Mahabharata ff part 7


Recap-draupadi calls karna a sut Putra /charioteer’s son. Arjun shoots an arrow ? and pierces the eye of the fish ?. Draupadi garlands him. Every one smile except duryodhan’s party..

The epi starts with all the pandavas going out while Krishna stops Draupadi and congratulates her. He gives her five unique stones saying that these will always guide you whenever you’ll need them. He says these symbolise five qualities-truth, righteousness, love, justice.. Draupadi asks the fifth one. Krishna replies he’ll tell her when tym comes. These stones will guide u always and show u the way wen I’m unable to show u or I’m not with you. Just never forget that u should do whatever possible from ur side to do Kalyan to another person. Draupadi thnx him . The pandavas take draupadi to meet kunti. They tell her that Kunti will b glad to c her. Thus between talks they reach their hut. Draupadi loves it’s beauty. The pandavas ask kunti to see what Arjun has brought for her. Kunti asks them to share among themselves.-u all know very well what I say na.. If Arjun has brought something then what I say??

U all five distribute it between yourselves n dats my command. Draupadi is shocked and so r the pandavas. Arjun asks Kunti to see at least. Draupadi is in tears and goes out of the hut. Kunti turns and sees her. She asks Arjun her intro and asks him about the garland in her neck. He tells kunti that she’s the princess ? of panchal kingdom, Draupadi. Bheem tells her that Arjun won her as prize in swaymvar and she’s now his wife. Kunti is shocked ?.. They go outside and see Draupadi crying ?.. She looks at the five stones given by Krishna and recalls his words. Kunti tells the pandavas that she’ll talk to draupadi. Kunti goes to draupadi and puts her hand on her shoulder. She says…putri.. I’m really sorry that I dint even look at you and said those words so pls forgive me… Draupadi looks at her, the stones, and the pandavas. She says no Mata, no child ? is angry with his mom. I’m also Ur child.i dint feel bad of ur words.. (but yudhishtira tells Arjun that for him his mother’s words r supreme and if he’s not Able to follow them it’s better that he take sanyaas. All r shocked. Fb shows yudhishtira and the bros vowing to always obey their mom. Yudhishtira vows that if he fails to do so he’ll take sanyaas. Fb ends. Draupadi is startled ?.. She looks at the stones ? teary eyed ? …,

Nakul and sahdev say that they’ll go along with yudhishtira. Bheem asks Arjun to live a happy life ahead. Arjun is teary ? eyed ?.. Draupadi recalls Krishna’s words. I Should do whatever possible from my side to do Kalyan to another person, these pandu brothers..i can’t break their family ?… Lovely smile ? on their faces will b spoiled coz of me.. No no I won’t let it happen.. She touches kunti’s feet ? and tells her ma..i can’t let ur family ? break down lyk this, I will marry the five pandava brothers. Every one is shocked.

Drupad and drishtadyumna enters just then and shouts on them. You Brahmins wat r u asking my daughter to do go away I break this marriage ? he holds Draupadi’s hand and asks her to come with him. Arjun and draupadi r shocked. Drupad takes Draupadi to the palace. Draupadi cries and enters her room. She closes the door ?. Drupad looks on. He thinks watts all this. Krishna looks at him. It’s night ?…

The pandavas meet ved vyasji in the forest and tell him the situation. Vyasji tells them that they hv to do wat their dharma tells them and there is no doubt that history has pure ladies marrying 10 rishi for sake of mankind. This marriage ? will become the cause of establishing religion again. Ved vyas tells them to go panchal kingdom. The pandavas leave along with Kunti.
Back in the palace drupad asks Krishna y his daughter is suffering lyk this…. Krishna reminds him how he wanted a sad life for Draupadi.

Fb shows drupad saying the one who is the most unfortunate. The one who’ll hv to face all sorrows, the one whose life will b worst then hell, the one who would neither live peacefully nor let anyone live peacefully. Such should be my daughter.. Fb ends. Drupad cries ? ?..

The pandavas and Kunti arrive just then…

Precap-Krishna tells Draupadi her decision was not wrong. Draupadi says but its adharm. the grand wedding takes place.

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