Mahabharata ff part 49

The epi starts with Subhadra asking dasi to make special dishes. Decorate the palace beautifully. There should b nothing missing in welcome of my sons..

Draupadi comes n says take rest now subhadra, from morning u r not resting for a single moment, whole tym u r preparing to welcome our sons. Subhadra says why not jiji, I’m longing to meet my lovelies. Draupadi hears the conch noise and says here they come! Abhimanyu rushes towards the gate to welcome his dearest brothers. Draupadi and subhadra follow him. The five sons of Draupadi (prativindhya, yudhishtira’s son; sutasoma, shrutkarma, shrutkirti, satanika) come. Draupadi hugs them. All of them seek their mothers’ blessings. Drupad and Drishtadyumna also come with them. All the kids go and hug their fathers. Subhadra says come, I’ve cooked special Kheer for you. Abhimanyu says no, they’ll eat afterwards, first you come and see I’ve made special sword for you. Subhadra says no abhimanyu, show that afterwards, the food will get cold. Arjun says yes yes, come come, after eating food I’ll show you the special arrows I’ve created for you.

After some time…
Abhimanyu rushes to bring the weapons for his brothers. And bang..! He collides with Utara who is bringing flowers from the garden. The flowers fall over both of them.. ??????. Utara is about to say something while abhimanyu stops her. It is my mistake, I’ll pick up all the flowers. Abhimanyu picks up the flowers. The five upapandavas come there and start laughing. Abhimanyu asks what happened? Prativindhya says are these the swords you’ve made for us? Abhimanyu says no, these aren’t those swords, actually I….. Sutsoma says yes yes, we understand, carry on, we’ll come back. They go away laughing. Utara says I’ll pic… Abhimanyu says no not at all, remain silent, I’ll pick them. Utara says okay, you do it , I’ll come. Abhimanyu says no, where’re you going? Utara says I’ll come in a moment, I’ve something for you.
Later. . . . . . . . . . .

Abhimanyu and his brothers are practicing fighting. Arjun and Bheem are guiding them. Draupadi and Subhadra come with glasses of milk for them. Everyone gulps it down except satanika. Subhadra asks what happened? Srutkarma replies that he doesn’t drink milk. Draupadi says What? Why? Satanic says I won’t drink milk anyways. Draupadi says okay then, go, I won’t talk to you. Satanic says why Mata? Subhadra says jiji hates those who don’t drink milk. Satanic says is that the case? When did I say I hate milk, I love milk. He picks up the glass and gulps all in one sip. Everyone laugh.
Utara comes with a box and hides seeing everyone standing there. Abhimanyu notices her. She points to abhimanyu to come in a corner. Abhimanyu asks what?? Utara again points him. Abhimanyu thinks what does she mean? He says loudly, did something enter your mouth? Everyone gaze at the duo. Utara scolds him. Are you mad? Or what? Dont you understand a small sign? I was saying come to the corner, CORNER. Did you understand that? Now wait till night ?. I’m not going to give it to you anyhow. Abhimanyu says but..wait..for..a..minute.. I’m coming. He goes behind utara and everyone laugh..

Precap:- Draupadi asks Krishna what’ll be the result of the war (mahaepisode)..

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