Mahabharata ff part 26


Subhadra and Arjun return to Indraprastha. Draupadi welcomes them. Everyone is happy ?.. Subhadra gives birth to abhimanyu. Time elapses on its fast pace , n the empire of Indraprastha gets unlimited glory n everyone is happy. But someone’s bad eye had to fall, n therefore bring the downfall of the city……

Krishna comes to Indraprastha and everyone welcome him. He asks the glorious sons of pandu about their welfare, the condition of the empire and vice versa. Everything was normal, and that was indeed nice. Krishna suggests them to organise a RajSuya yagya/sacrifice, which will earn a lot of respect to the king, making him the honoured king ever. The pandavas agree reluctantly, n the arrangements r started. Krishna tells them that there’s one most necessary thing fr the sacrifice to b performed. Yudhishtira asks him what.. Krishna says that the most imp thing is that al the kings should agree with him, and its necessary to invite all the kings fr the blessed ceremony. So you’ll have to send the invitations to each n every rajya, n also to our rivals, be it Chedi or b it Hastinapur. The invitations r sent to each rajya.

The kingdom of Hastinapur receives the invitation, n having read it, bhishm pitamah n Dhitrashtra agree upon the fact that it’ll b an act of honour to bestow the blessings of elders on their kids. So the proposal shouldn’t b refused, n duryodhan and the kauravas along with the elders should get ready fr the auspicious day. Duryodhan fumes n is determined to revenge against Yudhishtira. He accepts the proposal.

King Shishupal also accepts the proposal, thinking that it’ll b an awesome timing to insult Krishna n his supporters.

Precap- shishipal insults lord Krishna. Krishna beheads him with the golden sudarshan chakra..

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