Mahabharata ff part 5

Recap- Draupadi and Drishtadyumna r born. Draupadi is disliked by drupad. Krishna leaves for some place. Pandavas feed saints.

Draupadi sadly goes out of the palace and reaches a river ?.. She sadly gazes at it when a peacock feather drops in the river. She turns and sees Krishna standing there. He taunts her. Oh.. You seem to be a princess ?.. Y r u lukin at d river.. Oh so u r sad.. Princess ? if u want to suicide then y u chose this river?? It isn’t deep enough. It doesn’t hv crocodiles either… It doesn’t hv snakes ??.. So ur attempts r futile. Draupadi looks at him angrily while he taunts her. She says I’m Panchali the princess of panchal.. Who r u to taunt me.. Krishna-I’m dwarkadheesh, ruler of dwarka. My friends and family ? call me govind as the protector of cows. My other names r… . Draupadi-okay ? so govind pls leave me alone I’m not in any mood of jokes.. Krishna smiles at her and leaves and reaches panchal. He scolds drupad and says that u don’t respect your daughter. she’s ur life. He says u tortured the saints. U r a sinner. Meanwhile Draupadi drops the idea of the river and heads back to the palace.
Krishna scolds Drupad n says I’ll kill u today. He takes his Sudarshan chakra and stands infront of drupad. Draupadi reaches there just then and is shocked to see the scene. She comes infront of drupad and tells Krishna that his each weapon will have to face her before hitting her father. Krishna smiles ☺ ? ?. Drupad is shocked ?. He says putri.. They hug each other. Krishna smiles?. He says okay ? if u r saying lyk this then I’ll spare him..
Later drupad asks Krishna if was his plan to unite them. Krishna smiles. They laugh ?. Krishna excuses himself and goes to meet Shikhandini. Dhrupad and draupadi talk. Drupad decides that he’ll give draupadi the best of education and so he trains her under the inspection of many respectable sages. She becomes an expert in studies and fighting skills both. After she completes her education one day Krishna tells drupad that he should find a groom for Draupadi.
The pandavas go for puja in a temple. Krishna and draupadi r having a stroll in the garden ?. Krishna tells her about pandavas and Arjun. Draupadi asks him more about Arjun. He tells her that he’s the best among archers, the bravest and most intelligent. Draupadi asks him if she can meet him. He says I’ll show u a painting. They go inside the palace.
They reach a store full of paintings. Krishna picks a painting and shows to draupadi. It’s arjun’s pic. Draupadi smiles ☺ . She asks him if she’ll marry him. Krishna smiles and says u’ll have to ask god.. Draupadi says god… Krishna says yes u go in the mahadev temple and pray ? there. U’ll get solution to ur problem surely. She says okay ?and Shikhandini gives her a thali. She takes the thali and leaves.

Precap–> Draupadi does puja and sees Arjun in the temple. She smiles. ??..

Guys I think that my ff is boring and none is interested in it so I’m ending my ff.. If u lyk it than tell me through comments. If u want it to stop ✋ then tell me… Ok ? bye,, I hope I didn’t bore u??… Have a nice day ?

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