Mahakaali 10th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati fights Jhalandar

Mahakaali 10th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parvati says to Shiv I need to go on a fight against Jhalandar. He says go and find your answers yourself. I will wait for you.
Indra dev says Samundar dev give us your son Jhalanadr. Jhanaldar comes. He starts a battle in devs. He starts killing all of them.
Indra’s man says we can’t fught him. We have to go back. Indra says no we can’t give up. I will go there myself. Indra comes in front of Jhalandar. He says I am Indra. Jhalandar fights Indra and shoves him. His crown falls. Jhalandar puts shoes on him and says I trust my powers. you can call anyone for your powers. Indra calls Mahakalli. Jahlanadar laughs. Achariya says Jhalandar you don’t know who mata is. You can’t fight her. asurs comes to help Jhalandar. Parvati comes there.


is in the battle. Parvati kills Asurs. Jhanlandar comes near her. She is about to stab him. She sees his face and is dazed. She recalls when Shiv attacked Indra, Jhalandar was born. He recalls what Shiv said. She hears shiv saying we have to end him. Jhalandar keeps changing his face to Shiv. Parvati is confused. Bharamdev comes. Vishnu says he is taking your face. Shiv says she didn’t kill him because she knows the right way. Parvati will put an end to this. She will face Jhalandar once again.

Achariya takes Jhalandar with him.
Parvati comes to shiv. She says please.. Why couldn’t I kill him? He took your face. You didn’t tell me he had your face. I was confused. You said you will answer my questions. Why did you keep me in oblivion then? Shiv says you have to face all this. I hid this because this is test for both you and Jhalandar. His life is associated with your. You didn’t kill Jhalandar because his time isn’t over yet. He will get once chance. She says will you go in frontt of him? he says yes. He needs to know who he is. We can calm the fire in him down.

Scene 2
Jhalandar recalls Mahakali fighting. Achariya comes and says I told you to be careful. Be grateful that she left you. Do you even know who she is? He says Parvati she is. I feel power near her. This is why I want to make her mine. I want to bring her with me. She is Mahakali. After knowing that I want to make her mine. This is the mission of my life. Acharuay says are you mad?

Jhalandar says I will kill Indra. Indra says I know Jhalandar will come to look for me. his powers has doubled but I know how can we stop him. We can stop in another face. After that neither can he kill me nor can he take my place.
Asurs cheers for Jhalandar. An Ausr comes and says Indra has sent this message that he wants to have a battle with you. He is challenging your powers. Acahriya says there must be some game behind it. Jhaalandar says even Shiv can’t kill me. When Indra calls Parvati for help I will catch her and make her mine.

Parvati says to Shiv everytime we give someone power they misuse it. Parvati hears a voice. Shiv says someone is calling you. Parvati hears a woman’s voice calling for her.
She is sitting near lake. Parvaati says its upto you how to fulfill her wishes.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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