Mahabharata ff part 45



The epi starts with a ferocious war breaking between matsya kingdom and Duryodhan.. There’re attacks on both sides. Pandavas do their best to help king Virat and Duryodhan tries the best to attack them. Arjun asks prince Uttar to fire the arrows and Uttar follows. Duryodhan tells shakuni to find out where the pandavas are hiding. shakuni tells him there’s no point in finding them coz the agyatvas has ended. Duryodhan says then destroy Matsya ‼ ..
On the other hand pandavas tell Maharaj Virat their real identity, shocking him.

The sun is about to set… Bhishm declares it to b the end of the war. The pandavas in their original attire come there shocking everyone. Shakuni says lo, we didn’t have to find them. He says Duryodhan, I’ve a plan, lets leave them here to enjoy some last moments, n we’ll go to dwarka.. Duryodhan sucks.. I won’t go to dwarka to meet that foolish so called dwarkadheesh Krishna. Shakuni says we’ve nothing to do with that Krishna, we’ll go to Balram, if he’s our side than Krishna n Dwarka will b our side n pandavas can’t do anything without that Krishna, their only support right now.. Duryodhan smirks ?. That’s nyc.. We’ll go tomorrow.
Krishna is shown In Dwarka .. Adharmi ppl always support adharm n bad deeds, bt they’ve the wrong belief that they’ll succeed in their every motive..!
Duryodhan tells bhishm that he’s decided to quit this war and takes the army away. Karna gives a sharp look to Arjun who smiles at him.. The army proceeds.

In matsya palace.
Draupadi recalls her vastraharan n cries ?. Bheem says there’s no need for you to cry now, it’s the evil ppl who’ll cry now. Yudhishtira nods n says Arjun, you’ll go to Dwarka tomorrow, and sought Krishna Vasudev’s help. Arjun nods yes and says Panchali, now its time for the culprits to get punished. Draupadi says of course, every Single culprit will b punished, is almost night now, u go n sleep, you’ve to go to a long journey tomorrow. Arjun nods n goes.

Shakuni n Duryodhan reach Dwarka. Balram sys whole world is talking abt u, i would’ve been happy if you’re here for sum good reason. Shakuni says we’re here to seek knowledge. Krishna comes n says efforts r done and not acquired. Abhimanyu is practising to break chakravyuh. Shakuni gets scared n says I’m here for friendship not war. On d other hand Arjun also reaches Dwarka.
Abhimanyu breaks the chakravyuh n seeks blessings from Krishna balram. Krishna says he’s Arjun n Subhadra’s son, abhimanyu. Duryodhan says whoa.. Doesn’t Arjun have a stronger soldier he taught u how to fight n laughs. Duryodhan n shakuni come with Balram n try to persuade him to b on their side. Arjun comes n sees abhimanyu. He’s in tears n hugs abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says I was dying to meet u n start serving u. Arjun asks from where did u get all this knowledge. Abhimanyu says mamashri taught me, he keeps telling me I was born to take revenge of my mom’s death and Mata keeps telling me I’m born to die n take revenge of pita Yudhishtira’s death. Arjun says ur mamashri is intelligent bt ur Mata, she’s big fool, who told u u r born to die? My son isn’t born to die.

Duryodhan falls in the feet of Balram n says I’ll die coz of those pandavas. Balram says its all ur mistake, u spent life in palaces n those pandavas in forests, n u say they spoilt ur life. Duryodhan says it was their choice to play the game n loose everything. Balram calls Krishna n says I’ve always agreed with all ur wishes Kanha,bt this tym not, u wont fyt from the pandavas side nor our army will fyt wid d pandavas side. Krishna smiles n says dau, I don’t need to fyt in the war to ensure pandavas win, their win is certain as adharm always loses.. Arjun calls subhadra n says what’re u teaching our son, to die? Subhadra says OK OK, our son will live for 100 years, happy? Arjun says no, he’ll live for 1000 years. Abhimanyu says yes yes, now I’m going, I’ve sum work.

Duryodhan comes laughing n tells Arjun that Krishna won’t fight for him. Arjun sys noooo, it can’t happen lyk this… Madhav can’t do this injustice. Subhadra goes to Krishna n says what’s this, r u planning to make me widow now, u r planning to make evil win, how could u do this?? Krishna says I’m always with dharma establishment n dharma will always win, no matter I fyt or not. He calls dasi n says go, declare that whosoever I’ll see tmrw morning first , ill fulfil one wish of that person… Subhadra rushes to Arjun.

Precap: Both Arjun n Duryodhan r waiting fr Krishna to open eyes…..

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    Lovely epi dearie…… now arjun wil get krishna’s help….. and that adharmi wanna die soon…. waiting for next epi…

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