Mahabharata ff part 27

The epi starts with all the kings arriving Indraprastha. Shishupal tells duryodhan that he’s gonna revenge on Krishna today. Duryodhan appreciates him n says that he’ll do every thing to revenge on Yudhishtira. They enter inside the palace, warmly welcomed by Yudhishtira. Everyone gets seated. Yudhishtira n the pandavas take blessings of Bhishm Pitamah. Yudhishtira prepares fr the ritual of honouring any of the Kings present there. Bhishm advices him to give the honor to lord Krishna, who’s the most deserving. Everyone except the negative ppl get happy ?. Shishupal fumes angrily ?. He laughs calling Yudhishtira a fool. “Dharma Putra Yudhishtira, I suggest u to to leave Indraprastha. This gwala/milk man, u call him a king ?… Shame on you. He doesn’t deserve this, n u call him the most deserving person. U call him a king , who ran away from ranbhumi, he’s a coward. U call him deserving, who kidnapped his wife, oh, not his wife, he kidnapped my would be wife, rukmini.U call him deserving, who used to steal butter. He’s a thief, NT a king ?. He is a cheater….”The pandavas fume ??. Krishna asks them to calm down. “When someone’s bad time is nearing, ppl behave like this. Vinaash Kaale Buddhi Vipreete. He wont understand anything. Let him speak fr his end is near.”

Shishupal continues insulting Krishna, while Duryodhan feels extremely pleased. Shishipal-you call him the deserved, though many more nominees r available. You call him deserving, who has no self respect of his own…. He who calls a married lady his sakhii…….. Krishna says that’s enough now…. You cn insult me as many times you want bt not anyone else,….. By saying this you’ve completed 100 sins of the day. Be ready for your downfall!! Shishupal looks with his eyes widened ?? as Krishna takes out his golden discus, the almighty sudarshan chakra. The chakra beheads shishupal as everyone look with wide eyes ?. The chakra returned with huge force, cutting of Sri Krishna’s finger, without anyone other than draupadi noticing it. What’s that.. She says.. She tears her sari to dress the wounds of Sri Krishna. “this is not needed sakhi” “of course it’s needed.. What do u think? You’re calling me sakhi n at the same time aren’t listening to me? Show me your finger”, says Draupadi teary eyed ?. Krishna has no other option than to reluctantly agree. Draupadi ties the sari cloth on Krishna’s finger, who in return promises her to return the favour. “dearest sakhi, thank you for your care. I promise you that I’ll surely return your favour, when the right time comes”..

Meanwhile Duryodhan furiously gets up . You…. You killed my friend… How dare you do so?? I’ll kill you. Saying so he goes towards Krishna, Armed with his mace.

Precap- Duryodhan is abt to hit Krishna while arjun steps in.. Duryodhan falls in the pool. Draupadi laughs on him.

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