Mahabharata ff part 33 and 34

Shakuni calls dushashan and asks him to bring new dice. dushashan says mamashri ur magical dice has broken.. Now what, Shakuni says go bring the new dices i have the heart of humbleness to accept the das (slaves) wish , when dushashan goes to bring new dices he gets shocked as the broken side repair themselves magically , and he takes them to shakuni . Shakuni says here r ur new dices now bet draupadi and play the game.. The game begins and as seen in all games shakuni wins the game he teases yudishtir saying u lost ur wife as well.. The whole sabha in favour of dharma are in tears whereas those with duryodhan break into a loud laughter.

Duryodhan says, rajkumari panchali, indraprastha’s queen ,pride of pandavas draupadi bring her as my dasi in to the sabha, he then turns to bhishm and in sarcastic tone asks bhishma I can call her right,as dasi is allowed in the sabha…!!!!

Bhishma unwilling has to agree with duryodhan . Duryodhan now orders as bring that dasi draupadi into the sabha.
Dasi informs draupadi to come to sabha which is maharaj duryodhan’s order.. Draupadi says i follow only my husband’s orders. Das says that ur husband has lost u n has no more any right over u and u r now duryodhan’s dasi.Draupadi says she will not come to the sabha go tell duryodhan ,if yudishtir has lost himself he cant bet on her n i will not come to sabha.

Bhishm says draupadi is right , duryodhan says tats not possible she is yudishtira’s wealth she is not right .guru drona says man has right over money not money over man same is with yudishtir n draupadi. Karna says if guru dron is right than in this sabha we followed the path of adharma n that to in presence of such knowledgeable people. On this shakuni says let yudishtira answer on this,n yudishtira says if losing brothers is dharma so is losing draupadi is dharma…. This statement of yudishtira upsets all the pandavas.

Duryodhan orders dushasan to bring draupadi in sabha by pulling her hair,this enrages bheem and he says if dushasan touches draupadi he will kill him. duryodhan says mind ur tone servant bheem. Arjun yells at duryodhan saying he has no right to orders or else adharma will take place. Shakuni says yes, why not arjun, do so and insult ur brother yudishtir ,n due to this arjun n bheem have to keep silence…

Dushasan enters Draupadi’s room and orders her to come with him, draupadi refuses to go with him n asks him not to cross the limits n leaves the kaksha saying I challenge u if u have guts take me to sabha in presence of queen,n procceds towards the queens’ kaksha. On her way dushasan pull her by her hair, opening her hair. He takes her to the rajya sabha dragging her by her hair n says u no more have any pride, ego or right ur husband has lost all this and pulls her. He hits her drag her on stairs n drags her puts her in feet of duryodhan. She keeps murmuring n asking him to leave her but dushasan ruthlessly pull her .

All pandavas n draupadi are in anger n tears but are helpless n can’t take any action on it due to principles of brother yudishtira . At this sight bhishm and all the people are upset and in tears but bound to dharma principles so do nothing at this sight. bheem says dushasan i will break ur hands who touched the purity of draupadi I will kill u. Duryodhan says dushasan i want to kill her ego show me the face of this egoistic lady….
dushsan throws draupadi in feets of duryodhan. Duryodhan says when ego is crushed the face is wat turns black.. show me the face of this egoistic lady,but draupadi moves back and asks samrat dritrashtra why is a lady treated in ur sabha that the kulvadhu ,she also asks bhishm n guru drona why are they silent?? Draupadi again turns to dritrashtra who says you’re a servant u cant ask any questions just follow the orders.

Draupadi says when yudishtir had lost himself how did he bet on me , duryodhan says don’t ask this question to samrat ask it to ur husband servant yudishtir .Draupadi asks the same question to yudishtira. She asks him how did he bet on her way was it similar to wat he did to his brothers..
D-a wife is not in relation as a brother ,wife is ardhangani( half). Mahamantri Vidura, in the place of hastinapur which is known for justice what is this happening doesn’t a wife have equal right on all belongings of husband??
Vidura-yes she has…
D-then how did he bet on wealth without my permission??
Shakuni-dasi draupadi at the beginning of game u didn’t ask any questions then y now, wen u didn’t put any limits at the beginning don’t expect any thing now.
Draupadi in tears n anger asks pandavas wen u married me u promised me to protect me n u didn’t follow it…
Arjun-we r sorry… we had to go on path of dharma we had to follow elder brother’s rules n yudishtira had to follow orders of duryodhan…
D-u followed dharma ,tat dharma which has landed ur wife in this condition.
Duryodhan-dasi draupadi ur husbands are not men they followed dharma and put u in this condition they all are napunsak (impotent). now leave all tat n come have with me come sit on my laps..
bheem shouts at this n says I will kill u its my promise to u n arjun says i will now onwards eat my food by mixing mud in it which will remind me of tat im not human but a mere insect…..
Duryodhan-Shut up you servant’s… Dasi Draupadi follow my orders..
Draupadi-I’m born out of fire ? and fire can’t b caught…

She shouts loudly i will not follow ur rules n proceeds to leave the sabha.. On this duryodhan turns to Dhitrashtra tat a dasi is insulting his son,n Dhitrashtra asks draupadi to stop n follow duryodhan’s orders, on this bhishm n Vidura in tears n shame plea samrat Dhitrashtra to let her go but Dhitrashtra says if i allow a dasi every person in this country will do so, so draupadi has to follow all the orders of duryodhan since he is her new Swami.
Duryodhan says dasi draupadi its my orders come back,draupadi says freedom is like clothes which cant be snached.duryodhan says freedom can’t be but clothes can, n orders dushasan to snatch all Draupadi’s clothes as revenge of wat she did to me at Indraprastha’s sabha..

PRECAP: Draupadi is standing in the state of prayer(joining her hands) and says come dushasan try ur power on me…!!!!

Please comment dears n I’m sorry fr d dragging update n really sorry if it felt boring…

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  1. Padmaja

    A sad epi…. ur writing skills r awesome dearie… really a superb epi… waiting for nexr epi.. and the precap is interesting!!!

    1. Vanshika

      Thanx alot akka .. U wont have to wait much cos I’ve written next episode already.. Will post it wid Nxt in skr ff..

    2. Jayani

      Ur writing skill r awesum 2 d core… I just luv all of ur FFs… They r just awesum. Waiting for today’s epi.

      Jai Siya Ram

      1. Jayani

        N I luv ur dp padma n varshu

  2. oh , really a sad epi .as usual ur writing skills were awesome . update next epi soon

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