Mahabharata ff part 22


The epi starts with a shocked subhadra saying me!??! Krishna says yes. Now if you’re afraid.. Subhadra says yes I’m afraid if jiji dint accept me then… She may get angry on me, and you’re acting as if nothing happened at all. , Krishna tells her that if she wants to save her relation then she’s to do that. Subhadra finally agrees. Where’s she??? Krishna points towards the garden ?. Arjun is tensed and tells the pandavas that it happened coz of their repeated questions. Draupadi is shown sitting sadly in the garden looking at the flowers ???. Subhadra comes there. Seeing her Draupadi gets hyper and asks her to go. Go away from here. I want to be alone for some time. Anyways I don’t talk to betrayers and their supporters. Subhadra cries ?. She says don’t call arya/Arjun a betrayer. It’s me who betrayed. You can give me whatever punishment you want. Neither that egoistic person tried to be my husband nor I married.. It was my mistake. I shouldn’t have rejected and.. And married that silly duryodhan. It would have resulted in spoiling of my life only. At least two more lives wouldn’t have been affected. Draupadi asks her what she’s saying. Duryodhan??? How could he marry you?? And if he was doing so you should’ve rejected and married someone else. Was there a akaal/famine of good princes that you found my husband to trap?? Subhadra tells her how balram was hell bent towards her and duryodhan’s marriage. Fb shows the same. She tells Draupadi the whole matter in detail. Draupadi says couldn’t you get anyone else??? Subhadra remarks that it was too late. She tells Draupadi that she’ll never interfere in her personal life, never ever think in your dreams that I’m gonna snatch your position or anything like that. You’ve the first right on him(Arjun) then me. You’re the deserving not me. Draupadi asks her why she dressed like a milkmaid, on which she replies that bhrata shri asked her to do so. Draupadi asks the reason. Fb shows subhadra asking Krishna the same. Krishna replies that this will prove to Draupadi that you’ll always remain at a lower position than Draupadi and continue to serve her. You’ll never be higher than her and she’ll understand this soon. Fb ends. Draupadi says so this was also your planning. But keeping in mind the circumstances I’ve no grudge against you. She hugs Subhadra. But I’ve a huge grudge against some people. You abandon this attire of yours and dress properly. From now onwards you’re my younger sister. They smile ? ?. Subhadra tells her that it wasn’t the mistake of Krishna and Arjun.. Draupadi says OK I’ll give my decision after a bit of thinking ? you go and change your clothes. Subhadra goes hopefully that Draupadi will understand the situation.

Draupadi goes to the hall where the others are sitting already. She says that she’ll never accept betrayal and justice. Everyone looks in shock, their hopes broken. They try to convince her that it wasn’t a betrayal. Arjun tells her that he loves her alot. Subhadra tells her that she’ll never take anyone’s position. Draupadi gets angry ?. No one here lets me complete my sentence. I was saying that I’ll never accept betrayal and injustice done to a lady that too from a sinner like Duryodhan. Everyone gets relieved ?. Prativindhya comes running just then and says maa…. Draupadi sees him and gets very glad. She hugs him. Everyone gets glad. Krishna says now everything is fine ??

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