Mahabharata ff part 9

Recap–Krishna introduces the pandavas. Krishna tells Draupadi her decision was not wrong. Draupadi says but its adharm. the grand wedding takes place.

The pundit says that the wedding rituals r completed. Now its time for bidaai. The pandavas and Draupadi take blessings of elders. Drupad and Kunti bless her. Draupadi hugs her bro and sis. Drishtadyumna hugs the pandavas. Draupadi goes to Krishna who smiles at her and tells her whenever she’ll need him, she needs to remember him. I’ll b at your service. Remember always stay calm whatever happens. She nods. The pandavas hug Krishna. Draupadi sits in the palaki/doli. The pandavas board on a chariot. Bheem says now I’ll teach the kauravas a lesson. They’ll come to know what betraying is. Yudhishtira asks him to calm down. Krishna takes leave from drupad. Drupad asks him to stop ✋. Krishna says I’ve to go now. He leaves.
Pandavas and Draupadi reach hastinapur and the messenger goes to inform Dhitrashtra. Duryodhan’s rajya Abhishek is going on. He’s angry ? in listening of it.. How are they alive? He scolds shakuni. Gandhari takes a thali. The pandavas tell her how Arjun won the swaymvar. Gandhari congratulates them on the first marriage of this generation. I can’t c u Panchali, but I’m sure u’ll b the most beautiful of all after all u r arjuns choice. Duryodhan frustrates.
Arjun says this isn’t the first marriage. Bheem has already married hidimba. Fb shows those moments. All r shocked. To add to their astonishment Yudhishtira speaks that the five pandavas have together married Draupadi. Gandhari throws the thali. Dhitrashtra and bhishm pitamah r shocked ???. Draupadi cries ? ?. Duryodhan smirks ?. Duryodhan accuses the pandavas along with u r fools.. Yudhishtira, u r dharma raj and have urself committed a big sin!!! Marrying a single lady!! U have committed such a sin that can never b washed. Bheem shouts at him. Who r u to decide ppl sins and good deeds now? U urself hv committed… Duryodhan asks him not to become a hurdle in his rajya Abhishek. Bhishm pitamah tells them to go inside and then fight. He’s angry ? with Yudhishtira. The sabha is held. Duryodhan demands his coronation ceremony to b continued. Why did you all stop ✋?? Just for these silly pandavas along with their wife? They need to b punished. I’ll punish them for ruining my coronation and committing such a sin.. Bheem asks him if poisoning a young boy ? and throwing him in the river tied isn’t a sin, attempting to kill 5 ppl again and again isn’t a sin, burning is alive not a sin??? Bhishm pitamah asks them to stop their fight. Draupadi tells of great sacrifices done by women, Devi had married 10 rishis to save mankind, watts wrong if men can marry lots of women what sin did my husbands commit?? Duryodhan angrily picks his mace to kill bheem while the pandavas and kauravas take weapons to kill each other. Bhishm pitamah tells them to stop ✋ their nonsense and settle down the matter peacefully. Duryodhan accuses the pandavas of picking weapons in the sabha. Bhishm tells him he picked first. They argue. Duryodhan wants coronation ceremony while the pandavas want Yudhishtira to b crowned as king ? as he’s the righteous heir to the throne. They shout on each other while shakuni says that a peaceful way to handle it is separation of the kingdom. All r shocked ?…

Precap–bhishm pitamah doesn’t want division.. the pandavas choose khandav prastha as their area. All r shocked..

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