Mahabharata ff part 39 (Durvasa)


The epi starts with yudi asking tell me nw what I dnt remember,? Draupadi says u don’t remember we gt married the same date years ago.. Yudhishtira in shock says U REMEMBERED?
Draupadi – of course I remember correctly but I am quite disappointed by your memory.
Y-I’m sry
D-Ok Fyn bt won’t u lyk to hv this Kheer???

Y-Of course.
Draupadi gives bowl to yudhishtira..
Ashwin princes come in front of Nakul n Sahdev. They bless them with a special medicine which can be used to heal the soldiers. Nakul n sahdev greet them n go.
Bheem, nakul n Sahdev reach the hut (Where Draupadi and Yudi r livin)
Draupadi is cooking food and serves itt..

The 4 brothers and draupadi are about to have their lunch, but maharshi durvasa n his students come their n order them to get food for them. Yudishtir informs draupadi abt maharshi , draupadi says but theres no food in the house wat to do now,n we have to satisfy them or else maharshi will curse us.

Maharshi says he doesn’t like to wait n if pandavas fail to please him he will destroy whole of pandavas family. In the hose theres no food, this puts yudishtir n draupadi in question, on other side maharshi is abt to leave seeing theres no food given yet ,bheem tries stopping him but maharshi gets angry n says i will only wait until i finish 108 gayatri mantar(a prayer). Here draupadi n yudishtir are still finding way to please maharshi, but on getting no way to please draupadi says i will go n ask maharshi to forgive me as there’s no food n she has failed to pease maharshi but yudishtir says that’s my fault its my responsibility to bring food n i have failed so i will go n ask maharshi for forgiveness. Draupadi says don’t u know his anger..? But yudi gone till then..

Yudishtir n sahadev proceeds to Durvasa , who is busy chanting gayatri mantra. Draupadi still is thinking on how to satisfy Durvasa, she sees govind(Krishna ) in her window, Krishna teases her by asking her are u alright , Krishna says this is not fair wen ever i come to meet u people u give me some work.. Draupadi asks him to help her by telling him abt the situation … Krishna looks at the empty vessels n tells her there’s jst one particle of rice in it but how will u please them.. Draupadi sys I know that’s y I’m finding something.. Krishna says u cant please maharshi with this particle so let me have it I’m very hungry ? n Krishna eats that particle..

It gives him a burp n all of the maharishis students burp after that pandavas n Draupadi fully are confused at this , Dirvasa says i know how this happened there’s Krishna in ur house pandu putra , Krishna comes out n says sorry to ask but what is my fault maha rishi….. , Durvasa says ur a deity n u r very mischievous.. Draupadi u have satisfied me. All the pandu putra thank krishna n Krishna begins to tease bheem…. Draupadi says i hope tat u will always be by me Krishna n always help me, Krishna says sure but in future there may arise a situation were u will not receive help from me…. Draupadi is shocked..

PRECAP: A guy challenges arjun to fight with him using a sword…!!!

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