Mahabharata ff part 44


The episode starts with king Virat n soldiers coming in Kichak’s room. They c dt kichak is dead n get shocked. Duryodhan comes there n says d pandavas must have done this, they’re here only. Virat says that there’s no need to find them if they’re here only, cos he’s already dead. Duryodhan says it is wrong ?. King Virat says there’re no point in arguing, u may leave now. Duryodhan fumes n says I’ll attack u, I’ll attack ur kingdom for this cheating, see wat I do now…! Sayin so duryodhan leaves along with shakuni. Arjun is listening d conversation.
Maharani asks king Virat how could he let it happen? She asks King Virat to find out the murderer of kichak. Virat sys whosoever did this was wrong ?. Bt kichak deserved this. Maharani is sure that he’s hiding something from her..
Virat Thinks if pandavas r hiding here it should not get to the knowledge of Duryodhan otherwise they’ll get more punishment. If anyone should be punished he’s Duryodhan not pandavas.

Its the last day of pandavas agyatvas.
Duryodhan n Shakuni in Hastinapura sabha r planning to somehow attack Matsya kingdom and then kill pandavas n king Virat. Bhishm pitamah tells them against it but they’re not ready to listen it at all.. Dhitrashtra reminds bhishm that he has to stay with them only. At last bhishm agrees.
Shakuni says Duryodhan, don’t worry; pandavas and Draupadi couldn’t b found during their incognito bt they’ll be found n killed during this war only n den Draupadi will b our slave. The pandavas wont hv any support now but they’ll be killed tmrw itself.. King Virat will also b killed for not telling us. N matsya will b included in our kingdom ‼ Duryodhan smirks ?.

King Virat gets the message that Duryodhan is going to attack their kingdom. Yudhishtira tells Arjun that it’s happening because of them n they should help king Virat in the war. Arjun asks him shall they tell king Virat their truth? Yudishtir says noooo, we’ve to help him in sum other way. Lets do a job, we’ll get into Maharaj virat’s army n u ask him to make u raj Kumar uttar’s charioteer, u know him well n it’s important to kip him safe. I n bheem will stay around king Virat n ensure his safety. Arjun nods n goes to king Virat who’s in deep thinkin…
Yudhishtira asks king Virat to accept his help in the war. King Virat hesitantly agrees on his repeated requests. Nakul n Sahdev disguise themselves as soldiers and hide in the army….
Draupadi tells the pandavas that the tym has come wen Duryodhan n his brothers will b punished for their evil deeds. Arjun nods. Bheem says I’ll make sure that none of them stay alive in the war. Yudhishtira says even if Duryodhan comes with all allies tomorrow we’ll not hesitate and get afraid from completing our aim. We’ve to punish the culprits n ensure no innocent person gets hurt..

Duryodhan along with his large army comes to Matsya kingdom. Uttar asks Arjun is he’s sure that he can protect him. Arjun nods. The pandavas hiding in army n king Virat come there. Duryodhan shouts attack!! A ferocious war breaks…!

Precap:- Entry of lord Krishna ????…

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow awesome upadate as always… the war is going to start… and krishnas entry waiting for it dearie.. loved this part

  2. Nice and well written…………
    loved it…………
    keep this……….

  3. as usual , it was awesome , eagerly waiting for krishna’s entry . love u a lot . keep smiling and update sooon

  4. Thanmathi

    Wow Krishna’s entry and maha epi too hurray u made me super happy???

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