Mahabharata ff part 38


The episode starts with the force saying answer my three questions.
The first question is what is life n death , yudishtira says god is life n life is world n death is just an illusion, life n death is all in hands of god. Life leads to death only wen the world ends. The force says the answer is satisfactory, tell which brother u want, i will sugesst u to go for bheem. Yudishtir says its true but if my 3 brothers are dead bheem will not forgive me n so will arjun ,arjun will also not like this,n even my mother will not like this, so i will opt for nakul who is youngest.
The force turns into god he says im ur dharma pita.. I had given u to kunti u have satisfied me im proud of u i will give away all ur brothers lives back. Yudhishtira greets him.

Draupadi is worried that pandavas haven’t returned yet. Jus den five pandavas return. Draupadi asks what happened..? Yudi tells everything. Bheem, Arjun , nakul and sahdev leave fr their penance.
In Indraprastha Duryodhan is having fun with Shakuni. He says mamashri did u notice faces of pandavas, it was lukin as if they’ve no respect left, now our path is clear, we’ve Indraprastha throne, I’m king of AryaVrat.. A servant says Duryodhan have shame, u hv bcm king bt Indraprastha praja won’t accept u as a king, fr us Samrat Yudhishtira is only our king, u hv no respect towards a queen, what’ll u do with kingdom’s praja.? Duryodhan says I’m king n its praja responsibility to obey king, hw dare u opposed king of Indraprastha, don’t u know result..? Duryodhan takes his sword and cuts off servant’s head. He laughs n says there’ll b fear from me everywhere…!! FEAR ? ..
Draupadi is cooking kheer. Yudi comes there n says is it anything special today..? You’re cooking Kheer in food…? Draupadi says don’t say nw that u dnt knw anything. Yudi says bt I really dnt know anything.

Draupadi says OKAY, if u don’t remember I’ll eat alone. Yudhishtira says YY..? Draupadi says because u don’t remember anything na.. Yudhishtira is puzzled.

Bheem with lots of Laddoos sits for tapasya n offers only 4 out of them to lord but after sometimes takes back two more. He begins with his tapasya.. Meanwhile a monkey comes n takes one of the sweets offered to god, bheem shoos him away, n take one more laddu n keeps for himself. The monkey comes back steals all of bheems laddus , bheem tries to catch him but doesn’t succeed. He finds that monkey on tree, he gets angry n holds the tail of monkey, but to his surprise he couldn’t lift the tail ,he tries n tries bheem thinks it its an evil force sent by duryodhan n decides to kill the monkey so he lifts his gadha(weapon)but it crushes down n lord hanuman arise outof the monkey, bheem goes in position of prayers looking at it.

Lord hanuman says u had called me for food n didn’t allow me to eat it?
,bheem says i haven’t expected u to come in small size, lord hanuman says u r my brother u were gifted by my father to mata kunti. Im here to train u about strength but before that give me those sweets.. bheem says brother Hanuman u have already eaten alot leave that one for me n hanuman agrees, n before bheem reaches the ladoo, Hanuman reaches there he says u need to learn about speed bheem , hanuman begins to play with the laddu bheem tries to snatch it but hanuman puts bheem n ground n sits on him,bheem requests him to give him laddu..

Hanuman says why not first get up.. bheem uses his brain n gets up Hanuman says good i like ur focus remember always to thank lord ram, bheem says sure but give me laddu ,hanuman moves fast with laddu n bheem runs behind the ladu hanuman says ur strength needs focus n speed or else its of no use,with focus bheem snatches the laddu ,hanuman is pleased by it he says bheem from now im always with u on path of dharma … Nakul n Sahdev r shown in the water while Arjun is doing tapasya on pointed arches.

Precap:- Maharishi Durvasa comes in the forest.
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  1. oh wow , yudi saved his brothers . awesome episode . all the parts and scenes were good . eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks Varshu akka.. Next part on Friday ?

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    1. Thanmathi


    2. Vanshika

      Thanks Thanu akka.. Very very happy to see you back. Me toooo missing Mb want it back on TV ?. Love u too n no sorries between sisters

  3. It’s really nice……… All scene are too good……. Keep it……….. Also waiting for next………

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