Mahabharata ff part 55

The episode begins with, kunti going at karn and then telling him that she has come to meet him with lots of courage and that she is his mother. Karn says you’re only rajmata for me.. And then kunti tells that when he was born, that time he had no father and she could not accept him without him having a father. Karn says for that, you left me?. Kunti tells that she did a mistake and that mistake has caused bad circumstances. Karn says I’m the bad circumstance which had been caused. Kunti tells karn that she has come there to improve her mistakes and has come to be his mother. Karn says that why has she come now to become his mother. He tells her that what will he do about his mother who cared for him all the years till now and who stayed awake day and night for him and never kept him hungry..and what will he do about her who thinks now and cries that her son will be known not by her but someone else’s name from now. What will he do about her?

Kunti asks karna to forgive her and if he does she will promise everything will change karna says no nothing will change his brothers are his biggest enemies n this can never be changed. Kunti says leave Duryodhan’s side n come join your brothers.. As duryodhan has always followed the path of adharma.. karna says i agree but once he had supported dharma and helped me when no one of the great people like bhishma n guru drona had quit me n for that not now but i will be with duryodhan for ever
. kunti says does that mean u will fight against ur brothers.

karna says this situation has arrived because u quit me! if u hadn’t i would be one of the pandavas n would surely be against duryodhan but now I’m bound by duryodhan and his favours on him so i cant leave him. Karna says vrishali has asked me to ask u a question should pride be our dharma or dharma shd be our dharma kunti says dharma should be our pride karna says than i know my dharma n its says not to quit duryodhan n i have one request don’t tell this truth to any of my brothers bcoz they will come n support me n will give rise to some more problems let this war take place kunti says how can i see my children fighting against each other n i cant imagine that the effect of my one mistake would be so devastating
….karna says u were here to ask me for favour i can give u only one that is i will fight with arjun only so even any one of us die u will still have ur 5 putras alive n wen arjun will die i will call u as my mother! kunti starts crying and karn bends down to take her blessings and kunti who is crying is blessing karn when karn gets up and goes away. Kunti stays there crying.

At virat an eagle comes with a message and arjun reads it and goes in the palace to tell the king of virat that hastinapur has rejected their proposal of peace. Arjun says that he will prepare the army and yudhisthir tells that they have rejected the proposal and now want their family to be killed and destroyed. Yudhisthir gets up and tells arjun and bheem to prepare the armies and request their friendly allies to bring their army together. He tells all his sons to get ready for the war.

Bheem tells yudhisthir that he will prepare for the security of virat or else when they will go for war duryodhan may send someone to hurt all the ladies. Draupadi comes and tells that there is no need for all this because she and all the ladies will be residing on the battlefield and her presence may tell duryodhan that he is being punished for his sins. There duryodhan is preparing for the war and he says that he will kill Krishna like this only. Karn tells duryodhan to calm down and tells him that they don’t need to do this and then duryodhan tells karn that when Krishna was insulting him that time all of them were scared and even mamashri was scared, karn tells him that he was not scared and then he tells him that he has not betrayed him and he will only die on the battlefield before him. Shakuni then comes and tells them the plan of attack. There bheeshma is looking at the throne and he then remembers that he had taken a promise that he would be a servant of the hastinapur kingdom forever. Then he remembers the promise he gave to dhritrashtra about being always with him and his sons. Then vidhur comes and takes his blessings. Bheeshma tells vidhur that this war is being caused by him and would not be caused if he was the king but he had taken a promise so he has to stay tied, vidhur tells him that he is just doing his duty.

Bheeshma tells vidhur that duryodhana would not have given an invitation of war if he was not there with them. Bheeshma tells vidhur that he is seeing the throne for the last time and he will die in the war. Vidhur gets sad and tells bheeshma that why will he die, And he is having icchamrityu(death by wish), bheeshma tells vidhur that if he wont die then he will have to fight the war and the strength which can kill him is with the pandavas. The pandavas army is ready and draupadi is blessing her sons. Abhimanyu tells yudhisthir that he and his brothers and the army is ready and they are only waiting for the commands. King of virat asks yudhisthir that who is their senapati? Yudhisthir tells that the senapati of hastinapur is bheeshma so to pt down his weapons they will keep shrikhandini as their senapati.

Draupadi puts tikka on the forehead of shrikhandini.on the other hand duryodhan in pujaghar duryodhana says har har mahadev and asks his father for blessings to lose pandavas and remove thorns from heart. But his father(dhritrashtra) says that i don’t know what blessing to give my sons to show their great deeds or to lose and come .But duryodhan says that we will win from pandavas and show their great deeds in the battlefield too. Then duryodhan says to his mother (gandhari) to give him blessing but she says that why to give blessing because light has given her always problem and goes to her other sons and says that always protect each other and duryodhan forgive me because i didn’t give correct sanskars and any oath is useless that leads us to fight with our relatives .Then to i give you blessings to win the war. All the kauravas leave the room and gandhari starts crying.

Krishna in the battlefield picks up the sand and sees both the armies coming. All of them come out of their chariot and comes in front of each other and Krishna comes in between and says namaskar to everybody and he tells that this is a holy place.. Kurukshetra… and the reason to bring you all together is to tell that here god parshuram had destroyed all the adharmi people and had made the lake of blood and that lake is known as somnath sarovar. To the north is saraswati river and to the west dharasatu river and their sangam(where river meets) that is the holy place for the ancestors of god parshuram. God Indra has given the vardan those who die in theis battlefield they will go to heaven. And that is why we have chosen this battlefield. And bhisma says that to Krishna to decide the day for war. And Krishna says it is decided by draupadi it is decided on the fourth day of margashish month. That is after 3 days and the mahayudha mahabharat will start …!

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