Mahabharata ff part 41


Mahabharath ff part 41
The episode starts with Jaydrath coming to Draupadi while Nakul goes deeper in the forest…
Draupadi – who r u?
J-I’m sindhu raj Jaydrath… What’re you doing in this forest beautiful lady
Dr-You don’t know who I’m.. Don’t come near otherwise… Otherwise u’ll face…
But Jaydrath had caught her hand till then and pulled her too his chariot. Draupadi shouts where r u taking me?

Jaydrath says I’m taking u to such a place where u’ll forget ur past. Draupadi says u’ll face dire consequences for ur mistake Jaydrath… Jaydrath pushes her into his chariot and drives it.. Draupadi shouts ARYAAaaaaaaaaaa….!!!!!!!! Bheem, nakul n Sahdev r alarmed on hearing the sound in confusion run towards the direction of the sound.. Yudhushtira also comes out of the river and runs to Draupadi’s rescue.. Draupadi upon noticing them tries to jump off the chariot but jaydrath pulls her back… Bheem is abt to hold d chariot but jaydrath tricks the pandavas and almost disappears with Draupadi. Arjun hears Draupadi’s voice and rushes towards the voice as a tornado storm.. In seconds he overpowers Jaydrath. Arjun yells at jaydrath on his dare attempt to kidnap draupadi, he lifts his weapon to kill him but jaydrath hides behind Draupadi.. arjun hits the arch on the ground n there’s lots of breeze and sandy storm due to it and in the mean while arjun vanishes with jaydrath n draupadi…..
arjun puts jaydrath in feets of yudishtira.. yudishtira says jaydrath, the penalty of kidnapping a married women is death n so u will be killed now…

on this jaydrath says u cant kill me. Yudishtir looks at bheem n orders him to kill Jaydrath… draupadi says curse him in such a way that no other man even tries to do this. Arjun says don’t kill jaydrath as he’s our sisters husband.. we will deal with the consequences later.
bheem says though not to kill but we need n have to punish jaydrath for his doing…, bheems asks for arjuns arrow…. the pandavas cut jaydraths all hair leaving only five strands n ask jaydrath to show it to everyone saying the pandavas no more will spare anyone now n elope for their wife…

In Hastinapur Duryodhan looks at calendar ?.. Shakuni says we have to find them before their incognito ends…. duryodhan says u have failed mamashri on finding them yet… Shakuni says it was pandavas luck n remember one thing u don’t have strength to fight against the pandavas n to defeat the pandavas u don’t need strength of not one man but a very big army, a big army to defeat the pandavas… on this duryodhan says i no more trust ur words…. mamashri i want war, Shakuni says of course there will be war after one year wen the pandavas will kill us so now we have to find the pandavas before the end of this year … they’re in wonder how….

Pandavas n draupadi bury their weapons and belongings to begin incognito(the phase of being invisible), yudishtir says to follow agyatvas we have to be separated…. bheem asks yudishtir wen u never lie how will u be hidden??? yudishtir says i will never lie n will never ever lie… draupadi says i have n idea i will give u a new name which is kank.. She sys that she will give such names to everybody… on this arjun says i don’t need one Krishna has already given me a name,…bheem asks wat name on this nakul says i don’t know the name but Krishna says arjun looks beautiful with tat name n bheem says draupadi hide ur clothes or Arjun will elope with theme, all the brothers tease arjun and laugh.. arjun also hides his dhanush and all pray to god of fires to protect their weapons for a year and all the pandavas leave to begin their agyatvas….

Precap:-Arjun is shown dancing in clothes of women..! ???

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