Mahabharata ff part 24


Recap-Subhadra gets pregnant. Arjun invites Sri Krishna.
Draupadi cooks some delicacies for the welcome of Sri Krishna when sutasoma, along with his brothers, attracted by the smell of the food reaches there.
“wow ?, ma is cooking delicious ? delicacies even today, what’s special”
“oh ho sutasoma, when your nose ? will get away from the smell of food, then you’ll think about anything else na. Don’t u know mama Sri Krishna is coming today”
“really bhaiyya, that’s nice, I’m going to trouble him the whole day ?”
“hehe, as if he would let you, he’ll cut off your neck”
“really bhaiyya, pitashri told me that he’s very kind”
Draupadi smiles and listens to their convo.
“Bhaiyya tell me more about him”

“ask Mata shri, don’t trouble me, when mama Sri will arrive, I’ll ask him to….”
“ohok bhaiyya, I’ll ask pita shri, he’s far better than u”saying so, srutakarma goes away. An irritated sutasoma goes to draupadi, picks up a Laddoo from her plate and rushes away while Draupadi looks on startled. “he’s such a thief”
Krishna informs balram about Arjun’s letter, which pleases him. Oh wow.. That’s a great news. If you’re invited then bring Arjun and Subhadra to dwarka, I wish to do their best welcome and take care of her. Rukmini and Revati get pleased and excited ?.

The servants decorate the palace, though they didn’t have to do much as the palace always remained decorated..??????..
Sri Krishna arrives Indraprastha, warmly welcomed as always.. Subhadra gets super glad on seeing her brother. Krishna hugs her. Krishna tells them that he’s gonna take Arjun and subhadra to dwarka for a couple of days. Everyone get glad on hearing this while Draupadi gets a bit odd feeling to be away from Arjun. Govind calms her down by saying that Arjun will be safe with him. The upapandavas come running and welcome Krishna, which makes everyone happy ?. They talk to him happily. Draupadi smiles seeing them. The kids play fr a while n then go to their rooms. Krishna asks Arjun n subhadra to pack their stuff after finishing food. They pack the stuff n Draupadi helps them. Krishna takes Arjun and Subhadra n leaves..

Rukmini n Revati do the aarti of Subhadra n Arjun ? and welcome them. Balram gets a bit furious at Arjun but Krishna calms him. Balram hugs subhadra and Arjun. Everyone get happy ?.. Rukmini takes Arjun and subhadra to their room and tells them to inform her or the dasi if they want anything. Arjun thanks her and she goes.
?……………. It’s next day…………….?
Subhadra goes to Krishna’s room. She sees a piece of cloth hanging out from the shelf and says what’s that.. She opens the shelf n folds the cloth. Her eyes fall on a tied cloth kept in a corner. Krishna is walking in the corridor with Rukmini. Subhadra sees the cloth n says why is it tied?? She opens the knot. Krishna sees her n gets tensed. Rukmini asks him what’s the matter? Krishna says nothing.. He comes to Subhadra n tells her not to work, bt rest.. Subhadra nods and goes. Rukmini says something is fishy.. I’m sure something was in that cloth. She holds the cloth confused.

Precap- Subhadra is singing a song. Arjun tells her not to sing. Tell the baby about fighting. Subhadra asks him to tell about different war formations. Krishna looks on..

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  1. Wow just awesome ur urmandavi ff too waiting for next epi (both FFS) ur Di is here Na I’ll post it for my sweet sis

  2. Vanshika

    Thnx tanu dii ? I’ll ensure u don’t hv to wait so long…. Bt first I’ve to update next in siya ke ram..

  3. Anya

    Your ff is awesome vanshika.i was missing Mahabharat so much and this ff made me so happy.please do continue dear.

  4. Anya

    And ur skr ff’s are sooo nice I have been following them.

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