Mahabharata ff part 25


Rukmini goes to Krishna and asks him to tell her the secret of the cloth. He says there’s nothing and goes. Rukmini is determined to find the secret of the tied angavastra..
Arjun goes to his room and sees subhadra singing. He tells subhadra not to sing. Subhadra tells him that the baby should listen songs ?. Arjun says he’s my intelligent son who’ll learn about war. He’ll become a great warrior.

Subhadra -okay okay then tell about different war formations, bt if I get bored I don’t…..
Arjun- WOW.. Dwarka princess wanna learn war.. Okay then listen. Arjun tells about different war formations. Subhadra- tell the secret of the chakravyuh you always boast about..
Arjun tells about chakravyuh. Krishna looks on. Arjun describes how to enter in the chakravyuh. Krishna makes Subhadra sleep using his divine powers.
Rukmini asks him why he’s doing so. Krishna replies fr the Kalyan/welfare of mankind. Rukmini-cant u tell me even??
Krishna- I can’t…
Rukmini -I’m ur wife.. I want to know n you’ll have to tell me, otherwise…
Krishna -it’s a long story.. Long ago…
Rukmini -even if it’s the longest secret of the world I want to know it.
Krishna -it’s story before the nirman/formation of dwarka..
Rukmini -then tell me..

Fb shows a big asur laughing and young Krishna smiles seeing him. Y do u demons keep on laughing ?, n laughs ??… Asur gets angry ?. Don’t u get afraid seeing me.. Krishna laughs n says u look like a clown. Asur gets angry and sys I’ll kill u And take revenge of Kansas’s death. I’ll kill all Mathura praja. Krishna laughs n says first catch me… You won’t b able to harm Mathura’s praja till I’m here. He runs away laughing n Asur chases him.
Krishna spots a high mountain range (In front of dwarka nagari) and starts climbing up. Asur finds him missing and sees mount. Krishna sees a cave upon the mountain n enters it. He smiles seeing a covered man sleeping on a bed n hides behind him. Asur comes n says you slept so soon Krishna.. Be ready to sleep forever. Asur kicks him and gets burnt in to ashes. Krishna captures the demons soul in his angavastra. Fb ends.

Krishna – this was that angavastra.. N the evil soul.. It has penetrated the womb of Subhadra. The child won’t have a long life. I’ve no other option available bt don’t u worry. He’ll be the bravest child ever. Rukmini gets tensed n asks Krishna how did the gigantic demon get burnt.. Krishna says long long story… Rukmini -you said this before also. It wasn’t a long story. Krishna says ok. I’ll tell u. For that we need to go swarglok. Rukmini – swarglok?
Krishna-the story is of Swarg Loka.. Once there was a gandharva who made Indra so happy ? that Indra dev granted him a boon. Gandharv was very tired after all the work to make Devraj happy so he asked fr a boon to sleep ? uninterruptedly and anyone who’ll interrupt will get burned into ashes..
Rukmini -and this was the same gandharv..
Krishna – right.. Now it’s night ? lets go to sleep ?..

No Precap..

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