help me. Ganesh says will Mansa be finished today?
Mahakali attacks Mansa and throws her away, she takes her sword and is going to behead her but Vasuki sits in her feet and says please dont do this. Mahakali says if I leave her today, will you save her from Mahadev? Mahakali approaches Mansa. She recalls her birth, she gets emotional. Mansa says attack me, it will prove that I am nothing special to you, kill me Mahakali. Mahakali says if you called me Maa then I would have taken you back, you called me Mahakali which proved that you havent learned your lesson so I have to finish you.. She attacks her.. Mahakali imagines talking to Shiv. Mahakali says to Shiv that I had to do it. Shiv says I wont let you fail, we will bring our child back to the right path, it will not be Mansa’s second choice but also our second chance as parents. Mahakali stops her attack. Shiv comes there and says we have to give you another chance, what do you want? Mansa says will you give it to me? you know that I have powers that can finish Dev then why I dont get respect like devs? I want force to follow me, I want force to do my pooja, I want people to recognize me as Mansa Devi. Shiv says its possible but you have to do a task, you have to go to earth, you have to make a place in someone’s heart, you have to make someone loyal to you, Mahakali says its very difficult to make someone loyal to you, Shiv says you cant attack your loyalist. Mansa says I accept your challenge, I will make someone my loyalist. Shiv and Parvati leaves. Mansa says to Vasuki that I will find a loyal and then Mahakali will have to make me Devi.

Shiv says to Parvati that Mansa’s challenge is not easy. Parvati says dont know whom she will choose to make her loyal. Shiv says she will try to make my loyalist as her loyalist, its going to be a test for my loyal too. Parvati says who is it? Shiv says its Vaiparichand.

Vaipari is on earth, he is pouring milk on Shivling and has kids that are praying to him. Mansa comes there and says he will be my first loyalist, I can twist him, I wont hurt him but I have other options, she looks at kids.

Parvati says to Shiv that if Mansa tries to hurt innocent people then she will face Mahakali.

Mansa says to herself that I have to use my power to make this Vaipari as my loyal.

Parvati says to Shiv that I cant let Mansa hurt those kids. Shiv says its still Mansa’s choice, we have to wait till she chooses her path, Mansa will see what loyalty means now.

On earth, Mansa comes to Vaipari’s place as a snake. Her force of snakes come there too. Vaipari says to kids that dont worry, they wont hurt us. Mansa comes there. Vaipari says who are you? She says I am Mansa, I didnt come here to hurt anyone, trust me I wont hurt anyone, I got impressed from your loyalty and I want you to become my loyal. Vaipari says I am Shiv’s loyal. Mansa says you dont know my powers, let me show you my different avatar. Vaipari says only Mahadev is my God. He turns to leave but Mansa gets angry and says I will make you my loyalist. She leaves from there.

At night, Vaipari is sleeping.. he feels something and wakes up. He sees snakes coming near his kids. He gets trapped in a circle created by Mansa. He tries to go to his kids but is locked. Mansa says if you love your kids then become my loyal otherwise your kids will be killed.
Parvati says to Shiv that Mansa is blackmailing your loyalist by threatening to harm his kids, this is not right, Mansa has shown her path. Shiv says its journey of a loyal too, its not Mansa’s test only, its a test of a loyal too. Vaipari’s kids are covered by Mansa’s snakes. Vaipari is worried.

PRECAP- Parvati says to Mansa that you will earn the results of your deeds. Will Mahakali be able to stop Mansa from her wrong-doings?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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