The epi starts with Arjun and others returning to the palace. Arjun says that it seems as if prativindhya has vanished.. Where has he gone?? The sky has eaten him or the earth?? He’s nowhere to be found. Bheem says that even Arjun has failed now to find out prativindhya.. Draupadi gets worried. She remarks that there’s someone who can help us.. Arjun looks at her. Even I think the same now. Arjun nods.. Bheem gets puzzled.. Whom?? Draupadi goes. Arjun says Madhav.. Yudhishtira laments on the idea not coming previously in their minds ??.. Arjun smiles hopefully. Draupadi goes to her room and asks a dasi to bring her the inkpot and feather. She starts writing a letter ?..
Krishna tells balram about the good qualities of Arjun. He’s the best archer in the world!! The perfect person, the ideal man.. They love each other. It’s not right and ethical anyways to seperate two lovers when they’re not doing anything wrong‼‼ Arjun is intelligent, is a smart prince. Indraprastha is better place than hastinapur fr our sister. A nice palace. The thing is not just of facilities our sister needs, it’s about the love she’ll receive there. Duryodhan can’t give get what Arjun can. Balram thinks…. Rukmini looks on tensed.. A pigeon comes flying. It brings a letter to Krishna. Krishna smiles. It’s from Indraprastha… Krishna signs every one to leave. He goes to his room and opens the letter. It reads..

Hope you’re doing well.. Everything is fine there in dwarka. I’m really sorry for disturbing you but your sakhi needs you. I know you’ll surely come to help us. There’s a big problem here, in Indraprastha. My son prince prativindhya is missing from ystrdy. I’m really tensed poorly about his condition. Don’t know whether he’s eaten anything, he’s alright or not. I don’t know where he is and how he is. A mother’s heart is unable to live without her son. Please come here at the earliest. Take care.

Krishna nods. So it be. I’ll be leaving now, but not before tackling these evils. He goes to balram who says kanha, I’ve understood that there’s nothing wrong if subhadra and that thief Arjun love each other. But their way was wrong and if o get him, I really wish to punish him. But your words have calmed me down , as it happens always. Krishna tells him about the letter. So I’ll go Indraprastha, solve this problem and Also check if Subhadra is fine. If I find anything unethical, I’ll inform you at the earliest. What about Duryodhan?? Balram says they’ve already gone. FB shows shakuni deciding to leave dwarka. That evil cowboy will not anyways let balram agree to harm that pritha Putra. We can instead use this to instigate balram in future. Duryodhan is about to say something when balram comes. Shakuni shouts insult… Big insult… We wont wait here fr a single second. Come my child, lets go home. There’s no one here who cares fr us. Lets go. He picks up the luggage and asks soldiers to load ot in the car. Balram says y so soon…?? Shakuni says ask your brother. He pulls duryodhan. The brothers follow. They leave.. Fb ends. Krishna smiles and says I hope you’ll handle the responsibility of dwarka well. He goes.
Draupadi goes to Subhadra aka milkmaid. She looks at her milking the cows perfectly.. Draupadi thinks.. She doesn’t seem like a servant but like a princess ?.. And look here, she’s doing the work as if she’s been doing it from years.. She says- hey you there, come here.. What’s your name??

D-you lived in dwarka right, you’re not missing your family??
S-umm.. No.. Yes..
D-are you married????
A soldier comes there n informs Draupadi of Krishna’s coming. She goes. Subhadra is relaxed..

Precap-Draupadi shouts on Arjun. I dint expect it from you!! Krishna asks subhadra to talk to Draupadi. She says me???


Credit to VANSHIKA

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