Mahabharata ff part 3

Recap- the kauravas set d palace on fire ?. The pandavs escape from a secret tunnel and reach a forest.

Scene 1:location: Hastinapur: Shakuni and others tell in the sabha that sadly the house was set on fire ? and pandavas were killed. Bhishm pitamah comes after inspecting the palace and tells that shakuni is telling the truth. I hv seen palace burning with my own eyes., none has escaped. Every 1 is sad ? but kauravas r extremely happy ?.

Scene 2: Location: Forest: Hidimbi comes in disguise of a beautiful lady and tells that demons have attacked their kingdom. All the pandavas agree to help her. They follow her. She shows them a place where Dey can rest. Bheem sees there fruits on a tree. He’s hungry ? and picks the fruits. He gives the fruits to all his brothers, Kunti and hidimbi. After eating they depart. (bheem and hidimbi r lukin at each other) demons attack on them. Arjun kills sum with his arrows, some r torn apart by mighty bheem. After killing all the demons they reach hidimb, their ? king. Bheem kills him after a terrible fight among the two. The people r glad.. They tell bheem that the man who kills the king ? has to marry the kings daughter or sister according to the customs. Pandavas r shocked to know she’s hidimbs sister. She tells them that she wanted to free kingdom from his evil rule. Kunti objects but hidimbi prays to let her marry bheem.
Please let me marry ur son. I promise that u can depart after I give birth to heir of this kingdom.

Bheem agrees and so they marry. Soon hidimbi is pregnant and she gives birth to ghatotkach, bheem’s son. After ghatotkach grows up bheem and family depart from there after ghatotkach promises bheem that he will come to him whenever he calls him 3 times.

Scene 3: Location: Hastinapur. Duryodhan tells every 1 in sabha that pandavas haven’t returned for months. They r dead. I want myself to b crowned as crown ? prince right now. He argues with all the sabha members and expresses his extreme desire to become the king ?..

Scene4: Location:dwarka. Rukmini Krishna r sitting next to a beach.
Rukmini – swami I hv waited fr so long still u r not telling me. R d pandavas still alive.. Or r Dey dead. If they r dead then how will u reestablish dharma. She is sad ? at the thought that pandavs hv died.
Krishna smiles. K-rukmini look at the ? footprints on the sand. They r our footprints. See how the footprints ? r washed away by the water waves. Does that mean that we have also washed away??
Rukmini gets the clue. She asks-so r they alive?? Krishna smiles ??

Scene 5: Location: Forest. The pandavas see a hut, they think they can stay there. They set up all their belongings there and bheem Arjun go to find some food. Nakul and sahdev go to bring water. Yudhishtira helps Kunti in setting the house ?. All r happy ?.

Scene 6: Location: Panchal. King ? dhrupad is torturing the saints. You call urself knowledgeable people and r unable to give me a single son. U all r useless people. Cant u do a single job properly?? Foolish. The saint ? says– o king ur destiny has written a girl child for u. Till u don’t get a girl child ?? you can’t get a boy ?. The king gets more frustrated and beats them up. A saint says I hv a way…

Precap- drishtadyumna is born of the sacrificial fire ?. Draupadi comes out next.

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