Mahabharata ff part 32

Recap- Yudi loses his brothers..
The epi starts with Yudi having lost everything. He turns to Duryodhan n asks him now what is left? Everyone is in deep question. Duryodhan asks Shakuni what is his plan next. Yudhishtira says I’m leaving the game. which shocks duryodhan and other kauravas and happiness to pandavas. Yudishtir leave his seat and starts proceeding towards his brother ,mamashri is tensed as well at this situation. Yudishtir is stopped by Bhishma , he says yudishtir your the samrat and I’m senapati of hastinapur which means I’m bound to follow ur orders , give me order and i will free ur brothers.this statement of bhishma brings smiles to the pandavas. Bhishma continues not only this even if u want me to punish anyone even that order of urs (of samrat) will be followed..

On this mamashri falls into the feets of samrat yudishtir and says he has lost , lost his life and m ready to accept any punishment u would like to give. Yudishtir says no punishment. I m giving no punishment, i forgive u n duryodhan . Shakuni says even after all this how r u so down to earth samrat , n says what power in ur heart makes u so humble , life is a war n this war of life ur always stable , plzzzz help me and share ur knowledge of humbleness .

Yudishtir asks mamashri to get up and says its simple i always follow dharma n truth which satisfies me. Mamashri says we don’t want satisfaction , when we r with our public(praja) our pride increases. Tell me samrat says mamashri how can we get pride with dharma. On this yudishtir says Mango has its own sweetness it doesn’t require sugar similarly dharma has its own pride and proceeds towards his brothers.

On this shakuni says samrat u never lie , u have faced lots of challenges but u never left ur dharma, so u must be proud of urself and no pride is bigger than pride of dharma. Yudishtira says yes that is true. Nakul says but u said you’re not proud on losing us ,yudishtir says yes I’m not but I’m proud of myself not leaving the path of dharma .

Shakuni says this means we have not finished the game yet come join us n lets continue the game . the whole of sabha supporting duryodhan breaks into laughter .yudishtira joins mamashiri and asks to begin with the game . duryodhan says for this game I’m betting on myself now.. Draupadi gets tensed hearing Yudi is betting himself in the game..

In the sabha the game begins and yudishtir loses the game . yudishtir removes n places his crown in front of duryodhan n joins his brothers.duryodhan kicks yudishtirs throne and says a das has no right to own a gold singhasan. He declares himself as the new king of Aryavrat. And says i order to bring these five slaves wife to the sabha
Arjun yells at duryodhan saying this is impossible and if this sabha insults panchali the whole sabha will be shed into blood . on this duryodhan says bheem has already broken his gadha , and ur dhanush is now of Karna then whose blood will be shed…. On this bheem says i have only two aims in my life one towards my family protection and other to follow my elder brothers orders n for this i don’t need any weapon.. Bhishm pitamah asks bheem to cool down and informs duryodhan that even if her husbands are enslaved doesn’t mean u have right on her..

Shakuni says no he will not insult draupadi,he tells duryodhan, bhishm is right u don’t have right on empress Draupadi to have her right u should win her in the game….!!!
Everyone gets shocked..

Duryodhan on this says I now bet on my wife kashi kanya bhanumati. Shakuni calls Yudhishtira as servant and orders him to play one more game of dice.

Dasi informs it to Draupadi. Draupadi says Govind, how do I stay calm now?? Krishna is shown in war field…
in the sabha bheem yells saying this game is not possible and warns his brother yudishtir not to bet on panchali i.e draupadi ,sahadev says brother don’t do this n make my intuitions of wrong go true. Shakuni ignores all this n calls yudishtira to begin the game as its order of duryodhan but yudishtira refuses to bet on draupadi . duryodhan says as u have rights over ur brothers u have right on ur wife as well so bet on her now. Shakuni says its tradition tat husband has right over wife so come begin the game
Krishna says , brother yudishtir this is not dharma though tradition is dharma all traditions are not dharma. in sabha Bheem takes an oath if yudishtir loses draupadi in game he will burn yudishtira’s hand. Dushasan says yudishtira can’t play the game bcoz who can have pride over such lady, this upsets all the pandavas, bhishma curses duryodhan tat on the time of his death he will go through lot of pain.

Krishna says i will make sure that this curse of duryodhan will surely take place n will go through lot of pain. In the sabha ashvathama says draupadi is like my sister being daughter of my father’s friend, and i feel ashamed of myself to call her so cos she has married to 5 of his students. On this guru drona says ashvathama if u were not my son i would have cursed u for this words of urs. But ur words are so bad that i curse u that ur mouth will be filled with insects n Krishna says i will let this happen too. Karna says guru drona u cant do this. What ashwathama says is right how can a lady with 5 husbands be of good character on this arjun yells at karna saying u who have pride over urself talk like a beggar , remember one thing u will die as life of a begger , knowledge less beggar. Krishna says karna ur death will symbolise ur life as a useless creature .

Shakuni says this means yudishtira has right but not pride over his wife ,on this yudishtira says I do . i have pride over her meditation, sacrifice an every aspect of her life and i will fight to win her in this game I will not lose her I’ll fight for her as every part of body fights at the time of death. He orders to bring new dice for the game. Duryodhan says ur a servant. now u can’t order.

Precap- Duryodhan orders dushasan if draupadi that egoistic lady doesn’t follow my orders bring her to sabha by pulling her hair…and dushasan does so….

Guys I’m sry fr long update n m sry if its boring.. Plzzzz comment dears..

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  1. omg vanshu ahhh soo good i loved it a lot !!! sissy the precap is really good . ,.vanshu plz never stop your mahabharat ff since it is fab .all the ffs u have created soo far are amazing and also post the next in siya ke ram ff soon. ♥♥ love u a lot !!!!!

    1. Vanshika

      Yaar preeti sweetie pie THNX A LOT .. I’m short of words to describe ur luv.
      I won’t stop my Mb ff.. Bt a qn rise in my mind,wen skr ends u wont b in d pg, who’ll read ff then??? Anyways thnx alot dear n will update asap.. Love u too ? N will update nxt in skr asap okay love u ?

      1. even if skr ends , i will continue to read all your ffs without missing a single episode. and u had mentioned that u will be watching chandra nandini .even i am going to watch chandra nandini so i hope u will comment on the episodes of chandra nandini but i am going to miss u a lot for sure.

  2. Padmaja

    Wow vanshu I am short of words to explain dis part my dear… I love it a lottttttt… amazing talent!!!! Reallyy a awesome one cutie…. pls dont stop ur ff yr… love u dear!!!

    1. Vanshika

      Thnq soo soo much Padma akka.. Thnx alot.. Won’t stop my ff now.. Love you ? thnq vry much fr ur luv..

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