Mahabharata ff part 28


The epi starts with Duryodhan shouting on Krishna fr killing Shishupal.. Yudhishtira tells Duryodhan that Shishupal got the fruit of his sins. Duryodhan disagrees. Shishupal was right. I’ll kill this Krishna right now. Duryodhan, armed with his mace/gada goes to attack Krishna while Arjun steps in between. Before attacking Madhav you’ll have to kill me. Krishna smiles. Duryodhan tells Arjun that karna will kill him. He asks karna to remove Arjun from his place. Everyone get shocked. Karna and dushasan move armed towards Arjun. Yudhishtira stops them saying that they r breaking the rules of the sabha. Duryodhan gets angry ?. Krishna says that they should be punished for their sin, n the punishment for such an act is death!! Yudhishtira says that there’s no point in killing them n giving punishment to their own family for their mistake. Draupadi tells yudi that she has an idea. Duryodhan asks her who she’s to take the decisions. Arjun says, the empress of Indraprastha. Duryodhan fumes ?. Draupadi tells yudi that instead of giving death penalty to Duryodhan they better take their weapons.. Yudishtira agrees and orders Arjun n bheem to take the weapons of duryodhan karna and dusshasan. They do sooooo…. Karna asks Arjun to stop. I want death penalty. Everyone is shocked. Yudhishtira tells him that he’ll have to accept the punishment given by the king. Arjun takes his bow.. Everyone praises yudhishtira n Draupadi.

Duryodhan n his team angrily go out. Krishna receives a letter n goes to the pandavas..Krishna tells the pandavas he’ll have to leave now. The pandavas ask him nt to leave, bt he tells them that it’s imp fr him to leave, as enemy had attacked on dwarka. Draupadi looks on sadly ☹. Krishna tells his sakhi that whenever she needs him, she jus needs to remember him. Draupadi nods. The pandavas hug Krishna n he leaves..

Duryodhan is angrily walking with Dusshasan n karna in the corridor, discussing what had happened the same morning.. Suddenly he falls down in a pool, which looked exactly as land, bt in real was filled with water. The daughter of fire Draupadi, who is watching the whole thing from her room’s window, can’t help but bursts into laughter upon seeing the scene. After all, duryodhan was looking like a complete fool in the midst of the pool. She comments, is the son of a blind also blind!! ???.. This further infuriated duryodhan, who had now become keen fr revenge.. I want this beautiful kingdom of indraprastha at any cost!! The way you’re laughing at me, I’ll laugh at you.. That day isn’t far enough when you’ll get punished.. Everyone will become the witness of the destruction of pandavas… This empire will b mine now!! By hook or by crook.. ????.. Duryodhan asks his party to go back hastinapur. Nw we’ll cum here wen Indraprastha will be ours!!!!

Draupadi gets tensed about what She said.. ☹☹ … She Luks at the stones ? ? Krishna gave her..

Precap-Duryodhan asks mama shakuni to defeat the pandavas anyway. I want Indraprastha. Shakuni smirks ?. Vidur comes to Indraprastha tensed..

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