Mahabharata ff part 30


Recap-Shakuni suggests Duryodhan to win Indraprastha in gambling. The pandavas reach Hastinapur.
Duryodhan has arranged a grand feast fr the pandavas. They eat food.Duryodhan next shows them d decor. Aftr one hour or two of fun, he introduces them to the game of gambling ?. Bhishm says that according to the rules of the game, no female is allowed in the sabha during gambling. Duryodhan says except the dasis.. He looks at Draupadi. Draupadi tells Yudhishtira not to do anything that’ll harm the reputation of indraprastha or kuru lineage,, or will prove harmful to them later,,or is against the dharma. Yudi nods n Draupadi along wid kunti n Gandhari leaves…

Bhishm tells the pandavas and the kauravas that the next rule of the game is that both the parties will put objects of same value to stake. Duryodhan is irked. Bhishm tells them that at no cost can the stake b taken back until the consent of both the parties. Duryodhan says yessss yessss we know the rules.. Lets start.. Bheem says to Arjun, why he’s so eager to start the game, seems lyk he’s upto sum conspiracy. Arjun-there’s no doubt in it when he ll do something , that’s sure too b wrong. We told Bhrata shri, bt he didn’t listen. Nw destruction is fr sure, don’t knw hw to stop it..
Duryodhan starts the game. He puts his necklace to stake. Shakuni gvs ordinary dice ? to Yudi. They throw the dice. Shakuni gets a six+ six n yudi gets a four+ two. Duryodhan takes his necklace.. They continue n Yudhishtira puts his earrings, armlets, n jewellery at stake. He loses all of it. He keeps 1,00,000 gold coins on stake n loses them.

Duryodhan tells Shakuni that he wants to do somethin grandd.. Shakuni says ok, put d empire of Hastinapur at stake. Duryodhan sys the empire of Hastinapur and the empire of Indraprastha.. Everyone gets shocked. Bhishm says no, it isn’t possible. Because you can only put the things which are your belongings to stake, n Hastinapur isn’t ur, the king is Dhritrashtra, you can’t put it at stake.. Bheem Arjun nakul and sahdev get glad. Duryodhan fumes n asks shakuni to do somethin. Shakuni says NT me, it’ll b ur father who’ll do sumthin. Dhritrashtra recalls shakuni’s words. If Duryodhan won’t get Indraprastha he’ll get mad ?. Dhitrashtra says, no, I’m the king I’ll decide what is mine n what’s NT. Dury is d yuvraj, I grant him the permission to put empire at stake. Yudi recalls Draupadi’s words n says noooo. I won’t put the empire at stake. The faces of the pandavas gleam wid joy, while duryodhan has another plan. He says samrat Yudhishtira gt scared ? after losing all his money ?.. Samrat Yudhishtira, if you’re proud of your empire, if you’re not afraid, if you care abt ur dharma, if you don’t care abt the worldly things then,, then you will stake ur empire, the land of Indraprastha!! Yudi agrees n loses his empire..

Draupadi and the mothers r praying in the temple of the palace. Dasi informs her that Yudi has lost all his wealth n empire. Draupadi gets shocked ?????. I’d told him against it. He didn’t listen to me. He lost everything to the plans of that evil. That evil! She asks Kunti n Gandhari to save their sons from doing this great adharm, otherwise they’ll cause great destruction. Kunti says bt hw cn v go? Women r nt allowed in the sabha… Duryodhan n Yudhishtira r shown in split screen……

Precap- yudhishtira says I’ve nothing to keep at stake. Duryodhan asks Yudhishtira to keep his brothers at stake. Everyone get shocked.


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