Mahabharata ff part 6


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Recap-drupad plans draupadi swaymvar and it takes place. It’s an archery competition. Drishtadyumna describes it.

Duryodhan shouts that this is partiality with archers. Drishtadyumna tells him this is no partiality,archery is an art. Karna tells Duryodhan that he’ll win ? the princess ? for him. Duryodhan smirks ?. Many princes come and try to pick up the bow but they fail in their attempts to pick it up and get a good laughing ?. Finally Duryodhan is angered and asks karna to go. Karna tells him to b patient. Duryodhan commands him. He finally goes.
Drupad tells Krishna none other than Arjun can win this competition ?. Krishna smiles and says one more archer is present here who can win this swaymvar and that is… Drupad laughs and says none can win ?. Krishna asks him to look there, he’s angraj karna., a perfect archer like Arjun. The pandavas look on. Karna manages to pick up the bow. Duryodhan and dusshasan smile ?. Draupadi worries. Karna takes an arrow and is about to shoot ?.. While Draupadi stands up and calls him a sutputra.. U r a sut Putra I’m a princess ? how can I marry u to spoil my life. Duryodhan is shocked ?.
Karna resumes his place. Drupad laughs and tells Krishna that only Arjun can marry draupadi. Draupadi Arjun will marry tmrw itself. Krishna sys lets see.
Many princes come and fail and get a good laughing ? again. Drupad asks Krishna will his daughter not get a groom. Krishna asks him to let the Brahmins also try. Drupad says that if my daughter can’t marry a charioteer’s son then she cant marry in a Brahmin family ?. Krishna tells him that Brahmins are better than him and they r the knowers of knowledge. They r the teachers. They argue. Finally Drupad announces that the Brahmins should participate. Arjun comes forward. Duryodhan is angered and enraged. This is our insult. He fills the ears ? of the other princes present there. Meanwhile Arjun lifts the bow and takes an arrow ?. He hits the fish ? eyes ?. Evry1 are shocked especially Duryodhan. Karna guesses that he is none other than Arjun. Draupadi smiles ?. The servant gives her a garland. She steps forward when Duryodhan asks drupad if he had called them for this insult?? We were called to see the princess ? wedding a Brahmin? The princes agree with him and shout… Draupadi worries…. Krishna asks the princes to keep silent. He calls them down. Y r u fighting.. Who said that only princes can win ? this.. U r invited so enjoy.. N if you weren’t able to shoot the arrows so that doesn’t mean that it’s ur insult. Rukmi and shishupala angrily leave while the other princes r calmed down. Duryodhan and his party leave then. Draupadi garlands Arjun and Arjun garlands draupadi. Evry1 smile ?. The pandavas along with Draupadi leave on drupads consent to meet Kunti.

Recap–the pandavas tell Kunti that they hv bought something for her. Kunti asks them to share it among them which shocks draupadi.

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