Mahabharata ff part 46 (maha epi)


The epi starts with Subhadra rushing to Arjun who’s crying ? . Subhadra says Arya, don’t waste tym in crying ?. There’s something important. There’s a ray of hope. Arjun says everything is finished now…. Everythingg….. Subhadra says no, what has happened to u? Hw did u even think that bhaiyya would do injustice, nw kip wasting tym and that Duryodhan will reach there. Arjun says where???
Shakuni says don’t waste tym, go to Krishna, he’ll fulfil the wish of the person he’ll see first in the mrng. Otherwise Arjun will reach there.
Arjun sys what..! R u speaking the truth? I shall go nw.
Duryodhan rushes to Krishna’s room. Arjun also Rushes towards Krishna’s room. Duryodhan says I’ll sit I front of his eyes, he’ll see me first of all. He sits down. Arjun reaches there n gets shocked to see Duryodhan there. Duryodhan smirks ?. Arjun sits down near Krishna’s feet.

☀ ☀☀☀☀ MORNING ☀☀☀☀☀
The sun rises with Krishna opening his eyes. He looks at his feet (Arjun) with a smile ?. Arjun gets happy and Duryodhan fumes. Duryodhan shouts hey, look at me, I came here first, how did u…………
Krishna says You’re mistaken duryodhan, I said that I’ll fulfil the wish of the person I see first. Duryodhan argues. I came b4 Arjun. Krishna turns to Arjun. Is he saying the truth? Arjun nods. Duryodhan says yes, nw go away, he’ll listen to me not u.
Krishna says I didn’t say that. I saw Parth first not u. Duryodhan says no. Krishna gets down from the swing. I know what u both want. Come, here’s the full dwarka army, u can have it. Or here’s me, unarmed, u cn hv me.. It’s upto u what u want. So Partha…. .. Duryodhan jumps in between. Why him, I’m elder I came first, ask me. Krishna says I saw him first. Duryodhan fumes. Krishna says so tell me what u want? Duryodhan says take Krishna take Krishna. Krishna signs him to b silent. Arjun says Madhav, I choose u. Duryodhan smirks ?. He says good good, I want army. Krishna says go u can have it, the dwarka army which is specialized in fighting wid all types of weapons. Arjun thinks what a fool u r Duryodhan, still can’t see the greatness of Madhav.. Duryodhan thinks look at this fool Arjun, he chose that unarmed Krishna in front of this army who’ll make me win surely ? ?………

Shakuni scolds Duryodhan. What a fool u r, u gave Krishna to pandavas, still u cant understand the power of that man who saved Draupadi?? Duryodhan says what’ll he do without weapons? Shakuni says he’s left weapons, not his brain. Not his mischievousness, not his powers… Krishna says mamashri has understood me well, bt he’s a bit too late. Arjun says so what next Madhav? Krishna says what’s expected to happen next? Arjun sys revenge. Krishna says then lets go.
Duryodhan says now lets go to Hastinapura. A lot is waiting..
Krishna sys lets go to Matsya back. We’ve lot more to plan nw. Bt I still don’t understand one thing. Why u choose me instead of the large army.? I’m unarmed though. Arjun smilingly says that fool doesn’t understand ur power and greatness, that’s y he keeps doing mistakes. I maybe a fool, bt not as big as Duryodhan.

Krishna says that doesn’t answer my question…… Arjun says Madhav, it never happens that I thought of anyone beyond you, I didn’t came here for the army, I came here for your guidance, Youre my only hope, how could I choose the army? Wen ever I need help, u have always helped me. U have never let my faith shatter. Subhadra comes n says yes yes, that’s y he’s my bhaiyya. Arjun sys Oh really, from which angle u call urself his sister? Subhadra says I’m his sister, am not I? Anyways, I’m not in a mood to fyt with u. I’m waiting to go to matsya kingdom and meet jiji.. Have missed her so much,,…… Arjun says noooo.. For gods sake u don’t meet her? Subhadra gets angry n says why? Arjun says I can’t tolerate ur 24*7 chattering with her. Krishna says Oki Oki, now we should leave. Abhimanyu comes n says everything is ready….

Precap:-Abhimanyu Utara love at first sight ?…

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  1. S.v

    Awesome vanshi super awesome loved it… yup duruyodhan has chosen his destruction in the form of not choosing Krishna and Arjun was so awesome loved it my cutie and now waiting for the plans and also waiting for Krishna to go as Pandav’s messenger and his leela in the court of hastinapur… awesome dear sorry for late but i will never miss u here after lovely and love u sooo much

    1. Vanshika

      OMG s.v you ‼‼‼‼‼‼ I’m smiling widely now…. Thanks alot.. U know I saw ur comment in notification bar n I left the fanfic I was reading in middle jus to c ur cmnt… Thank u very much.. N inform me wen u update 2 states,, love you ? toooooo ?

  2. Thanmathi

    Wow arjun subhadhra remains me of lakshmila Krishna entry super super super but I’m angry with u u always give interesting precap and make sure that we wait for your ff all day. But it’s OK I can bear with it for my sissy

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks alot akka.. ?? plz don’t b angry I’ll update asap ?? pakka ? even I was thinking of lakshmila wen i wrote Arjun subhadra scene ? luv u loads

  3. Padmaja

    A superb epi…. as tanu said arjun subhadre remains me of lakshmilla….. that fool duryodhan is a loser always.. he didn’t know the greatness of madhav and regretted him… the precap is lovely….. love u dear ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  4. super episide…..loved it……….precap is more interesting……….keep it

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