Mahabharata ff part 51


The epi starts with Subhadra asking Draupadi, jiji choose the best ornaments for the special Marriage of your beloved son. Draupadi is lost in thoughts. Subhadra shakes her. What has happened to you from morning you’re lost somewhere, what’s the matter? Draupadi says nothing, just worried.. Subhadra says don’t worry jiji, everything happens for good. Draupadi says you’re Abhimanyu’s mother, you choose ornaments for his wife. Subhadra says come on jiji, what are you saying? See in my regard this pink one is the best, but I’m confused between the pink and blue one. Please tell me na. Draupadi says pink one, without looking. Subhadra says at least look at them, you’ll get confused too. Draupadi says its better not to look at situations which confuse you. Subhadra gets puzzled.

Draupadi says ok ok, I’ll see, hmm, both are nice, you choose pink one. I’ve some important work, I’ll come in a moment.. Arjun is talking to Abhimanyu. Tomorrow is a special day for you. So you’ve to get ready in a special way, that Utara keeps glaring at you. Abhimanyu nods. Arjun says that’s like my brave son. The five upapandavas come there and say aren’t we your kids? Arjun hugs them and says of course you all are, and I love all of you. Draupadi looks on teary eyed. Arjun Notices her and says what happened why’re you standing there? Come here. I’m seeing from morning you’re not in a good mood. Did you see a bad dream? Why so sad? Draupadi says yes, think like I’ve seen a bad dream. Arjun says ooh My lord., you’re so sad because of a sad dream? Smile now. Draupadi gives a fake smile and says if we know a bad dream is going to be true you can’t stay happy. She goes. Arjun is puzzled. What’s happening? Panchali is hiding Something from me. Srutkarma asks what happened to Mata? Subhadra comes and says nothing, perhaps she’s a bit tired, she will be fine don’t worry ?.

*Next day* Utara and Abhimanyu’s marriage day ?⛅?

The palace is beautifully decorated for the marriage of the son of the best archer and the princess of Matsya kingdom. Everything Is all set. Arjun and Draupadi make Abhimanyu ready and Subhadra and queen Sudeshna are making Utara ready. The duo arrive in the marriage hall with everyone else present there. The wedding rituals begin and Utara and abhimanyu exchange garlands. They take the seven wedding rounds round the sacred fire ?. Abhimanyu puts sindoor in Utara’s hairline. They take the blessings of the elders. Abhimanyu whispers to Utara you’re looking very pretty. Utara says you too prince charming. Subhadra says hmm hmmm hmm Now you can do it alone as well. Everyone laugh except Draupadi. Krishna asks her what is her final decision. Draupadi says I’ve told you already I won’t let my sons die for my revenge, it’ll be selfishness. I want you to kindly stop the war. The life of my sons is more dearer to me.

Arjun asks what happened to you, from yesterday I’m noticing you want to stop the war and want peace, how did you forget your revenge? Draupadi hugs him and says Arya , I saw a bad dream that my sons died in the war, I won’t let that become the truth , stop this war. Arjun says the only way is that Duryodhan agrees to peace which is impossible. Bheem laughs and says Arjun, Panchali, both of you’re dreaming, that Duryodhan, he, he will agree, that too peace, that’s impossible if even Lord himself goes in front of him he’ll not agree. And I want to kill him, Arjun says if Panchali wants to cancel war what’s the problem in trying? Subhadra says yes, and I think bhaiyya will be the best for this purpose…

Precap: Mission peace… peace messenger…Madhav…!

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  1. Good news for tamilians
    Mahabharat is being retelecasted at 6:30 pm at Vijay super
    Friends shall we try to comment for the reactive episodes

    1. Vanshika

      Oh wow I’ll watch surely.. Thanks for telling.. Yeah we’ll comment for the reactive episodes,.. Love u

  2. Mahabharat unknown facts………
    Episode 2::::

    Ekalavya was actually#Krishna’s cousin.He was the son of#Devashrava(brother ofVasudeva) who got lost in the forest andwas found by a Nishada Hiranyadhanu.Ekalavya died protecting his father duringRukmini Swayamvar. He was killed byKrishna.For his great sacrifice ofGurudakshina Krishna blessed Ekalavyathat he would be soon reincarnated andtake revenge on Drona.This person was#Dhristadyumna(who kiled Drona).

    srry i post my post in your ff……..
    i have more parts if you agree than i post………..

    1. Vanshika

      Oh wow.. No sry bro.. U can post all here ?? thanks for reading and telling..

  3. Padmaja

    Lovely part dear… wow abhimanyu uttara marriage….. and the precap os interesting..uodate the next one asap..

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks akka .. Love you ?

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