Mahakaali 13th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Apasmar is doing his magic

Mahakaali 13th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ganesh and Kartika are praying that Shiv goes to find Parvati. Vishnnu says shiv will go to find Mahalsa.
Mahalsa says why it feels like tomorrow will be a different day. Shiv says you sacrificed your identity to stop Man and Mani. Now its about time you meet your real self.
Mahalsa’s mom says why did you have fight with those thugs. They are super powerful. Mahalasa says don’t worry a woman can do anything. Her mom says we normal people not some soldiers. She says ai let me help you with making these pots. She makes pots with her mom. Mahalsa says don’t worry about me.

Those asurs were Mani’s. He comes to Mani and says she killed my brother. She isn’t like normal humans. She is super powerful. Mani says who is she? We have tio find her

out. Mani says you ran from the ground. People like you only deserve death. He kills him. Mann says so many years passed but Mata never came back.

Parvati is worried. She says the time is running out of hands and there are so many pots left. How will I answer mom. What will I tell her. Why are these pots not taking a shape? Shiv comes there. Mahalsa says who are you? He sits down to make the pots. He says i know how to make these pots. She says why are you here? He says you were in trouble I came to help. She says what is your name? He says Khandoba. I am here to help you if you allow me. Parvcati says you have to make fifty pots and there are a very few minutes left. He makes all the pots. Mahalsa says how is that possible? He leaves. Mahalsa says stop. How did you do it? He says I do it like this. He says when one is in trouble other has to help. Mahalsa says I have a lot of work.
Ganesh says to Shiv she didn’t recognize you? He says yes this is our test. This is my challenge. Kartika says don’t worry Ganesh. Shiv is with her. With time she will remember everything. Lets go to Kelash and tell everyone. Ganesh says no you go I have to do something here. kartika says what? Ganesh grows up into a human boy with no trunk. Kartika says Ganesh you.. Ganesh says no Gunesh. He says mom I am coming to tell you that I am your son and you are my mom.

Gunesh comes to Mahalsa and helps with making the pots. She says so he sent a child this time. Gunesh makes a bowl. Parvati says but i need pots. He says I am not done yet. He makes the other part of it. He says you also make it like this. Gunesh says once i was super hugry and asked mata to make me something. She made me special shaped laddus. She called these modak. Mahalsa smiles. Mahalsa says very pretty. Let me wash your hands. She cleans his hands. She asks who is your mother? He leaves.
Ganesh comes and hugs Shiv. He says mata doesn’t remember anything. He is crying He says what mistake did we make? She couldn’t recall anything. Kartika says she couldn’t recall her kids? Shiv says a mother can never forget her children. It these moments she just can’t recall her real life.

Mann laughs and says see Mani I told you we would be successful. Unless we want mata will never come in her old life. We have the power. She will never know she is Mahakali. His man comes. He says mahakali will keep going away from her past. Mani says but Mata doesn’t know she is Mahakali. How will we find her? Will she never know she is mata and we won’t ever find her. Mann says once she knows she is mahakali maha dev will know.
And we will know as well. We need Apasmar to help us and find her.

Vishnu comes and says we don’t have time. Man and Mani are doing their magic to keep Parvati away from her past. Shiv says they are taking help from Apasmar.
Apasmar does some magic. Maahalsa feels some pain in her hands. Mahalsa recalls Shiv. She says what did he say? What was his meaning? Why did he come here? What was his name. Why can’t I recall his name.
Apasmar is doing his magic.

Precap-Apasmar says Mahakali will keep forgetting. Shiv becomes Natraj to make Parvati recall who she is.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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