Mahabharata ff part 50 (golden jubilee special)

The episode starts with Draupadi and subhadra putting their kids to sleep ? after a very busy day. Draupadi looks at the bracelet tied on Abhimanyu’s hand and thinks I’ve to find out why the bracelet fell down. Is it related to the war? She recalls Krishna speaking to queen Sudeshna.”i promise u abhimanyu and utara’s son will become a great emperor. Utara will give birth to a reason of the first episode of new era n uttara will lead the way to peace….”
Why Utara’s son? What did he want to say? Draupadi closed her eyes in confusion.

Next day..
Draupadi sees Krishna going in the corridor. I’ve to talk to him anyhow today. She follows him calling Govind..govind.. But he didn’t stop. Alarmed by this she ran on top of her speed and caught him.
“what happened govind, y r u ignoring my voice?”
“Nothing sakhi, I didn’t hear it..”
“I know you were ignoring my sound. And you’ll ignore my question. What’s the result of the war??”
“How’ll I know? I’m no lord. The one’s in SwargLok may be knowing the result, not me”
“You know it very well. Tell me right now what’ll be the result of the war, who’ll die, who’ll be alive, why did Abhimanyu’s Raksha kavach fall down… Today you’ll have to answer my questions ???”
“But sakhi how can one know the result of the war? I only know that dharma will win and adharma will loose”
“No, this is not the answer of my question. You know the result of the war very well and you know who’ll die and who’ll be alive. Tell me right now…!”
“are you sure you want to know”
“yes, plz tell me”
“then listen.. Leaving Your five Husbands all of the kuru lineage will finish..”
“WHAT….!????…. NOOOO” Draupadi breaks down in tears.
“Like dry leaves fall from a tree and new green leaves come, people come and go from the world.. And we can do nothing.”
“can we really not do anything govind…”
“not this time”
“No.. You can’t do this. You’ll have to stop this war. This war can’t happen. THIS CAN’T HAPPEN..!”
“This war can’t be stopped now”

“Noooo… You’ll have to stop this war. I won’t let my sons die at any cost. I’ve no wish for revenge. That Duryodhan has to keep Indraprastha, let him keep.. Let him live in peace. No harm should come to my sons.”
“War is the fate and so is the dying of your sons Panchali and I can’t do anything about it..”
Draupadi falls in the feet of Krishna. “Please don’t do this with me. Please save my sons… I can’t imagine my life with out any of them.”
Dasi comes there. “king Virat is calling both of you.”
Pundit is looking for the mahurat of Utara and Abhimanyu’s marriage ?. He tells it to be the next day. Draupadi goes to Arjun. Arjun asks what happened? Draupadi says can you please stop this war…? Arjun asks why? What happened? Till yesterday you wanted the war asap and now you’re saying that you don’t want the war? What’s happened to you? And why are you crying ?? Draupadi says no Arya,pls stop the war. I don’t want to see my sons die in the war..
Arjun asks but what has happened to you? Did you forget that our sons are so so brave that nothing can happen to them?

The sons come and hug Draupadi. Nothing will happen to us Mata.. We’ll not die till all your culprits die….. But please don’t Cry..
Abhimanyu comes to Utara.
“so what was in that box you wanted to give me yesterday?”
“You want it?”
“no no, I’m here only to shoot arrows”
“actually I’ve made something for you”
Utara gives him that box. Abhimanyu opens it. There’s a beautifully embroidered cloth inside it. Abhimanyu says WOW ? that’s great.. You not only dance beautifully but also make beautiful art. Utara says thank you, you want to see more, I’ve made lots, come I’ll show you..
Subhadra comes and calls the kids and Draupadi for food. Draupadi says I’m not hungry. Subhadra asks why, what happened jiji? Draupadi says nothing, I want to rest for sometime. I’ll come and join you. Prativindhya asks what happened Mata, are you angry on us? Satsuma says noooo bhaiyya, Mata is worried for us.. Srutkarma says come Mata, we wont eat without you. They pull Draupadi out of the room…..

Precap:-abhimanyu weds Utara. Do come, you’re invited…

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow!!!! A Jubilee Epi!!!!! Loved it to the core.. and feeling sad for Draupadi and her sons ???… uttara and abhimanyu wedding.. I am sure I will attend it.. loved this Epi ???..

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you so much ? di love ❤ u very much

  2. what a jubilee episode………loved it…………and keep it…..

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you so much…

  3. one question all of you……
    .are you see SKR in present at Hotstar or anywhere???????? give your reply

    1. Padmaja

      Hi bro… I see seethaiyin raman daily.. tamil version of skr..

      1. Vanshika

        Me toooooo ?

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