Mahabharata ff part 21


The epi starts with Krishna returning to the palace. Balram asks dasi to give clothes to subhadra so that she can get ready for the marriage. Dasi finds out that subhadra is missing and informs this to balram. “rajkumari subhadra isn’t in her room.. I’ve checked al the rooms in the palace. She isn’t anywhere..” Balram gets furious ??..
On the other hand the soldiers inform Yudhishtira that prativindhya isn’t anywhere in the whole kingdom.. Draupadi cries disheartened ??..
Balram shouts at Krishna accusing him for making subhadra run ?…
B- Krishna I’m sure that you’re responsible for making subhadra run away with some…..
K- dau I don’t know ?
B- I didn’t except that from you… Duryodhan acts of crying and says to balram. This Krishna …. He always,…. Always…. Always does deceitful plannings and see this time how he ruined everything…????
Balram gets more furious ? ? ? and is about to say something when a messenger comes and whispers something in his ear ?…. Balram looks at Krishna who acts innocent ?.. Balram shouts Arjun……. Duryodhan cries ? and says to balram… See… See what’s happening.. Shakuni shouts insult…. Big insult… Now we won’t wait even a single moment here.. Come my child .. Come duryodhan.. Duryodhan says no mama Sri… First I want that thief Arjun to be killed.. Balram says sure.. Rukmini gets tensed.. Krishna acts of crying ? n says dau… U r such a cruel brother you’re killing your sister’s husband ? ?… Duryodhan says he at least deserves to be punished.. Balram agrees..
A soldier comes to draupadi happily.. I’ve got some good news for you. Draupadi says prativindhya.. Where is my son??? The soldier says sorry empress.. Actually we have got no news of raj Kumar..
Draupadi -then what’s the good news..
Soldier – prince Arjun has reached the kingdom..

Draupadi gets glad with hope that Arjun will help finding prativindhya and goes out with a plate to welcome Arjun. She does his aarti .. Then her eyes fall on Subhadra, who Is dressed like a dasi .. She gets suspicious and asks Arjun-who’s this lady wit you?? Never seen before?? Arjun looks around-which lady????
Draupadi holds subhadra hand-this lady….
Arjun -oooooo this lady!!!!! This… She’s.. A dasi.. A milk maid..
Draupadi -that’s clear from her outfit.. I’m asking what she’s doing here.
Yudhishtira-you’ve to clear all your doubts on the door ??? First lets go inside then.. Everyone comply.
Draupadi again asks Arjun about the milkmaid. He says- she’s a milkmaid working in dwarka..
Draupadi -dwarka,………

Arjun -yes yes.. Dwarka.. Madhav sent her with me.. As a gift ?.. He said this is the best milkmaid. She’ll help you alot.
Draupadi -okay okay,. Leave her.. Listen to me carefully..
Yudhishtira-prativindhya is missing…
Arjun -who prativindhya ?????
Draupadi- my son…
Arjun -whatttt????
Yudhishtira-yes.. And our huge armies have failed to find him. You’re our last hope…
Arjun says yes.. I’ll do my best. He goes with yudhishtira and bheem. Draupadi looks at subhadra, a dasi can’t have been sooooo beautiful ☹☹ she asks her to go behind the palace with another dasi. Subhadra goes,…..
Krishna asks Duryodhan and his party to go in their room and rest. Everyone else leave. Dauuu you come with me. I’ve something very imp to discuss.. Balram says don’t try to make me happy at Arjun and not harm him. Duryodhan smirks ? and leaves..
Krishna -dau I’m not going to take arjun’s side but I’m going to show you the truth.
Balram – I’m not going to listen…
Krishna -you don’t have to listen to me.. You’ve to listen to someone else..
Balram -who???
Krishna -come with me!!
Krishna takes him to duryodhan’s room.
Duryodhan – mamashri I think the two brothers may be seperated this way..
Shakuni -not so soon.. That Krishna.. He’ll he’ll he’ll surely..
Duryodhan-no.. First.. Dau will punish Arjun.. It’ll be sooo fun. After all he’s not done good.. It’ll now snatch from us a chance to win over the pandavas..
But balram has gone till then…….. Krishna smiles.. That’s the beginning.. Dau will understand Arjun is perfect for his sister.. ???
Precap – Draupadi writes a letter.. She asks subhadra about her family. Krishna receives a letter and reaches Indraprastha.

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