Mahabharata ff part 37 (Beginning of a new era)

The episode begins with Draupadi proceeding towards bheem n yudishtir. She takes Yudhishtira hand out of the fire. Krishna says don’t waste ur strength in punishing urself but in punishing those who had behaved bad towards my friend (Draupadi).. YOU( yudishtir) have to sow the seeds of dharma n strength again.. Arjun says u follow ur promise Panchali.. draupadi says i will tie my hair only when i will wash them by blood of dushasan ,bheem says i will do that for u panchali,maharaj Dhritrashtra n his family will never gain peace now onwards… Subhadra says to draupadi, what happened with you was less that u r also going to forest..? Draupadi sys I’m not sad that I’ve to go to forest, because I know its for dharma establishment..
A servant comes to blow of lights in duryodhans room, on asking he says its gandharis order, duryodhan goes to gandhari n asks the reason.. On this she says these lights are giving false light ,hastinapur is in dark now,shakuni says u see dark because ur blind folded ,gandhari says i know that n even that u love my children a lot n its that love which has lead him to this situation. those pandu putra will come to kill my children,duryodhan says don’t u trust my strength..? gandhari says keep mum, even after all that u have done in sabha u still trust ur strength ,Dhitrashtra says don’t worry after vanvas of 13 yrs we will give pandu putra back their wealth, shakuni says this will not happen… on this gandhari says till now i have stopped u from doing bad(adharma)but now do something though bad but kill those Pandu putra if Krishna joins them my family will be destroyed..

In Indraprastha pandavas n Draupadi leave for vanvas ,Krishna says go succeed in this 12 yrs train urself well for mahayuddh. The pandavas nod and ask Krishna fr his guidance. Krishna says arjun go to kailash n take blessings of god mahadev for fight.. Arjun nods. he says bheem u go in the sharan(favour) of god hanuman. Bheem nods. Krishna says nakul sahadev go to ashwini gods, they will teach u to support u battalion, n yudishtir n draupadi go serve the saints. Arjun asks Krishna to take subhadra with him ,Krishna says for sure n will also train ur son as a soldier n will be known as abhimanyu.. Subhadra says n jiji’s kids also.. Arjun n subhadra look at each other n smile. All pandvas take Krishna’s blessing n leave.

When the pandavas are abt to leave they see duryodhan coming , they give him space to enter the castle ,the pandavas n duryodhan share a cold look , followed by dushasan n shakuni , who enter with wicked smiles, duryodhan pulls off the pandvas flag n hoists his in the pole.

Subhadra asks Krishna, why is that always adharma wins..? Krishna says don’t worry subhadra this is the beginning of a new era, and change is the rule of time, when time changes it brings dharma..
Duryodhan hoists his flag in place of pandvas flag in aryavadh. Duryodhan says mamashri a new era has began n i have all the fear erased from my life . Shakuni says no duryodhan ur fear is not erased they are just going away n i have put a detective agent behind them . Krishna says (duryodhan) fear the pandavas, they’re ur failure n these pandavas are on the path of succeed.

A leap of few days is shown, n pandavas are roaming in the forest. Draupadi shows them a place n says its perfect for setting their houses in forest.. They start building the hut. nakul asks Draupadi. to give him a vessel so that he goes to gets some water, on his way back he hears roaring of tigers.. When nakul doesn’t arrive for long time Draupadi asks Sahdev to go to search. bheem n sahadev go in search of him n find him unconscious.. the same roars are heard by these two, bheem goes in direction of that voice n wen turns back finds sahadev unconscious.
wen bheem n sahadev don’t return arjun goes in search. He finds the 3 brothers unconscious he shocks to see them he realizes his brothers are dead n some evil force has taken their lives.arjun removes his dhanush n warns that force that if the force doesn’t give his brothers life back he will destroy the lake. Here yudishtir goes in search of brothers and asks draupadi to take care of herself n if none of the pandavas return she should seek Krishna for help.

Yudishtir goes in search of brothers and finds them lying on ground, he sits down n requests the evil force to arrive in front of him, he sayI i don’t have any fear against u n i don’t want to insult u plz arrive i front of me. A huge man arrives in front of yudishtira ,he says im the owner of this lake n no human has the right to take water from it,ur brothers have without permission taken water from it so i killed them.yudishtira says u haven’t invented the source so don’t have right over it, the source is invented by God n he has ryt on this lake. The force says answer my three questions n i will give ur 1 brother back,yudishtir agrees.
Duryodhan is showing torturing sum ppl.

Precap – Draupadi is shown cooking food for the saints. Duryodhan beats up a man. Plzzzz leave a comment dears.. Thnx fr reading.

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