Mahabharata ff part 4

Recap- bheem married hidimbi. Ghatotkach is born. Drupad tortures the saints.

The epi starts with a saint ? saying I hv a way for a son. Drupad’s face brightens hearing it. He laughs. Shikhandini looks on. The saint says that he’ll do a yagna which will bore him a son. Drupad laughs again. Finally the heir has arrived hahaha…

The next scene shows the yagna. The saint ? chants some mantras and puts oil in the fire ?. A young man ? steps out of the fire ? saying I’ll bring the downfall of guru drona. Drupad names him Dristhadyumna. An aerial voice speaks-King Drupad u cant run away from ur destiny. U’ll get a daughter. U’ll get…
The fire surrounds dhrupad. Seeing no way of escape, dhrupad says that he wants a daughter. The aerial voice asks him what kinda daughter do u want?? Drupad says the one who brings the downfall of kuru lineage. The one who is the most beautiful, everyone lusts on her beauty. The one who has lotus eyes ?. The one who is the most unfortunate. The one who’ll hv to face all sorrows, the one whose life will b worst then hell, the one who would neither live peacefully nor let anyone live peacefully. Such should be my daughter..
The fire ? resumes is place and out steps a dark colored young lady with lotus eyes, with glaze on her body, with long shiny tresses, with red clothes on her. She comes out of the fire ? and touches drupad’s feet ?. Drupad takes his feet back and goes away. Shikhandini is sad ?. Drishtadyumna follows him. Shikhandini hugs draupadi.
The next day Draupadi is adorned with jewels and dressed into a princesses clothes. Shikhandini praises her.
Later Shikhandini enters her room sad ?. Draupadi asks her the matter. Shikhandini says that drupad made her resign from the post of army general. Drishtadyumna took place of me. Pitaji never understands daughters anything. He thinks females are of no use. Draupadi leaves. Shikhandini looks on. Draupadi goes to dhrupad who is embracing Drishtadyumna. Draupadi calls him mean. U r of no use. Y u md jiji resign from the post of army general. She…
Drupad asks her not to interrupt in his matters. U hv no right. Draupadi is shown in tears ??.
In dwarka Krishna ji is packing stuff. Rukmini asks him where he is going? He smiles. Rukmini holds his hand ✋ and says till u don’t tell me where u r going I won’t leave ur hand ✋. Krishna ji says I’m going for some important work. Rukmini asks him what work???? Krishna ji says that u wanted to know abt pandavas. So let me go. Once I return, I’ll tell u about them. Rukmini is puzzled. Krishna packs the stuff and boards his chariot. He tells rukmini to take care of everyone. Dau/balram will rule the empire till then. He assures rukmini and leaves.

Draupadi is shown very sad. Why do we females hv to bear all this. It wasn’t jiji’s mistake. She’s a better ruler than bhrata.
She leaves the palace sadly ☹??.

The pandavas r feeding the saints in the forest. Kunti is cooking food ?.
Krishna Ji is pacing on his chariot.

Precap- Draupadi is looking at a river. Krishna comes there and taunts her.

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